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Final journey to a mooring

On questions of readers " lawyer Dmitry Yakubovsky

Where Makar of sheep did not drive?

That we laugh loudly, we roar. Perhaps we will long live?

Cinema-men against bin Laden

The assistant to the Russian president Evgenie Shaposhnikov: Such balls fill the rocket With - 200

Chiefs of militia situated near Moscow " have planted " and... Have let out

Capital industrial complexes of a food are taken under the strengthened protection

Why Arnold and did not marry Lolita?

Putin has declared war for a crop

Americans want to become single whole

In Russia there was radioactive money

If in the world the big fight, where without Hussein, where without Iraq?

And to Hattabu terrorists - cripples

The factory was bought by these reptiles... Rise, the people, on barricades!

Russian with a Czech - again brothers?

The science has given up as a bad job on " to devilry "

Vyacheslav Vakarchuk: I do not eat some fat and I do not dance in red wide trousers

Myshelovy and fishermen

Not in each family do " it "

While there is a life in this world, will rescue from spaghetti hunger

Ballerina Majja Plisetskaya will sing in " to the Queen of spades "

Eugene Kafelnikov has missed a kangaroo

To muzhiks will do inoculations from pregnancy

Dorenkos have showered with tomatoes and eggs

Who last behind the inheritance?

Lennon lived, Lennon is live, Lennon will live!

David Coulthard changes mistresses, as rubber on wheels

What for to run into the same rake?

Normal pilots always fly to detour

The vice-president of Abkhazia Valery Arshba: the terrorists who have Attacked republic want to put on racks all caucasus

Leah and is necessary to you a secret solution " Kursk "?

Bombers of the USA remained without work

Paul Chuhraj: Me has afflicted that I have not received " OSCAR "

" Here there were upward we. But the exit is not present... "

Elena Dementyev: I do not love jokes, suffer them I can not

As we sold Putin

Democrats of Vseja of Russia have sat down for one table

Trade in false diplomas - the most profitable business

It is a lot of viruses on light! That to us, snotty, " shines "? A leah

In Moscow will immortalise Rabinovich, dogs and horses

States already wet bin Laden in a toilet

To employees " Butyrki " have raised the salary

The Earth in Russia will be on sale!

The fires of war not to extinguish Russian self-race, " the Hot pistol "!

Tyler had a good time with 23 girls

The woman has survived, having wandered in a taiga of 49 days

Orbakajte, Aziz, Meladze and Stashevsky were fond of Chinese cuisine

Alina Kabaeva was going to get married?

Do not break fingers to the pianist! /">Russian & World News.

Vladimir Levi: Create to itself a substitute, but hope for itself

Actor Vitsin treat in " Kremlevke "

Videocamera in a female toilet

Aliens have bribed journalists!

On Kamchatka drunk a demobilisation have grasped the submarine

Ozhidane a bear

Our capital person adores a cheburek

To each pensioner - on an investment portfolio

" Kutuzov built to little girls an eye... "

To see Paris and... To have a snack

Mike Tyler is afraid to live in the USA

Alexey Krylov

The best that is at Louise

Stoyanov and Olejnikov have hammered in Maxim Galkin

Features of international hunting for Osama

Firemen search, the militia

People and dolphins who have surprised us

Russians of all countries, incorporate!

" Kursk " has come back home

In Abkhazia the gang of the Chechen insurgents

The American special troops left on the Afghani border

Kuchma considers that Ukrainians do not have not enough brains

Hemingway`s son before death became the daughter /">Russian & World News.

Our football of Beschastnyh was put from a head on feet

All in Russia like the Komsomol beauty

War on zarechnoj to street...

On questions of readers " the lawyer Irina Sergienko

What gave to the tsar at the All-Russia exhibition?

The Pope will be accepted by mother of cities of Russian

We at all did not know, how strongly we love Russia

Russian will leave Abkhazia?

Kokh has not wanted to be bolvanchikom

The pilot of a tow " Singapore " Alexander Kurushin: Children at the bottom were better be not to touching...

Leah it is necessary to hurry up with debt payment?

Bush has called Talibs " to spit out bin Laden "

Russia will ahead of schedule pay off from IMF

The correspondent " Anja Eroshova became " Ms. of a press "

" What, doctrines? Or the plane falls? "

Tyler treniroavali 23 girls

" I " leaves from TV - 6?

It is possible to survive. But unless it is life?!

Zagryzut everybody

In podmoskove addicts - mushroom pickers

Cosmonauts hung ten hours head over heels under water

In October 41 - go Muscovites hastily burnt down party membership cards

More strong for a steering-wheel keep, Vladislav!

In Balashikha have planted four operov /">Russian & World News.

GARBAGE - Beautifl Garbage

The Voronezh bears have decided to descend in a casino

Each driver wishes to know, where it is waited by the car inspector