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Roger Federer remained Roger Federer is correct to English traditions

, having surpassed in Andy Marreja`s magnificent opposition, has repeated Pita Sampras`s record, in the seventh time for career having won Wimbledon. For the Swiss it already 17 - j a title won on tournaments of the Grand Slam. As a bonus it has returned itself(himself) also a rank of the first racket of the world. At women the triumph was celebrated Serena Williams which has proved, as in 30 years by it on - former the best in the world.
Roger Federera`s star has ascended in 2003 on Wimbledon when it has opened the bill to the trophies won on tournaments of the Grand Slam. And up to the beginning of 2010 he immutably won at least on one main tournament in a season. And in three cases for a year he conquered three at once. So it is no wonder that all 16 titles that on two more than seeming when - that eternal Pita Sampras`s record were typed.

however after Australian Open - 2010 Roger Federer any more did not win the big tournaments. It always was where - that nearby in a semi-final, even in the endings, but that Raphael Nadal Novak Dzhokovich over and over again appeared more strongly. And already even fans of Federera began to say that to it would be time to think of career end. He, truth, obstinately repeated, as in 30 years on - former hungers before victories.

it is rather symbolical that returning of the king happens on Wimbledon. To triumph Roger Federer has made a huge step in a semi-final where has unexpectedly enough beaten Novak Dzhokovicha. But yesterday it should fight not only with the strong rival, but also to cope with pressure of tribunes. Yes, English public traditionally very much treats favourably Federeru, but yesterday there was not that case. After all Andy Marrej confronted with it. The person, who has extremely close approached to eliminating obidnejshee for the nation, as a matter of fact, thought up tennis, circumstance Any British did not win Wimbledon already since 1936 when Fred Perr took priority.

Andy Marreja should be praised for return from which it has led a match. The meeting beginning on a broader scale remains behind it as Roger Federer could not adapt to the most powerful blows of the British in any way. The Swiss tried to involve, of course, the rival in, we will tell so, intellectual games, but that responded though and it is simple, but it is very effective. And, even after Federer has won back a break made Marreem in the first game, it was visible that the British hardly is more strongly loaded on victory, it has more than emotions.

but it was clear both another constantly to play such anguish Marrej, someone another not in a status. It was clear that chances at Roger Federera will appear and happens. The misfire of Marreja in 12 - m a game of the second set has allowed the Swiss to even up scores on parties. In the beginning of the third set advantage already began to pass to Federeru, but the rain and #150 here has gone; and, while over the central court pushed a roof (almost 40 minutes), at Andy Marreja have appeared time for a respite. But it has not helped.

the sixth game of the third set became the present ornament of a match. Federer has seized the rival, having understood that here it, its chance it also has poured out in fight on which course of Marreju it was possible to win back five break - points. However the sixth Roger Federer realised and has finished soon a set to victory. And then there was a fifth game of the fourth set: Andy Marrej who were already tired, has admitted two gross errors both #150; and Federer has made not undertaking slanting blow the next break. 3:2 and from triumph of the Swiss separated three won games. Like a few, but actually a precipice. Especially when rates so are high.

But Federer who is frequent last years reproached that it simply any more does not suffice on endings of meetings, this time a misfire has not admitted. Thus, it was made even to Pitom Sampras on number won Wimbledon on the bill both on seven victories. But which in what it nevertheless has surpassed the American legend. After all today Roger Federer after more than biennial break will return on the first line in a rating and next Monday will bypass Sampras on number of the weeks spent at top of a rating which on the bill of Federera it will be typed 287. Well and own record on number of the won tournaments of the Grand Slam Roger Federer too has updated.

in a female part of competitions the champion became Serena Williams. If to approach to business it is formal, there is here nothing unusual. Can even seem that event this through passage. At least because on the bill of the American already was available 13 titles won on tournaments of the Grand Slam. Or because four of them have been extracted just on Wimbledon. At last, because Williams on a class where above the competitor on the ending Agneshki Radvansky (bookmakers from William Hill quoted Williams with factor 1,17 against 5,0 on Radvansky). Yes, Radvanska the sportswoman talented, efficient, progressing and today it becomes the second racket of the world. Serena Williams she is the representative of simply other league.

but success Sereny Williams it is possible after all to estimate and through a prism of that occurred to it in the last two days. There were they very uneasy, where more difficult, than at same Federera to whom simply rivals disturbed. And at Williams there was the ridiculous trauma received at restaurant where it bare feet has attacked glass splinters. It has led to two operations. And then to one, already emergency at the sportswoman in the spring of last year has developed pulmonary embolija. Basically such problems quite can easily unsettle. Especially, what to speak, on a career decline. Serene Williams after all 30 years. And on fourth ten Wimbledon last won only great Martin Navratilova (in 1990 - m in 33 years).

This season for Sereny Williams, even after problems with health remained in the past, developed not too stably. It has left from Australian Open in the fourth circle. To Roland Garros has typed the tremendous form, becoming the best in a soil part of a season, but it has come to an end historical fiasco a departure in the first circle that at the main competitions to Williams done not happen never.

But on Wimbledon Serene Williams equal was not. On the way to the ending it has beaten also the winner of last year`s tournament to Peter Kvitovu, and champion Australian Open Victoria Azarenko who will return today itself leadership in a rating, for a short while intercepted at it Maria Sharapova. Well and as to the ending it was gave Williams rather simply. Perhaps and not so it is easy, as bookmakers foretold, but there is enough, that there were no doubts that she has merited victory. Actually impression of game Williams has impaired a little only the second, lost set. " during that moment I simply too have wanted to finish more likely all " has explained Serena Williams.

but recession lasted not for long. It is symbolical that a match Williams has finished the same as also the beginnings taking five games successively. And already after behind there were put displays of emotions, Serena Williams has declared that it only the beginning. " yet so a long time I thought to finish with tennis, the sportswoman has told. but now I am in the beginning of a new phase of the career and is assured that I will have still occasions to pleasure ". By the way, this occasion Serene Williams was presented all in some hours after the ending: it has returned on court Together with the sister Vinus also became the champion also in the pair category.