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The Kazan shock

, however, is engaged nobody in Exact calculations. Detention become resonant, only when concern known people in republic. At first have taken away on interrogation, and then without a charge presentation tried to arrest the champion of Russia on weightlifting of Artema Kalashova. The sanction court on arrest has not given. Have detained the soloist of groups " Kazan Egetljare " and " Rajan " the singer Bring down. At two o`clock in the afternoon, having put " a trunk " to a back directly in the street, " have involved " the chairman of social movement " the Three-copecks piece urda " Danisa Safargali. As has told Danis, it never climbed in religion questions, but it nevertheless delivered in department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on struggle against extremism in the street Charles Marx and within 9 hours exasperated with repeating questions on muftis and its shot assistant, tried to force to undergo procedure on the lie detector. Have released only after intervention of the lawyer All procedures have been broken, show Danisu inspectors could of nothing.

in Bauman`s foot street active workers of public organisations expose extensions and headers " we will not allow to quarrel the Tatar and Russian people " " Hands off Kazan ". Against active investigatory actions these slogans are conceived ambiguously.

as the senior lecturer of stand regionovedenija and islamovedenija Institute of oriental studies of Azat Ahunov speaks, double act of terrorism has called shock many in Tatarstan: " Shock not only from - for the crimes, which awfully in itself, and from that comprehension that it has occurred at us in Kazan. For this purpose there is no soil, there are no corresponding conditions. Not that mentality at Tatars to take up arms. The overwhelming majority of Moslems of Tatarstan the adequate people well entered in society. Tragically lost Valiulla Jakupov in ours with it conversations repeatedly underlined that, unlike caucasus, in Kazan he can freely move and not be afraid every minute for the life ".

Versions a little. Believe all
to Azat Ahunov it is convinced: " the Situation does not leave from - under control, despite numerous attempts it to loosen. We had also all will be quiet ". It would be desirable to believe. But while Kazan fills with a gossip and idle talks. Depending on belief and sympathies, someone is assured in " vahhabitskom a trace " someone in an event sees " a hand of special services and agents of national security " it the aggravation of a situation which allows " is ostensibly favourable; to smooth out a glade ". There are also rather exotic versions, for example hearings that conditions destabilization in Tatarstan it is a plan part " a multirunning combination against Russia ". A pier, Hillari Clinton promised that " Russia and China will pay for the position concerning Syria " here time also has come to pay tick. Considering that tatarstantsy are assured that their republic " a point of gathering and disorder of Russia " the bill is exposed rather big.

are popular in the people and conversations about " to economic underlying reason " act of terrorism. For a long time not a secret that between spiritual management of republic and the company " Idel - hadzh " the serious conflict concerning quotas on the organisation of pilgrim trips to Muslim relics has inflamed. It is delivery of thousand people through borders of the states with payment of hotels and tickets aboard the plane. If to consider that one " a vacation package " costs not less than 100 thousand roubles, it is not difficult to count up that it is a question of millions dollars. Add to it other sources of religious business, like licensing and manufacture certification haljalnoj production, and here already there is a subject for dismantling between two organised Muslim the groups one of which heads the new mufti Ildus Faizov who has held this fast hardly of more year back, and another former mufti Gusman Iskhakov. More precisely, its very influential and strong, risen on monetary injections from Saudi Arabia and other Arabian countries a clan.

" monetary " the version, apparently, one of the cores. A leah but all it is possible to write off on financial dismantlings? Much in Kazan it is obvious: there, where there is Arabian money, there there is also an essential share sauditskoj ideologies. Means, is and sympathising a former mufti salafity it is difficult to them to reconcile to easing of the positions. People understand or intuitively feel that the situation is more serious, than it seems at first sight.

Here emerges " the alternative version " sounded by opponents of mufti Faizova. Under this version, attempt at a mufti " a performance " and a mufti with the sincere desire to struggle with salafitami for " traditional Islam " only a change figure. Trusting such scenario is offered: attempt only the first stage of the plan, which purpose to divide a Muslim community into conflicting clans, to dramatize an attack of one group on another, arrests and round-ups to aggravate opposition and to destabilise a situation. Then to declare that the republic does not consult, to replace the president and to select the republican property, neftjanku first of all. Under this version, behind attempts stand certain external in relation to force republic (influence or company group), interested in chaos and power easing in Tatarstan. Implied sense is clear: Moslems are used in the mercenary purposes, by enemies not in a community, and out of it.

the detached onlooker such abrupt konspirologichesky zames will call otorop, but in Kazan all these ideas are conceived differently the bases are available. Here dissatisfied voices even more often sound: the republic gives to the federal centre in a type of tax to 400 mlrd roubles a year, and receives in the answer only 10 percent from this sum in the form of federal subventions. Supporters of preservation " cultural bases " it is angry speak about " barefaced approach " on teaching of the Tatar language at schools, about attempts to impose to Tatars " Orthodoxy bases " and that Tatars do not have higher education system. This environment conversations that " are popular; the federal authority is interested in the prompt russification of Tatars that already nothing prevented to grasp the republican property ". Both this environment The main addressee for any, even smart versions and assumptions.

