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On closed air

In Peter the new model of mass state culture, three-clock in this summer is offered. The third step — dispersal dissatisfied with OMON

About OMON  0; I do not think out.

on July, 19th, 2012 in a courtyard of the Mihajlovsky lock (where have killed Pavel I) should sing " in the evening; Iolantu ". It was the festival " the Opera all " an input free, statements are paid gorbjudzhetom and if who never on an opera was, and so chance: go and listen. The remarkable idea rather popular in the world. However for 20 minutes prior to the beginning some hundreds the persons, not had time to get inside (who spoke " all is hammered " who that started up only elite on invitation), began to force out outside, closing before a collar nose, and have forced out, without having found time to condescend neither to explanations, nor to apologies. Even an hour one and a half these people shook by closed shutters Directly as at Eisenstein in " October " (but to take a stronghold it has not turned out, fetters heavy have not fallen), scanned inside " On - zor! On - zor! " sang " Internatsional " (there there were many foreigners, by the way) and " the Marseillaise " and any tenor - the fan proceeded Gottfried`s aria...

the result was such: hour through ones and a half to Mihajlovsky have driven four militian cars, chock-full the gallant children built against old women in bukolkah and other melomannogo of crowd, and avtozak. That there was further I do not know. We with the wife shamefully, on - krabi, sidewise, were washed off: the chance ogresti the penalty or term for the organisation of mass riots or disobedience was real.

however this bravura chord (next day festival organising committee swore that will consider " defects " and " defects " well, did not expect such " flow " and for that waited? However to apologise and have not thought) was not the first note on the score of the scandals which have shaken in Petersburg a season of the white nights.

Has begun with a feast of graduates " Crimson sails ". It has been strongly greased by a rain, show on Palace Square was, possibly, the worst for all years (" Languid sails " typical heading to reports), Ivan Urgant conducted it with is underlined by the sad person. But has put at all in a rain (though imagine the girl on hairpins, in a ball dress, with klatchem and the compound hairdress, becoming wet four hours on end?! Here and to guys it is not sweet...) And that graduates, according to organizers " a concert - a divertissement modular " for a second were not neither participants, nor heroes of action. Here governor Poltavchenko was: has said from a scene of a congratulation from the power. And schoolboys, for the sake of whom all cheese - a pine forest, they as though also did not exist at all. Except as in a mantra " with prrrrazdnikam, darrrrragie graduates!!! " anybody also did not remember them. To guess summary chorus of honours pupils with summary podtantsovkoj dvoechnikov, with laurel wreaths to top the best and, I do not know, to provide foam - party on a case of a rain not - and. The form a front door, a concert summary, executors youth, we have paid, you listen. Forward a march.

in feasts, however, on Peter especially you do not resemble. Variants for viewing " Crimson sails " two. Or at you is invitation then under a rain on Palace. Or be at home before a TV set. Quays, the areas at the bridges, on a broader scale all grandiose city scene there neither screens, nor sound amplification, on a broader scale the fig, and bridges are blocked, as in October 1917 - go: that anybody from those who without invitation, has not broken to Winter...

one more scandal has inflamed in days of the Petersburg economic forum when on reception in the Peter and Paul Fortress krashennye a silver paint of the child represented at an artificial reservoir a scene " blow - blow young a wind " driving on water paper ships. It is idea of very good director both #150; and truth of the master of mass statements Victor Kramer, and scandal has inflamed, because organizers of a party (and on a broader scale " the power ") Began to accuse of operation of children. At once I will tell: I here operation do not see any, participation of children in any " literary - a musical composition " in Day of knowledge here operation has less, and about children sports or ballet it is better to keep silent on a broader scale. In the second action " the Queen of spades " krashennyj a gold paint the boy traditionally represents a live statue of the Cupid stiffen - ka on one place on half an hour with a quiver and an onion in hands!

but scandal has been simply obliged to inflame, because an economic forum one of the actions most abhored by Petersburgers, congress for which time of life to townspeople is not present. This forum, pay attention, it is spent not in February - March when Petersburg is silent and empty also travel agencies consider losses, and in the heat of the white nights when wishing to arrive and so above a roof and a spike. But in a city during a forum movement is blocked, in half of habitual places do not start up, pitertsam frankly advise where - nibud sbryznut not to get at a bar under feet. The mentioned reception, a party in Petropavlovke it after all not simply reception, and feasting on the Olympus (well, or shabash on Brokene) when not that that it is impossible to enter into a strong hold to approach - to approach close to the Hare island it is impossible. Stoppers monstrous. Are malicious all improbably. " yes send you to hell, forumshchiki, yes that you to Neva from a peal! " such is the scandal mechanism, and children on reception have played a trigger role. This lakejsko - lordly feature of a Petersburg forum is especially visible to those who happened at the Russian forum in London (and I happened) where all move by the underground or blek - kebah silently, peacefully, as chicks and ljalechki. Well, London, Europe!

here again should pay your attention to internal similarity of all three scandals.

the First all of them are connected with participation " the authorities " in mass actions (name as want) for which, I will repeat, Petersburg represents an ideal platform with already ready scenery.

the second organizers imagine these actions spent in rate of a waltz, that is on the bill of times - two - three. The first step: we here for you cultural suited something. A step of the second: we come and take a place according to calculations. A step the third: if who without the ticket, that on teeth (though, of course, OMON against operomanov this unique achievement; world nou - hau, we will congratulate Smolnyj).


all to be silent!.

so at us on a broader scale in all and everywhere as soon as the society starts to operate in itself. When organizers of meetings fine that has come not so much people, how much in the demand, it is the same idiocy.

I, in general, have ceased to be ashamed for a long time of that in my country occurs: when has understood that my not so my country. I do not protest at all to itself is more expensive, and only I mutter: about My God, what possibilities profukany, are ruined!. After all any mass street action on opened that is called, air from procession to festival fine first of all that there is no clear boundary between the actor and the spectator. The spectator the same participant, let and in structure mimansa: a part of representation, a tableau vivant.

Sobchak in Petersburg has seen it still in 1990 - h. He tried to transform all Peter into financial capital, left nothing, but it managed another: to make Petersburg a city - a fiesta. When in 1996 - the m after restoration on a spike of the Peter and Paul cathedral has returned an angel, have arranged not a banquet, and grandiose night show when strong hold illumination has flashed, and along the central quays (equipment have specially delivered) music, and not Glier and not Tchaikovsky, and Grebenshchikov sounded. And it could see and hear, that is participate in it could, everyone. It not " the Opera all " where " have underfulfilled " and action from the closed space also have not thought, giving thanks to the technician, to transfer to the opened. Installation initially was another.

and this summer between a forum and " Iolantoj " I was on island Elaginom at festival " Stereosummer " has specially gone to listen to Reginu Spektor. And here there where " the authorities " and " the authorities " was not any all was arranged just qualitatively. On glades there were trampolines, on trampolines children jumped, sponsors distributed laying that after a rain to be arranged on a grass with a basket with food, scooters - skejtery - bikers jumped, wine and music flew like water, screens showed. And what music was, what music played! Pleasures on one million.

in general, mine to you advice: if will see what poster of action open-air which is spent by the private company buy tickets and go.

and if in the poster there will be a line that, type, " it is spent by culture management " run away.