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Monstrous explosion on the best mine of Ukraine has carried away lives of 36 miners

Leah will fall dollar in Russia?

The leader " Miracle fields " has brought down the drunk...

Four naive questions on destiny of a dollar

" the Drunk pedestrian has literally fallen under Yakubovich`s car "

Group " the King and the Clown ": At us with fans all orgies - at a concert!

Villages Fetisov on a throne. Hockey

If I become the cripple who will help mum?

Vladislav Fljarkovsky: Down with canons in sphere of news of culture!

Than more often children are ill? ILLNESS SYMPTOMS POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS Measles Temperature to 39 degrees, a red rash in a throat, belesovatye stains on an internal surface of cheeks; through 3 - 4 days a rash on a body - at first on the person, then on a trunk, hands and hips. Spots can merge with each other, forming difficult pictures. The rash is shelled. Often develops korevyj konjunktivit, increase occipital limfouzly. the Bronchitis, a pneumonia, konjunktivit, meningoentsefalit. In especially hard cases - blindness, deafness. At adults - an impotence. Seldom, but lethal exod is possible. the Chicken pox Is called by a herpes virus herpes Zoster. The Onset of the illness - weakness, small temperature. In couple of days begin vysypanija, and the rash appears wavy - groups with an interval in 18 - 24 hours. At first the spot convex and red, but soon on it is formed a small knot with a transparent liquid. They non-uniformly cover all body, usually on a body of the patient simultaneously co-exist 80 - 200 elements of a rash. skin Suppurations, a gangrene, a sepsis, a pneumonia. Heart, kidneys and a liver less often are surprised. At adults it is possible heavy entsefalit which sometimes leads to death. the Scarlet fever Sharply there is a fever, a sore throat, difficulties at swallowing, high temperature. Vomiting later joins, bulk up limfouzly on corners of the bottom jaw. This very day there is a rash - at first on a neck, brushes of hands and stupnjah, then creeps away on all body. Against an inflammation the sharpest tonsillitis develops. the Inflammation of a middle ear and gajmorovyh bosoms. In rare instances kidneys are surprised. Krasnuha the Small headache, low temperature, a rash in the form of the small red specks which are not towering over a surface a skin. They do not itch and almost never merge with each other. More often an arthritis. But worst of all, if krasnuhoj the pregnant woman is ill - uglinesses of a fruit are possible in 60 % of cases, therefore pregnancy usually in that case recommend to interrupt. the Jaundice the Virus hepatitis And, or Botkin`s illness. It is passed through badly washed up hands, another`s ware and etc. Begins with stomach frustration, then fibers of eyes and a skin quickly turn yellow. Language of white colour. The jaundice is given out at once by excrements - brown urine and almost white kal. Irreversible change of cages of a liver, deterioration of coagulability of blood. Svinka Begins with a usual indisposition, then the inflammation concentrates in salivary glands - they strongly inflate, prevent to chew and speak, and the person becomes similar to a piggy muzzle. The temperature raises, but is not so strong. the meningitis develops In 10 % of cases at children. At adult men - orhit (an inflammation jaichek), at women - a pancreatitis.

Julja Yakubov, " Ms. in July, has opened for itself Moscow

In Florida sharks have absolutely flown into a rage

Sergey Perhun the fourth days in a clod

Greeks did not manage to saddle our Savrasku

In England the space station of aliens

Piroplazmoz kills the Moscow dogs

Leah you know, in what order strips on our flag are located?

The plane which has broken in Adygea, has ruined a wind

Question " And what you did on August, 19th, 1991? " became to insulting irrelevant

Four especially dangerous criminals have run away from Irkutsk prison

Victor Tchernomyrdin has reserved Leonid Kuchma

I choose Russia on a residence!

" Heroes have left, and the country has run wild "

Dmitry Shparo: I , fell from three kilometres on a pole...

To hunting, the summer resident, be ready: beat rodents, catch moles!

Igor Ugolnikova have adopted in the underground

The autumn drunk in a dress claret

Good morning, " Last Hero "

Leah will glance Kiselyov in " the Keyhole "?

The Ukrainian immigrant killed in America five relatives

Tatarstan has opened a window to Europe

In Astrakhan four explosions suspected of the organisation

" helps Putin to sell Instants - 29 Austrias

Ira Karavaeva has refused from " gold "

The Moscow alphabet

2,5 million officials for Russia mnogovato will be?

The USA will refuse the Contract on the ABM in November?

Payments to victims of nazism will begin on August, 31st

And you to whom would reserve the portrait?

Motor show as birthday, only time in a year

Kafelnikov has got divorced from wife and wants to seize at it the daughter

Igor Sazeev has turned to uncle Skrudzha, and Muhametzjanovy have spent on drink a half-million of dollars

For cinema and restaurant it is necessary money two pockets

Putin will still bathe in Black sea?

Hillari Clinton against free " Viagras " for muzhiks

Students wait from brides of purity

" has chosen the best father of Moscow

Titanic heart buzzes 7 weeks

Basayev is hardly wounded and has not gone mad

Goalkeeper Sergey Perhun on - former is in a clod