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Court on business of Nikolaev have transferred from - for absences accused

Seaside child prodigies have outdone medallists

NADJA SKOROHODOVA from Vladivostok has run away from parents in « the House - 2 »

Six hundred parts to present easier, than to renew

Terrible tragedies have taught nothing!

Fitness for a brain

It appears, there is more to come pluses! SHtudirovanie a foreign language for our brain - all the same that fitness for a body. In sports hall fat turns to elastic muscles, the tummy is tightened. And in a linguistic class « it is pumped up » the grey substance - and a brain long remains young and sharp. Rejuvenating action of employment by languages is proved by research experiments.

Scientists from university of Toronto investigated communication between knowledge of the second language and senile dementia, or Alzheimer`s disease, on an example of 184 elderly Canadians. Bilingual old men chances to be ill have less! Besides, such pensioners do not lag behind almost on speed of reaction and flexibility of mind the young. Why?

At use of two languages brain blood supply amplifies, communication between nervous cages &ndash improves; and it protects a brain from ageing. Unfortunately, to cure already sick people by means of lessons of Spanish or Italian scientists do not promise. But give advice: master a foreign language, then it is constant on it speak and read are the best gymnastics for a brain!

Thanks to good « trenirovannosti » a brain the people owning, except native, one more language, adapt to changes of environment faster and is better concentrate on important problems. It because their head is adapted to be switched from one language to another and not to pay attention to the information unnecessary at present (the second language or trifles distracting from an overall objective - it is not important).

English nejrologi under the direction of Andrea Mechelli have proved that the knowledge of foreign languages is capable to change our grey substance qualitatively. Experimental 105 persons were their. 80 from them were able to speak not only on - anglijski, and 25 from these eight-ten have mastered another`s language in the early childhood, till 5 years. A brain of examinees scanned. It has appeared that the earlier the person starts to learn unfamiliar words, the the grey substance of its brain is is better developed, in it density nejronov there is more. And as consequence - more flexible thinking. So the earlier to begin employment - the more usefully, British consider. The matter is that for all life the number of cages of a brain does not change almost - them at us about 20 billion both in the childhood, and in an old age.

So to grow wiser and develop abilities it is possible, only if to change these cages qualitatively, to swing brain muscles.

Is at us in brains also white substance – a congestion of nervous fibres and zhiropodobnyj mielin which contributes in fast signalling on nervous fibres. And so, and it too very much loves, when we are engaged in languages!

Narli Golestani from the London university college has proved that at people, easily and quickly mastering another`s speech, a brain is more symmetric. And it is more than white substance in that department of a brain which is responsible for processing of the sound information (so-called crinkles of Geshlja). And much more - already on 70 % on the average! At the most capable participant of its experiment it has appeared three times more than at the main thing « dvoechnika ». While scientists do not know, the quantity of white substance in crinkles genetically or too « is put; trains » during employment by languages since the childhood.

In a subject

  « the Father » - the first word on the Earth

the First word of the child usually happens « mum ». And here the mankind learnt to speak from a word « the father » (or papa - it is not important, after all there was it when letters yet were not). Scientists of the Parisian association of researches of linguistics and prehistoric anthropology have analysed thousand modern languages and have found out that « the father » is available in the majority of them. That is about same: the father or the near relation - the man. Any prehistoric genius has said the very first word 100 thousand years ago. Linguists consider that first all nations spoke on one « protolanguage ». And it was not exact any problems with wrong English verbs and the French pronunciation!

And in Primorski Krai are found lenki

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people Voice

Pensioners demand respect

Old men are ready to assign to itself powers of militia

I Write on the instructions of same, as well as, townsmen. I - elderly, but not old, the aboriginal of Vladivostok. More than 40 years have devoted to work on fleet, life has developed - three sons and the daughter have grown up, trees has landed (the first Poplar avenue), still being the pupil 17 - j high school, the house - a five-storey apartment block under the Guerrilla prospectus in which since 1961 I live, too is constructed not without my participation and eternal long-term construction - a summer residence in Russian Three precepts of the man are executed, from children same I demand, the grandson to it I learn. And like very well, and here heart is ill - why other fathers and grandfathers of it do not do? Why our youth with an angelic choir is transfigured at night in the barbarian, all destroying on the way in the afternoon? Why laws and the structures, obliged to stop unruliness of our freaky youth do not work? Where militia?

the Pokrovsk park is a beauty and greatness of cathedrals. Century trees - city centre lungs, perfect well-groomed avenues, young mums with babies in carriages, children`s hubbub. Even cut down from different directions zagazovannymi highways the park tries to survive! But here a new misfortune - our youth, students of nearby high schools. With these elements, our future elite, hardly who will consult. 90 percent of just established perfect cast benches are broken, broken out illumination columns, glasses of lamps are beaten, even bordjurnaja the tile on avenues is taken out. And it is not simple conjectures about students - vandals, it is the real truth. Us, pensioners, inhabitants of the houses located about Pokrovsk park, during vesper walks with the canine friends, young men at the moment of fulfilment of illegal actions by them repeatedly were late. All of them were students of nearby high schools, all of them tearfully asked not to distort it life, promised not to do it henceforth. However, there were also those who, having run off aside, threatened to poison ours sobachat, and to ourselves to turn on heads. And they will execute these threats, in the evening in such places there are no representatives of bodies of the law and order. But there is a limit to any patience.

If it is difficult to power to step over a side of application of the powers, we will help it - we will fill up number of patients of fracture clinic 1 in the street Mordovtseva. Also we will make it by means of the same youth. Well not nevertheless morons among them. As well as we in the nice remote past, they could organise for protection of the favourite vacation spots something like teams.
if till September, 1st, 2007 of concrete changes to improvement will not be, and the administration of high schools will not accept radical measures, we, the senior generation of the regional centre, will make it independently!

Leah will oust the commander of motor-marksmen?

Blood and plasma

The meadow have started to put in order

Parking in the centre of Vladivostok will forbid

It seems, to seaside football players starts to carry

Hymn " the Beam - Energy " the orthodox priest

Only one building in Vladivostok is finished nonflammable aljukobondom

The skyscraper burning in city centre did not have a fire protection?

Why has burnt down a skyscraper in regional capital?

Typhoons and cyclones over Primorski Krai will supervise from space

Behind preferential medicines four hundred persons in day

The Korean pilots press on Far East competitors

Help to identify the rescued woman

On dorozhnikov - bunglers it is possible to bring an action

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" Rifmoplet "

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