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The party of Michael Prokhorov has opened in the closed mode

Party eks - the candidate for presidents of Michael Prokhorov " the Civil platform " and " the work Union " Federations of independent trade unions (FNPR) have spent congresses and count on participation in autumn elections. And the Party members excluded from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have declared creation of public association which in the long term plan to transform to a left-wing party.
party of the closed type
Congress " the Civil platform " created eks - the candidate for presidents the businessman Michael Prokhorov, has passed on Saturday in the mode closed from mass-media and without mister Prokhorov. As have explained " " in a press - service of the businessman, it is called by technical character of action, to comment which " " mister Prochorus cannot, as is absent in Moscow. Under the message a press - services, on congress " the Civil platform " There has arrived 121 delegate from 51 regions which have chosen party political council, kontrolno - a revision committee, have confirmed the charter and the program. For its basis the presidential program of Michael Prokhorov is taken. The square, a triangle and a letter " became a party emblem; I " with plus sign. " all it still can exchange at following congress after it will be registered by Ministry of Justice " have explained in a press - service, having noticed that now work on partstroitelstvu will be concentrated to regional level. We will remind, proceeding from the concept of the party declared by mister Prokhorov earlier (see " " from June, 5th), at " the Civil platform " there will be no leader, ideologies, and its number will be limited to 500 lawyers who will carry out technical functions for promotion of candidates on elections. As has informed " " a source in parties, the next congress " the Civil platform " Already with participation of mister Prokhorov and mass-media, it is planned to spend in September.

all supporters understand new model of party and behaviour of the businessman not. " I - that do not worry, and here Alexander Pochinok (eks - the senator from the Perm edge. " " ) called, was surprised, why him have not invited to congress. It seems to me, Prokhorov simply does not want to politicise. Probably, he has understood that it not it, but would be indecent to leave at once " has declared " " Ivan Starikov who was the authorised representative of mister Prokhorov on presidential election. As he said, hopelessness of the project proves to be true also that " the tender for party building has won Rifat Shajhutdinov ". According to mister Starikova so mister Prochorus at a meeting with the supporters has told. Mister Shajhutdinov headed a staff of the businessman when it was the chairman " the Just cause " It was thus criticised by party members for inefficient work.

" if we with Starikovym there have come, simply would waste time. Such there was a concept of construction of party, within the limits of its all and becomes " has told " " mister Pochinok. In its opinion, Michael Prokhorov there is no sense to participate in the congress which member it is not. And the head of fund " the City without drugs " Evgenie Rojzman, on the contrary, has justified absence at congress of mister Prokhorov: " At you work thinking stereotypes. You have got used that on a flag Stalin, Lenin and Marx. But it is party of other type ". According to mister Rojzmana, it knows about occurring on congress, but to share the information it it is not ready: " I do not know, how agreed: to give the information, not to give, not simply so journalists did not invite. There is a good proverb: " to Fools of half-work do not show " ". According to political strategist Evgenie Minchenko, Michael Prochorus continues to concern a policy as to business - to the project in which it is the individual proprietor, therefore and does not consider it necessary to explain something.

trade unions create to themselves a party support
On Friday the party " the work Union " has founded FNPR. Participants of congress became about 160 delegates from 57 regions of the country. Chairman FNPR Michael Shmakov has declared that " trade unions need a political support " also has supported a nominee of secretary FNPR of Alexander Shershukova on fast of the party leader. In its opinion, " the work Union " will express interests of trade-union movement and will take part in regional elections in the autumn. " we plan to be put forward everywhere. If the party does not have time to overcome check in procedure our candidates will go on elections as self-promoted workers " has explained " " Mister Shershukov who has not excluded cooperation with all political forces.

as he said, party financing will be carried out on the basis of membership dues and donations. " the political council has made the decision that the annual payment of the party member will make 500 rbl., offerings " also are assumed; has declared " " mister Shershukov who has underlined that party joining will be voluntary. We will remind that number of members of the trade-union organisations entering in FNPR, makes about 25 million persons.

the senior lecturer of the Higher school of economy Paul Kudjukin considers that FNPR is " unpopular among workers the organisation " and many even " do not know about its existence " though are attributed to it. The expert has noticed that FNPR is a part " the All-Russian popular front " therefore the party will be proimperious, and mister Shershukov " Never went and will not go against a federation management ". We will notice that earlier FNPR successfully co-operated with " an United Russia ". And the first vice-president FNPR, the assistant to the secretary of presidium gensoveta Andrey Isaev declared the parties in power " " that creation of new party will not lead to the termination of cooperation of party and FNPR.

the Former communists unite against the Communist Party of the Russian Federation
On the left flank among set of the political organisations can be allocated " the left communist party " which becomes alternative first of all the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Its future founders while were limited to that have founded multi-region public association communists (IOC), having united those members of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation whom Zyuganov`s party has excluded from the numbers last five years within the limits of struggle with " neotrotskizmom ". In particular, in the Chelyabinsk area 1,5 thousand party members from 2 thousand available, in Moscow and #150 have been excluded; 2 thousand from 6 thousand Party members. " 1700 excluded were included into alternative Moscow branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation " has informed " " the secretary of an alternative city town committee in Moscow Vladimir Lakeev (it is excluded from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in 2010). The new organisation, as he said, included representatives of 15 regions, among them the Yaroslavl, Moscow, Samara, Ryazan areas, the Stavropol and Krasnoyarsk edges, the North Ossetia, Chuvashiya, Tatarija.

the Communist Party of the Russian Federation does not suit founders the IOC with the affinity to the power for what alternative communists blame party leadership led by Gennady Zyuganov. And " the Left front " the IOC does not arrange with the affinity to not system liberals Sergey Udaltsova. Next autumn the IOC will spend conference on which will estimate own possibilities on transformation in " the left communist party ". Co-chairmen the IOC became Vladimir Lakeev, eks - head of the Petersburg city town committee Vladimir Fedorov and eks - the deputy of the State Duma, the former head central kontrolno - a revision committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vladislav Jurchik. The IOC was included Into bureau the former secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Egor Ligachyov.