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seven persons for the first time apply For fast of president RFS. Thus the main favourite of race has descended ahead of schedule — Vitaly Mutko in football has decided not to come back yet

65 - the summer pensioner from Izhevsk Vladimir Tumaev has come to a conclusion at the last minute what to participate in presidential elections RFS all - taki costs. " all spoke To me: you that, about a bar the struck? And I responded: more real nominee all the same was not and is not present " he tells " to the Spark ". Besides, Tumaev, at it, unlike other candidates continues, there is a number of serious advantages: it is in the excellent sports form and in the 65 years plays football, drives on a motorcycle and acts on korporativah with songs of own composition. Once, the candidate for presidents tells, it have called in on rural Games: well, that games were opened also by moral spirit of sportsmen has lifted. Have initially reserved to execute its main football hit " Mashenka, not crying, I will hammer in thy ball, my God, help to strike from that foot " but at the last minute have changed the mind and have asked to sing something another and it is desirable about gas: it has appeared that on Games visitors have called in high-ranking gazpromovskie. " well, I also have sung here this, Tumaev starts to sing in a tube: " Give for us, give for you, give for all Russian gas... " so it was pleasant to all that me then also on closing have called ".

the Olympic castling
Now, Tumaev is assured, at it is not only skills necessary for responsible work, but also important in such questions of a lobby: but if also it does not suffice suddenly he will ask state supports for Vladimir Putin. " In 2006 it to us on rural games came, I wanted to tell that became the most elderly professional football player of the world that to the Guinness Book of Records have got that a ball " pyrom " in 57 years has hammered, yes the natural modesty has prevented. But I will not be silent now! Tumaev raises the voice and continues on the accruing. I to it will tell, who at us here operates recently football! That it is equivalent to that the football player for a spaceship steering wheel to plant and in space it to send! " if the meeting with Putin takes place prior to the beginning of autumn chances, Tumaev speaks, from the good will turn simply - taki in excellent: presidential elections RFS will take place on September, 3rd, and the pensioner from Izhevsk well knows, how elective process and who finally gives commands is arranged.

as the main competitor on forthcoming elections suddenly has withdrawn. Vitaly Mutko who supervised RFS earlier and like would have no objection to combine this post with work in the ministry, last week to submit documents to election committee did not become, and the question and #150 became the main unofficial intrigue; why. One of the high-ranking officials in RFS has on the condition of anonymity told " to the Spark " that else one week ago there was an accurate and clear scheme. Vitaly Mutko submits documents on fast of president RFS, departs on the Olympic Games to London and waits for the termination of Games. If the Russian national team fails, second loud defeat successively (the first Vancouver - 2010) the minister of sports forgive to cannot, apologises for failure and comes back in a football mansion (in due time the minister already headed RFS). If the national team acts well Mutko anywhere does not pass, and simply removes the nominee some weeks prior to elections and speaks, whom from the remained candidates wanted to support. That, most likely, also conquers (combination of fasts the ministry and football of Mutko ostensibly have not countenanced).

the Sudden decision of Mutko, the interlocutor " speaks; the Spark " it is connected by that he has already agreed about continuation of the work in the Ministry of sports and affect it results of London cannot: now Vitaly Mutko will be the main sportsman of the country at least to the Olympic Games in Sochi. Truths for the sake of it is necessary to tell, as Russian national team should try very much that summer Olympic Games to ruin, that is why at Mutko, possibly, there will be no even a formal occasion to resignation. Anyhow, but last week the minister of sports not only has confirmed that remains away from football, but also was openly voiced in support of chief executive OKR Nikolay Tolstyh who long time prosecuted subjects of the lowest football battalions. According to Mutko, together with Tolstoys they long worked, each other well know also opinion on many questions at them coincides. In the address of the main competitor of Tolstoys heads RFPL Sergey Prjadkina the minister of sports has thrown any strange phrase that supposedly at that and in RFPL has put too much, what here RFS.