who is guilty and what to do?
to Struggle with this environment by reprisals means to aggravate a situation. Positions of radical Islamites in republic while are frankly weak, but in case of inadequate measures they will start to amplify in a geometrical progression by an example of Dagestan or Ingushetia. In Kazan it understand. Same Azat Ahunov considers: " Those contradictions which were available in Muslim umme Tatarstan and which have amplified with election of new mufti Ildusa Faizova, giving thanks to its politician of crackdown, have ideological character and are easily surmountable. Judging by last statements of a mufti, it is adjusted on dialogue, instead of on confronting ".

to Stop rough distribution of nonconventional Islam for region it is possible only by belief and education. And recently the authorities have understood, they have faced what threat. Mintimer Shaymiev and Rustam Minnikhanov have rather in due time started to restore a religious relic and a historical spiritual reference point of Tatars " Bulgar " trying to create in parallel there medrese. But it, many are convinced of Kazan, there is not enough. In republic over ten medrese which on a broader scale were not financed until recently in any way by the state. It and is clear, the state at us is separated from religion, but it was possible to find any schemes of support the support as differently the help comes from - for a boundary. Only this year work on curriculum unifications, and directors medrese has begun for the first time have collected in Kazan. As a matter of fact, on places in settlements and villages the men of faith pulling uchebno - methodical process on themselves worked. For example, the director medrese in Urussu feeds students with fish after night skin diving. And appear suddenly to it in the middle of night workers of FSB and find they the director and students with a diving gun In a present agiotage of charges in preparation of act of terrorism it would be difficult to avoid.

tragically lost on the eve of Ramazana Valiulla Jakupov just was responsible for an education system and ideological work in spiritual management of Moslems of Tatarstan. It is possible to remember its Komsomol past and to attribute a role " the grey cardinal " in DUMAS RT, it is possible to consider responsible for communication of Spiritual management with special services. But not to recognise that it was one of obrazovannejshih people in structure of Spiritual management, it is impossible. As the wife of imam Ishaka Lutfullina Galija influential in Kazan - hanum, " speaks; Valiulla Jakupov was the person the DUMA, both its loss the hugest irreplaceable loss ". The intellectual, the perfect speaker, the publicist, the author over 30 books, Valiulla Jakupov unique of all added upon spiritual sense of republic possessed scientific degree (the candidate of historical sciences). Except the direct duties of Valiulla - hazrjat was engaged in book publishing, a lot of time gave to educational activity. Now it is not present, and who can replace, is not clear yet.

on - former it is not clear where nevertheless to search guilty of double act of terrorism. Responsibility for it nobody took. " the economic version " gives motive of attempt at a mufti, but in any way does not explain execution of its assistant JAkupov in financial questions was not engaged, to pilgrims of the relation had no. The president of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov in the comment to the First channel has noted: " Heads of our Spiritual management of Moslems pursued a policy of traditional Islam. It is clear that exist both other currents, and an event it is an obvious call... Our position should be more rigid. Traditional Islam never allowed such things as there was an encroachment on life of the people, which minister to Islam ".

the Hint on vahhabitskuju the version, apparently, is transparent, however and it is important the address accurately is not designated.

it is possible to consider as the original comment of such position the expounding extended on the Internet offered, in particular, by user Facebook by Iskanderom Giljazovym: " the Authorities in " to a plug ": to recognise the commercial version means to recognise that " confessors " sort out relations methods bratkov from 90 - h. Naturally, a shame and mistrust to all clergy. To recognise the version about revenge of Wahhabites again a shame, already to the authorities. It will appear that directly near by at them the powerful terrorist organisation, and all conversations on stability, security, tolerance and #150 operates; pshik. And about the version about special services even there is nothing to speak ".

Meanwhile last days in Kazan more and more conversations on the conflict of the imam of the largest mosque " Kul Sharif " Ramilja Junusova with mufti Faizovym. In April Faizov has ousted Junusova of the imam of a mosque " Kul Sharif " but, after on protection of the imam opponents of mufti Faizova have gathered. Faizov has been urged to correct the decision JUnusov remained the second imam of a mosque.

it now remember in fine details as last week Ramil Junusov has mysteriously disappeared. It is declared that it already " the former imam of a mosque " Kul Sharif " " and the former deputy director of memorial estate " Kazan kreml ". Where thus he, the unambiguous answer is not present: one say that is simple on a trip, others assert that... Almost in emigration in London, the third against London do not mind, but declare that a trip planned the imam there should pass examination in English language.

the Head of the Privolzhsky centre of regional and ethnoreligious researches of the Russian institute of strategic researches of Rais Sulejmanov whom many reproach with Kazan in " boat rocking " states a rigid estimation: " It (Junusov. " About " ) has rushed to races. If he wants to pass examination in Kazan there are centres TOEFL. Besides, Junusov formed round itself vahhabitskoe community, and not casually Faizov in April undertook attempts it to replace. JUnusov much knows also much can tell, therefore to it have preferred to buy the one way ticket ". And the information on a course of office investigation which was spent by employees of personnel department of the Kazan state agrarian university successfully in time has got to a local press as - that: there cases of a fake of diplomas on behalf of high school have been revealed, and among other the diploma the imam - hatyba the Kazan cathedral mosque " has appeared a fake; Kul Sharif " Ramilja Junusova.