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To reduce it is impossible to increase

the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Defence shlestnulis from - for the budget for 2013. And at everyone in hands obstinate figures

It is said that last week " a big-times politics " has gone on leave. In vain speak: just on start of a holiday season the Ministry of Finance attacked the military budget.

the head of financial department Anton Siluanov has publicly scarified " the Basic directions of a budgetary policy for 2013 and the planned period 2014 and 2015 ". This document, we will remind, provides growth of expenses next year on section " National defence " for 25,8 percent in comparison with this year with 1,864 to 2,345 trln roubles. In 2014 for these purposes it is planned to allocate already 2,77 trln roubles (growth to previous year for 18,2 percent). And in 2015 - m 2,86 trln roubles (growth for 3,4 percent). Total for 3 years growth of financing of defensive articles should make 53,6 percent. Thus the means allocated for social development of the country, will grow, according to " the Basic directions " all for 6,8 percent also will make in 2015 4,2 trln roubles. Expenses on public health services, education, housing - municipal services will decrease only. Militarization of the budget it, probably, that rare trend which at change of presidents remained with us immutable.

financiers in attack
And so, minister Siluanov has declared that budget direct costs on the arms programme in 2013 - can be reduced 2015 approximately to 20 percent. It is possible a recursor of some expenses on later term and replacement of budgetary financing on credit schemes, it has explained. " I think that in the near future we will agree about the sums of decrease in direct financing of the state arms programme on 2013 - 2015. Such decision, most likely, will be accepted " quotes the head of the Ministry of Finance " Interfax ".

The chief was supported also the deputy minister by Tatyana Nesterenko. She has suggested to reduce in structure of Armed forces number of recruits to 10 percent. Has told that it can be made the next 3 years, and as powerful argument in favour of such scenario has reminded: the president of the Russian Federation has demanded to lower number of recruits for 15 percent. (" we consider that it is possible to reduce and to 20 percent " she has added.) The assistant to the head of the Ministry of Finance has promised " to develop and till January, 1st, 2013 to bring respective alterations in legislative and other standard legal certificates ". It is offered to make, in particular, changes to the Decree of the president of the Russian Federation from January, 1st, 2008 N 1 " About regular number of Armed forces of the Russian Federation " in the Decree of the president of the Russian Federation from March, 1st, 2011 N 252 " About limiting regular number of law-enforcement bodies " and other documents.

the formal logic to financiers you will not refuse. The regular number of Armed forces defined in the decree of the president in one million of military men, does not correspond to today`s real structure of army and fleet. Calculation of people which in armies and staffs carry nowadays the epaulets, based on official figures, shows that to one million it does not hold out.

judge. Officers, on open sources and statements of military heads, today in a system of 220 thousand, plus of 186 thousand contract employees. Recruits who distribute on divisions in the spring and in the autumn, there are more 350 thousand. Add here about 60 thousand investigators and cadets of military high schools, approximately 50 thousand " rasporjazhentsev " (those whom have deduced for staff in connection with reduction of Armed forces, but cannot transfer to the reserve and resignation from - for impossibility to provide with the apartments put under the law), and it will turn out that our army makes approximately 860 - 870 thousand persons. It turns out, at least 130 thousand it " dead souls " on which the budget distributes the monetary maintenance, purchase of the foodstuffs and ware property, counts quantity of combat material and the weapon, fighting expendable materials rockets, shells, cartridges...

military men in defence
it would Seem, figures the obstinate thing to cover there is nothing. However, it appears, the situation not so is simple, as it seems. At military men the arguments, and too in obstinate figures.

the matter is that regular number in one million military men is made not up. It is calculated, proceeding from requirement of the country for maintenance of its security on all perimetre of borders and taking into account possible threats in the nearest and intermediate term prospect. The quantity of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery pieces, planes, rockets, the surface ships, submarines, radar stations is calculated on one million military men under fighting specifications and more many other things that makes a material basis of Armed forces.

the technique of calculations is known: at first the necessary quantity and structure of combat material and arms, systems of maintenance of the fight, necessary for country protection in peace and a wartime, and then, proceeding from regular number of those or others " is defined; pieces of iron " The structure of experts necessary for them pays off also.

for the explanatory we will follow a simple example a tank battalion. It consists of three tank companies, a company from three platoons, a platoon from three tanks. Crew of the tank three persons the commander, the tipper-of - the operator and the mechanic - the driver. Simple calculation shows that in a battalion of 40 tanks (including komandirskie cars) and 120 - 130 persons of staff. But the tank battalion never wars alone. To it will necessarily give a motor-rifle battalion or a company. It again 40 infantry fighting vehicles or armoured troop-carriers, and is more than people on the car on 10 soldiers and sergeants. Depending on what problem is carried out by a tank battalion, in defence it or in approach, to it will give still an investigation company, a communication company, the artillery battery or an art battalion, engineering - a field company, a chemical protection company, is antiaircraft - a rocket battalion, and from air all it should cover shock helicopters or planes - attack planes. In a word, standard fighting unit for performance of a fighting problem should have solid quantity of technics, arms and staff. In our concrete example it almost one and a half thousand persons. And nothing can be reduced, differently not only performance of a fighting problem will break, people will perish.

so was, by the way, in August 2008 - go when our grouping in South Ossetia, beating off the Georgian attack, did not correspond to fighting specifications neither on structure of systems of maintenance of fight, nor by quantity of the people necessary for service technicians and conducting of operations. We then have defeated, but again the big blood.

at military men of the logician of calculations and figure others. With minfinovskimi ideas of staff reduction they together do not live. The chief of the Joint Staff Nikolay Makarov who was present at government session at discussion of budgetary prospects so has reacted to initiatives of financiers: " We will turn a deaf ear to this offer ". Madam Nesterenko " not the Minister of Defence and not the president ".