However, football analysts in advance Tolstoy`s victory to give do not hurry up: it know in regions, it has now governmental lobby, but all the same the strongest clubs of premieres - leagues support Sergey Prjadkina. It it helps to carry out their interesting reforms and is on guard of interests that is why to have such person on the main football fast of the country would like very many. The former president RFS Vyacheslav Koloskov, for example, has noted in interview " to the Spark " that expects serious opposition between politicians and oligarchs though, as he said, both those, and others only harm to football. " Here I when worked in RFS, for us neither money, nor pressure from above was nothing. There was at us a contract with Reebok on 500 thousand dollars and all were happy. We knew that to anybody should nothing, it is necessary to do the part simply. And such intervention of a policy in sports as now, was not even in Soviet period. We co-ordinated with the Central Committee of the CPSU the regulations, the list of football players on departure and returning in the country, but further anybody in our affairs did not climb " explains Cones.

send all on elektronku
On a broader scale in the candidate list in presidents RFS seven surnames which can be divided on two groups appear. To the first, the most influential, concern Sergey Prjadkin and Nikolay Tolstyh (Vitaly Mutko in case of the promotion should head this group). Here could get and Boris Gryzlov which surname in connection with RFS actively named in the beginning of July, but, according to the source " the Spark " Gryzlov to head football federation did not gather, and occurrence of its surname whether a technical error, whether an invention of journalists. The second group of applicants it is such football opposition, chances of which victory, as always, are not too great. Here besides the singer and football player Tumaeva enter eks - the football player and a football analyst Evgenie Lovchev, the deputy from LDPR Igor Lebedev, the president Syktyvkar mini - football club " New generation " Valery Beletsky and the president of Fund of development of football Alisher Aminov.

last week " the Spark " has made the questionnaire of 15 questions and has sent to its all candidates. In RFPL have referred to Sergey Prjadkina`s employment in connection with start of the championship of Russia and have promised to respond only in the beginning of August. Nikolay Tolstyh has explained that during the Olympic Games to it as to representative OKR to answer football questions it would be incorrect. " and I on mail will send all to you, Alisher Aminov has promised. I with journalists already had problems ". Also has not deceived: in some hours from it answers, truth, still every other day and #150 have come; an electoral programme under the name " If I " was the president; constructed on questions " the Spark " and dispatched in tens other mass-media. " I hope, you too completely will publish it? he has asked next day. or you will pull out from a context? It is very important for me because I have an experience defined. Pair of specifying questions? Send all on elektronku! I by phone do not give any interviews, the candidate has told and has hanged up ".

Three remained football oppositionists have appeared more open and have told, what exactly is not pleasant to them in an operating football economy. Evgenie Lovchev, for example, said about nonprofessionalism and what to operate football and to make important decisions people football, instead of those whom on football why - that have put should. " I have seen enough of all these naznachentsev. On this Mutko, on this Fursenko who has come and at once has told that we will be world champions in 2018. To me has bothered. I want to stir up football community. I understand that, possibly, I will not win, but I cannot is simple so to sit and look any more how idiotic decisions are made. Here this transition autumn - spring same delirium! I would like, that those people who have accepted this decision, would leave in a minus 20 in the field, would freeze to myself all eggs, and then spoke further, as fine all of them have turned " Lovchev is indignant.

" This transition needed to be made after 2018 when clubs would have an infrastructure, instead of it is simple so, out of the blue " Igor Lebedev agrees with it. One of its main claims, by the way, concerns appointments to the post of the head coach of Russian national team of Fabio Kapello. According to Lebedev if it will select president RFS he will try if it will turn out, the contract with the Italian to terminate. " Kapello it is known for that can squeeze out a maximum from this structure which at it is. But young - that it does not nurture! Yes, sluggish Arshavin, aged Berezutsky and elderly Ignashevich, they can be overcome on last last breath for a vacation package on CHM - 2014. And further - that that? Anything " the deputy speaks. " and on a broader scale, how it will adjust them on matches? Just as the lawyer what will we lose to Greece? candidate Tumaev is indignant. Here at me the case was. My 0:2 command loses. A break. I in a locker room have flown, obmateril all of them, hardly a muzzle have not filled, so they then across the field as ugorelye rushed and 3:2 have won ".

