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700 thousand dollars from perfect strangers — far not a myth. For such sum " it was threw off " on Russian-speaking Max Sidorov`s appeal the English-speaking Internet that the employee of the American school offended by teenagers could go to holiday

About favourite entertainment of four teenagers of 13 and 14 years from the American city of Rochester was in detail told by the largest world editions and TV channels: children regularly scoffed over 68 - summer smotritelnitsej school bus Keren Klein. Youths said to its scurrilous things directly in the person, acknowledgement to that became video, laid out on YouTube one of hooligans. It - that also has stirred up mass-media and network public. On the video record the teenagers laughing in a voice over the elderly woman in the school bus are embodied. The softest from this that they say in its address, a word " an elephant cow ". And by the record end one of schoolboys, smiling, says to the woman that its children " should kill itself "...

As it was found out later, one of two sons Keren Klein has really committed suicide, but the woman kept with firmness and has not admitted reciprocal revilings, truth, by the end 10 - minute video all - taki has burst out crying. The requital for Keren Klein, grandmothers of eight grandsons, has come unexpectedly quickly: amazed with cynicism of schoolboys, 25 - the summer dietician from the Canadian Toronto Max Sidorov, the son of our former compatriots, has decided to raise money in support of the elderly woman. Sidorov was registered on a site for collective financing the Internet - projects Indiegogo. com, has placed on it video with participation of Keren and has written to it the sentimental summary, expecting to collect 5 thousand dollars on holiday for the suffered woman.

unexpectedly network flywheel has twirled Users have started to place in social networks and blogs of the link to the video record and on the project of a whip-round for Klein. As a result next days it was possible to involve 300 thousand dollars. And last Friday the action has come to the end for a month it was possible to collect the record sum which when - or collected on the Internet for support of the concrete person, 703 873 dollars. It would Seem, at the timid grandmother necessity for dialogue with harmful teenagers has for ever disappeared, but Klein has declared that will continue work at the same high school as it is betrayed to it many years and itself is its graduate.

as has told " to the Spark " Max Sidorov, success of the enterprise became for it a bolt from the blue.

I in life have begun for the first time campaign for attraction of money, and at once such good luck! the benefactor admits. to me it became insulting for the elderly woman as I was in its position. When in 9 years we with parents have moved to Canada, at local school began to laugh at my Ukrainian accent and that I unmodernly put on. In Ukraine I have got used to be protected by fists, but in Canada as - that zarobel. As a result the big brother has helped me to understand with offenders, and I have completely accustomed.

Has accustomed it is poorly told; after the successful ending of history with Keren Klein the surname Sidorov became recognised both in Canada, and in the USA. In the first days of campaign phone of the native from Ukraine did not stop North American massmedia, including CNN and ABC News, competed for the right to interview the new hero. And after TV channels have shined Sidorov and Klein`s first meeting the correct young man propagandising a healthy way of life, and the good-natured old woman thousand spectators have shed tear and began to make a declaration of love to Max and Keren on their pages in Facebook. The emotional disorder of remarks to Sidorov impressed From " class work, the dude " to " if everyone was Max Sidorov the world would be much better, than it is now ". And on a page of Keren adult men admitted that they cried, when looked heart-breaking video, and schoolboys swore that they completely not such, as " those children from the video record "... After successful end of the project Klein began to ask, as she will dispose of the huge sum. The woman has responded that it plans to give the most part for philanthropy for the aid to suffering affliction autism and a syndrome of Down, but ingenuously admitted and that is necessary for it " to improve which - that in the house: to lay a new carpet, to buy pair of new pictures ".

Heroes of history began to glorify not only mass-media: one of network well-wishers has decided to raise money in support of Sidorov. On the Internet campaign have concerned ambiguously, but 7465 dollars for the young dietician nevertheless have collected.

a tar spoon in this romantic history was how users of the English-speaking Internet have concerned two teenagers who were ringleaders of persecution on the video record.

one of these boys has made to Keren of an apology herself, and the father was sorry for another, Max Sidorov tells. the most awful has begun later when the Internet - users have learnt addresses and phones of children, began to say its scurrilous things and even to threaten their life. I very much am afraid that boys should even move... As it has appeared, the today`s Internet it is the big avalanche which falls upon people about whom learn that they have made something bad. When I organised the help Keren Klein, I, unfortunately, did not realise it.

Who knows, can, now Sidorov should collect the help already for the suffered teenagers. Anyway, boys and their families can be converted on a site which it is going to open, there Sidorov plans to publish stories of the people needing the help, and questionnaires of those who is ready to support others gratuitously. The site is supposed to be made bilingual in English and in Russian languages.

a payment on a good deed
the Fabulous sum collected for Keren Klein though became unexpectedness, quite corresponds to the general tendency today more and more people takes part in a whip-round through the Internet. This phenomenon name a word " kraudfanding " (from English crowd crowd and funding financing). The symbolical beginning " a virtual pooling of funds " it is considered 1997 Then the American fans British fate - groups Marillion have collected 60 thousand dollars that their substitutes could go to tour tour over the USA. And in the beginning 2000 - h years clever American the Internet - figures have started to open special sites on which authors can place the projects, specify the sum with which their realisation, and also quantity of days for which it is necessary to raise money will begin. After that moderators of sites countenance or reject the project. Today scope kraudfandinga in the world grows in a geometrical progression: according to a site crowdsourcing. org in 2011 its volumes have made 1,2 mlrd dollars, and this year indicator doubling is planned.

world kraudfanding basically it is directed to the aid of creative projects on site Kickstarter. com, twice noted with awards of magazine Time and considered as an exemplary platform for kraudfandinga, most of all means films and music involve. On manufacture and display of films for 4 years of existence of a site it has been collected more than 20 million dollars, and record and distribution of pieces of music and albums cost to network public about 13 million " green ". In Russia art too has started to belong to the people for its own money " the Spark " already wrote, how groups Zorge and " Bi - 2 " (see N 1 - 2 for 2012 " Music on trust ") Have collected means for new albums on the Internet on specialised services " Circles " (Kroogi. com) and " the Planet " (Planeta. ru).