By the way, the link of the deputy minister of the finance to Vladimir Putin`s words about the urged necessity in connection with demographic problems of reduction of an invocatory contingent for 15 percent has absolutely other perusal at military men: the president, they are convinced, spoke about reduction of recruits, meaning increase thus in armies of number of contract employees. By 2016 under instructions of their head of the state should be in a system not 186 thousand, as now, and 425 thousand. And before military department a task in view to type on 50 thousand volunteers annually. And it again expenses: the icon setting of the contract employee makes today 25 - 32 thousand roubles a month. So a question, a leah will win the budget from reduction of recruits, remains opened.

the industry pending
While open remains both other important question expenses on manufacture and purchase of arms. They, certainly, should be optimised. Only as?

It is necessary to understand that the increase in budgetary expenses on 2013 - j and on performance gosoboronzakaza is connected the next years not with the increased appetites of the Minister of Defence, and with necessity of reequipment of army and fleet which has been declared not yesterday, and in 2007.

all these five previous years it prepared went and proceed today scientifically - research and it is skilled - design works, pre-production models of the combat material reserved by military men were created and created. It, in particular, the new unified platform for tanks and heavy tracklaying vehicles under self-propelled art installations, is antiaircraft - rocket complexes, the engineering technics " Armata ". These are the general caterpillar and wheel platforms under so-called average cars " Kurganets - 25 " and " the Boomerang ". These are easy platforms on base KAMAZov " the Typhoon ". Since 2013 they should enter armies for tests and completions. And with 2014 - 2015 their batch production should begin. Here to you and growth of expenses.

add here input in a system of strategic diving cruisers of type " Yury Dolgoruky " with " the Mace " onboard. This year two of them should be accepted on arms. Except " Dolgorukogo " also " Alexander Nevsky ". In 2013 - m " Vladimir Monomah " the fourth case and #150 is already put; " Prince Vladimir ". And on it and on the cruisers subsequent to it there will be not 16 rockets, as on first three submarines, and 20. And such boats at us by 2020 should be eight. All of them are already paid the Minister of Defence.

this year reequipment on new mine strategic rocket RS - 24 " begins; JArs " the Kozelsk rocket division that is in the Kaluga region near to the well-known monastery " wilderness Optina ". Instead of 30 out-of-date liquid rockets Ur - 100 with four warheads into the mines altered under them will load as much, but already new that is called, with igolochki tverdotoplivnyh " JArsov ". And after the Kozelsk division such prospect waits Novosibirsk and Irkutsk divisions...

and money all it besides which are besides already paid to factories and design office by military department. And there are still orders for new fighters, including fifth generation, bombers, uchebno - fighting the Yak - 130, bespilotniki, helicopters (them than thousand pieces should buy the next years more). Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukov who was when - that the head of tax service and come to army on purpose sharply to cut down its budgetary expenses, recently has declared in a circle of journalists: " money for arms are not necessary To us, to us are necessary " pieces " arms ". Who for them will pay, the Ministry of Finance or the Minister of Defence, not important. It is important, that in army and on fleet there was all that will help Armed forces to be modern and strong. On machine tools with brand Krupp, taken out from poverzhennoj Germany, modern arms for a long time already it is impossible to make. A leah

It is possible to cut down expenses of the state on the decision of this problem? One of recipes was offered by head of the government Dmitry Medvedev during recent visitation of the Kolomna KB of instrument making. He has informed there that on manufacture expansion operatively - tactical rocket complexes " Iskander - M " created in it KB and intended, according to the same Medvedev, for neutralisation of the American plans on expansion on borders of Russia of the systems of the ABM, the state allocates 24 mlrd roubles. 16 more mlrd, necessary for these purposes, the enterprises entering into cooperation on manufacture " Iskanderov " should involve. To take credits in banks under the state guarantees, and to pay off for them with economic activities. Including deliveries " products " abroad.

the recipe is by sight good. " Iskandery " (only with a letter " E " an export variant) to sell, certainly, is possible. They with pleasure will be bought by many countries. Rich India one of the first. And here " the Mace " " JArs " or a diving cruiser of type " Yury Dolgorukogo " you will not sell. On them we will have continuous expenses. Military men and the present power are convinced: from these expenses anywhere you will not get to.

put in the government to supervise oboronku vitse - prime minister Dmitry Rogozin has declared that the decision on reduction of financing of arms programmes the next 3 years on 200 mlrd roubles at present is still discussed. " there are certain feeble efforts at certain citizens who consider that expenses should be reduced, he has told. but there is also other opinion: expenses should increase. Discussion proceeds ".

Where to put a comma in a phrase " to reduce it is impossible to increase " it is not clear yet. Though, seemingly, reductions will be demanded not by the Ministry of Finance, and crisis.