does not arrange a choice in favour of Kapello and candidate Beletsky. " this figure disputable, and at us is enough good trainers. At all it is not pleasant to me that all of us to copy from Europe want, we think that there it is much better. Here in Soviet period at us was two football schools: spartakovskaja Beskov and dinamovskaja Lobanovsky. And where now these schools? There are no they, have forgotten. Here already " Barcelona " even in spartakovsky football plays: stenochki, zabeganija. And we at all on a place stand we are rolled away " back; Beletsky speaks.

one more paramount problem of new president RFS it is full revision of structure of executive committee of the organisation, Lovchev speaks. Now in executive committee a little active football people, the candidate considers: basically it or weak-willed erfeesnye long-livers, or the active representatives of the big business defending interests of own clubs. " And such should not be at all, yes they and five surnames do not know, only Arshavina of it saw also everything, Lovchev speaks. there Should be a board of trustees which would give money under the decision of specific targets. And professionals " should formulate these problems;. The idea with creation of board of trustees at RFS was seriously considered couple of years back when over the organisation Vitaly Mutko still supervised. But Sergey Fursenko, tells a source " the Spark " in RFS, this initiative has rejected: it would not like to have something in common with business and to divide with it powers. For the same reason Roman Abramovich has a little departed from the Russian football also: If at Mutko it paid Guus Hiddink`s salary after purpose of other Dutch chosen personally by Sergey Fursenko, Dika of the Lawyer, to do it has ceased (according to the interlocutor, the pure salary of the Lawyer in a national team made 7,3 million euro, and taking into account taxes, bonuses, flights and other passed far for 10 million euro). Including therefore after leaving of Fursenko at RFS the huge budgeted deficit and #150 was suddenly formed; in 800 million roubles. But the idea of board of trustees has again found real lines Fursenko in RFS is not present more, and Mutko this idea always was pleasant.

an exit from defeat
Both Lovchev, and Lebedev, and Beletsky agree that chances to win forthcoming elections, despite correct words, at them is a little. " Advantages before other candidates at me are not present, Beletsky from Syktyvkar fairly admits. but also lacks too! I the normal person, I the plowman, am ready to work though 24 hours a day! Yes, sponsors for me are not present. Well also what, these sponsors what for are necessary? That they then to you " fas! " have told, and you how a dog, has rushed on whom will show? No, it is not necessary to me of it. Though, on truth if I will lose I will be upset ".

Igor Lebedev says that would like to see on fast RFS of the fair person but where it to take, if him, son Zhirinovsky, suddenly will not choose. And Evgenie Lovchev advises more attentively to look narrowly at Nikolay Tolstyh. " few times it did unpleasant things: when with Koloskovym struggled also militia connected; when I to it on affairs of the mini - football " Spartaka " came and saw such tsarka which sits also all orders. But in the rest it is unequivocal the best figure from everything that remain. It it has forced clubs of the lowest leagues to make heating of fields, it has forced to clean it from stadiums of a bench and to put plastic armchairs, it it went to Lipetsk to the trainer who has beaten local football players and has achieved its disqualification. It it, eventually, has finished one of few trials with " dogovornjakami " to the logic end. Besides the person it basic: Fursenko that do not agree with transition to autumn - spring has told, the opinion has not changed, and it as a result vyturili. And what Prjadkin has made? It was necessary to Fursenko to leave for a door as it with the friends has accepted changes in a limit on legionaries " Lovchev tells. And to football veterans, Lovchev is assured, at Tolstoys will be respectful. " and that here has taken out last management to Warsaw the Olympic champions on CHE - 2012, and after a match with Greeks has told: we forbid you to speak about a national team badly. Where it suits? " asks eks - the football player. Valery Beletsky on a broader scale suggests to create advisory council on the basis of veterans.

for presidents RFS from Udmurtiya Vladimir Tumaeva all these deals not so - that stir the candidate. " if I suddenly do not win, I will find, than myself to occupy, he tells. further in football I will play, on korporativah to act, for football to propagandise. But if suddenly the future management necessary considers also me to itself for work will take in head to invite, that, and write, Tumaev agrees! Would entrust me any uchastochek, let for a year, let on two, I would try to make something. Instead of it would turn out, itself has left, and it not should to dismiss me. So if that is ready to help the Russian football! "