Other important article for the sites which are world giants kraudfandinga, entertainment, a whip-round for entertainment actions. For example, on site Indiegogo. com it was possible to raise money for clothes for participants of movement Occupy Wall Street, and on Kickstarter. com to pay the action at company BP office in London where after oil flood in Gulf of Mexico the crowd hooted in vuvuzely within several hours.

and here to use kraudfanding for philanthropy it is possible not always not each initiative touches hearts and a purse of users. On a wave of popularity Max Sidorov has decided to involve means for the help to victims at flooding in Krymske. Has decided to arrive itself to Russia if the sum of gathering exceeds 10 thousand dollars, has contacted local group of volunteers. Russia for it completely not another`s though Max also was born in Kiev, Russian, and last year the future hero of the Internet of 8 months of veins in Ural Mountains and #150 was its basic language since a birth; collected materials for the book about a healthy food, learnt to survive in extreme conditions and enjoyed life out of a big city. But " Crimean " the project is not has gone right to Max for two and a half a week joint efforts possible to collect only... 820 dollars.

I could understand in the beginning nothing, Max Sidorov shares the disappointment. even the people expressing to me personal support, avoided tragedy of Krymska. Now I think, it is connected by that North Americans not so sharply empathize that occurs in far Russia. Besides acts of nature and #150 are not so interesting to users; there there is no possibility to help any concrete person.

it is valid, kraudfanding assumes personal participation in destiny of the concrete person, and in such situation when the help, apparently, has to wait. And the national tragedy as the situation on Kuban has shown, besides the state support makes active and volonterskuju the help, both business, and energy of celebrities.

and still the welfare fund largest in the country organised on a method kraudfandinga, Pomogi. org, has not stood aside from tragedy in Krymske.

such quantity of the organisations was engaged in the Help of Krymsku that I did not find a place for our fund, tells the Internet - figure Anton Nosik, founder Pomogi. org. But our employees have offered an original variant of the help: people on a place have agreed with large shops about holiday at procurement price of washing machines and refrigerators for those who has lost this technics.

If to help adresno
to Present that on Pomogi. org conditional Max Sidorov begins to raise money for holiday conditional Keren Klein, it is difficult enough the fund specialises on philanthropy in the pure state. The ambry social philanthropy in Russia was occupied with a portal " Tugeza " (Together. ru), begun the activity by summer of 2010 from gathering of 70 thousand roubles for victims at forest fires. The touching story has occurred on " Tugeze " in December of year before last users could collect 327 thousand roubles on a snowmobile for Sergey Sotnikova, the chief of a helicopter platform in village Izhma that in republic Komi. After there have closed the airport, Sotnikov of 12 years supported take-off - a landing strip in working order it has helped with September, 2010 to escape to the plane flying from Yakutia to Moscow when at that engines began to refuse. Pilots could plant the plane, 72 passengers have not suffered (" the Spark " told about it in N 13 for 2011). At first have awarded only pilots (it have handed over Courage orders), and Sotnikov remained with what. Here " Tugeza " also has raised to it money for a snow-scooter. Has then appeared in time both government award Sergey Sotnikov has received order " For merits before Fatherland " II degrees.

it is interesting that activity " Tugezy " is as much as possible depersonalized projects are supervised by various co-ordinators, and the decision on, a leah goden this or that case for the description on a site, is accepted in collective network discussions. The whip-round for the equipment for operational Kaluga regional hospital and #150 became record; in April of last year forces of 689 persons possible to collect 464 829 roubles, thus to the action have paid attention popular blogery and mass-media that has defined its success. Also " Tugeze " It was possible to raise money for bakery repair in the Chuvash small town Kugesi, purchase of computers for a pre-trial detention centre and for the sportsman - paralimpijtsa... So-called operation " is regularly spent; the Granny " participants of community find the old men living in godforsaken places and needing fire wood, meal and cleaning, help them and inform on their distress of state structure.

who gives a hand to the help to strangers more often? As has told " to the Spark " Andrey Dunaev, the head of a site " Many a little " based in Novosibirsk and since this year actively involving money for social and entertaining projects, " there are two types the Internet - benefactors. The first he/she is the senior student or the young expert the person, who has time and a few spare cash to participate in various civil initiatives. And the second He/she is the well-founded businessman who has not lost interest to patronage of arts and ready to put up money ".

last months in the Russian network environment discussion was fastened: what moves the person, endowing money for concrete projects? Motivatings great variety: someone wants to help, someone to test new technology, is those who is urged on by passion or desire to receive nominal gratitude or a souvenir from the author of the project that is considered in kraudfandinge a good form rule.

and for some kraudfanding a way to get acquainted with the interesting person. Here and Max Sidorov nurses hope to buy a site in Ural Mountains and " to find to themselves the bride as in the West all girls think only of how it is better to look, and that others will tell about them ".