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Four naive questions on new telephone tariffs

we Will remind, since February, 1st new tariffs for telecommunication are entered. And though they operate the second month, at murmanchan till now there are questions on fee of signalmen. Answers to the next selection of questions of our readers are given by the deputy director - the commercial director of Murmansk branch of Open Society " severo - the Western Telecom " Tamara Burjakova.

1. One will cost How much in March vnutrizonovyj a call on Murmansk area?

Since February, 1st, 2007 the flat fare on all vnutrizonovye connections is entered. Without dependence from remoteness of subscribers, cost of calls to any settlement within Murmansk area in a minute of conversation makes:

- at week-days with 08. 00 to 18. 00 - 2 rbl. 50 kop .
- at week-days with 18. 00 to 08. 00 - 1 rbl. 75 kop .
- in target and holidays round the clock - 1 rbl.

Till February, 1st cost of calls in a minute of conversation depending on tariff zones made 75 copeck to 4 roubles of 10 copecks.

2. With what what on a paper it is necessary to pay for detailed elaboration of the bill of local connections 35 roubles is connected, and for reception of this information on electronic mail - 85 roubles? And a leah it is possible to reserve detailed elaboration by means of the letter on electronic mail?

Cost of services which are given by Murmansk branch of Open Society " SZT " pays off proceeding from economically well-founded expenses. On bill detailed elaboration in electronic form and in paper different, therefore and cost various. Besides, cost of detailed elaboration of the bill on the paper carrier makes 35 roubles for 1 sheet of format 4, and on electronic mail - for all file. And to reserve it it is possible by phone 009 (Murmansk) or in the servicing centre in a residence. Demands acceptance for granting of this service is not provided, but such possibility is now considered.

3. Why it is impossible to connect the Internet on ADSL to those subscribers which numbers begin on 3? And when there will be such possibility?

In December, 2006 and in the beginning of January, 2007 really there were problems on Murmansk automatic telephone exchange - 31 on connection of clients to a network the Internet on the non-switchable channel with use of technology ADSL. It is connected with absence free ADSL - ports on the access site. In connection with great demand for the given service Murmansk branch of Open Society " SZT " takes all necessary measures that subscribers have received such possibility. So, on January, 19th on automatic telephone exchange - 31 96 ports have been in addition established. For today almost all of them are sold. Completely to solve a problem it is planned till the end of March, 2007.

4. A leah remains free help service 09?

the List of service phone numbers of Murmansk branch, tariffing not subjects:

09 - the free inquiry on phone number of the subscriber;

8 - 15 - the free inquiry on phone number of the subscriber for Pechengsky area;

009 - the paid inquiry on phone number of the subscriber for Murmansk;

109, 8 - 11 - the paid inquiry on phone number of the subscriber for Murmansk area;

078, 8 - 18 - the inquiry on codes and tariffs;

8 - 14 - the inquiry on universal service;

070 - the Inquiry about reserved long-distance/ an international call;

071 - the order long-distance/ international calls for Murmansk;

8 - 13 - the order long-distance/ international calls for area;

165 - bureau of repair, the inquiry by calculations for Murmansk;

8 - 17 - bureau of repair, the inquiry by calculations for area;

8 - 253 - 2 - 62 - 00 - bureau of repair for the item of Teriberka;

8 - 259 - 5 - 26 - 26 - bureau of repair for the item of Umba;

060, 400175, 400179 - 400199 - it is information - the entertaining channel;

400 - 100, 400 - 151 - a free answerphone of social services;

400 - 160 - the centre of service support the Internet;

400 - 171 - granting zonovogo telephone connection with payment for the bill of the called subscriber;

400 - 170 - an answerphone about tariffs of Murmansk branch;

166 - reception of telegrammes on credit by phone;

150 - help about the goods and services for Murmansk;

050 - help about the goods and services for area;

176 - the centre on work with legal bodies for Murmansk;

400 - 176 - the centre on work with legal bodies for area;

179 - an answerphone about a state of the account.

Asked? We respond!

Why signalmen have attributed to me a debt?

- Some time ago we moved in other habitation and were going to save phone. However, to us could not establish it - as to us have explained, for this purpose there was no technical possibility. But, when to all of us have connected phone have disconnected it literally in some days on the ground that at me any debt with fines has ostensibly collected. I have tried to understand, and have heard from operators that technical problems are guilty. This history repeated two more times - will apologise, will connect, and then again will disconnect How much it will proceed? Could not in Open Society " severo - the Western Telecom " to explain more in detail, paternal it occurs?

Elena Ryumin

Responds the deputy director - the commercial director of Murmansk branch of Open Society " severo - the Western Telecom " Tamara Burjakova:

- Under Elena Viktorovny Rjuminoj`s reference check is spent. It has been established that disconnect of the subscriber has occurred because of Murmansk branch. During absence of telecommunication to Elena Viktorovne recalculation of a monthly fee which will be reflected in the bill - receipts for February is executed. The Murmansk branch makes to Elena Viktorovne of an apology for the caused inconveniences.

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