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In Samara poisonings with water-melons

Andrey Kostitsyn has concluded the contract with "Montreal"

To readers - to debtors you have presented "Happy occurence"

The Byelorussian became the second at festival in Yalta

In the Gomel area the man has died of a sting shershnja

Shuttles have partitioned off road on frontier transition " the Warsaw bridge "

Bookkeepers have forced to stand hours per turns

The largest foreign investor is punished on 2 million dollars

SPACE WEATHER from August, 13 till August, 19th

In the Birch with officers pay off the military form

The Dutch and German cowberry can be grown up on the Belarus summer residence

Byelorussians take 35 medals in Athenes! Or 12

Girsh Reles reads the Bible in the original

In Belarus have found "live" and "dead" water

Ivan Ivankov from Athenes:“ I already descended on excursion in the Acropolis ”/">Russian & World News.

And you have registered in “national actors”?

Mobile news

" the Firm recipe " - competition for supermistresses!

To hospital not to reach

The more pepper, the more sharply " Mother-in-law`s language "

The scarecrow can be made of an ordinary snag

How to bring to Belarus the foreign salary?

" National actors " already storm a palace

In Vitebsk traffic lights disappear at midnight

Samara begunja has created sensation

In Klichevsky area the roof has pressed down teenagers

On the Bavarian farms our agriculturists

Belarus "musketeer" has pinned up the legendary fencer

Leah will reach to Belarus overseas okorochka?


To mums have thrown on pampers

“Our shock kinds still ahead”

Vitebsk schoolboys will teach to smell

" Dunechka " goes on " Film shock "

Samarchanka obokrala on 83 thousand roubles

In Belarus will pass formal elections?

" Any water - salutary! "

Alexander and Konstantin will sing with Ruslanoj

Katya Karsten rows to Olympic " to gold "

The motorcyclist has brought down kids in a baby carriage

In Minsk there is no place to nonresident first-year students

Since August summer residents will start to pay the tax on - new

We collect for the first time a satchel to children in the first class

Alexander Lukashenko: « Kommunalshchiki zazhireli so that spend money right and left! »


http:// korsa. nm. ru In se universities of Poland.

www. malta. ru the Official site of Malta in Russia: culture, tourism, history, and also the big section by training.

http:// www. maltavista. ru the Site in Russian about Malta and education there.

www. aboutmalta. com the Site in English about an education system on Malta, the list of educational associations, the information on the organisations engaged in a student`s exchange.

www. magnet. mt the List of resources and articles by training on Malta.

www. mayfaircom. com This site is devoted studying of English language on Malta.

http:// www. norvegia. ru the Official site of the country in Russian, is the information and on an education system.

www. siu. no the Center of the international cooperation between universities SIU.

http:// www. samordnaopptak. no Selection committees of the Norwegian universities and colleges, are the English version of a site.

http:// www. uio. no the Official site of University in Oslo.

http:// www. uib. no the Official site of University in Bergen.

http:// www. uit. no the Official site of University in Tromso.

http:// russians. rin. ru Here there is a section about education, and in it - links to sites of many universities of Norway.

http:// www. dioritz. com On this site of the Scandinavian wedded bureau, nevertheless, there are links to pages of many Norwegian universities.

http:// www. lanekassen. no the Site of the Norwegian fund which gives to students, including foreign, grants or grants.

http:// www. folkehogskole. no the Information on national schools in Norway.


In the centre of Minsk on the woman with the kid

Come tomorrow. Do not change neither a hairdress, nor a make-up!

The fireball has blown up the Village Soviet

Lydia YERMOSHIN:“ Leah the referendum together with elections will be appointed, it becomes clear on September, 10th ”/">Russian & World News.

The boy has detained experienced predators

EGU leaves in exile

The Samara Office of Public Prosecutor has apologised before prokatchikami " da Vinci Code "

Ruslan Salej: “If you have one million dollars, it does not mean yet that it is necessary to spend it”

" Anechka how you zhelezjaku lift this? "

In the end of August storks leave Belarus

The bus with Belarus having a rest has had an accident in Ukraine

All the day long Igor Makarova`s trainer has spent in church

EGU leaves in exile

LEAH is the REASON to HAVE a rest On "the VELVET SEASON"?

The fourth returning " Kamensk "

As I wanted to become " the national actress "

CHupa - chupsy - the pig-iron woman …

Vitaly Bulyga has passed in " Tom` "

Than the sting of a wasp

Judges have left Ivankova without a medal

The lilac has blossomed in the second time

Jacque Rogge has interceded for Sivakova

Stomatologists advise to brush teeth under a favourite song

In Belarus enter censorship on concerts

Putin did not take a dog on negotiations from Lukashenko

Customs officers have caught a goldfish

New Belarus wheat "Veda" is worthy the Olympic medal

To Alexander Anjukovu has got from the

" Inveterate swindlers " have told samartsam as will curse platform stars

Among the lost Byelorussians is not present

What doors to put in apartment?

Students EGU choose where to study

Light walls in a nursery - the appeal to drawing

On children`s " the Eurovision " there will go 8 vocalists?

In fight with the Byelorussian the Egyptian boxer risks health

The husband has presented the Choir of 37 brilliants

The future husband has invited Julju Nesterenko to the first appointment on … fishing

The stork of Petrusha goes by the car and the bird goes to church

10 Byelorussians become “national actors” Russian & World News.

David Mudzhiri:Srazu after wedding left in the field, and we have won 6:1!

" I love you! "

Students EGU choose where to study

To the Greek victories salute " Måòàêñîé " and champagne

Ellina ZVEREVA: " After I will be flown up, I will start to plough "

The Egyptian boxer was frightened of Byelorussian Victor Zueva

To go for a drive on serfire, to dive with an aqualung not only in Egypt, but also at home funny!

Capital goat Squirrel feed with pineapples

The Crimean grapes sew blueberries

Rescuers have removed from a tree the girl with a parrot

Alexander and Konstantin were sang with Ruslanoj

The Rottweiler has attacked owners

What sportsmen on Lukashenko`s birthday will present?


In Polotsk names of debtors have hanged out on columns