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All business in a place

an apartment house Site  0; one of the most important factors for correlation of habitation with that or other class. But the affinity of object to city centre is not today the defining parametre.
houses business - and comfort - a class it is an excellent product for the developer concerning its creation. " to build it is easier, than " elitku " (compromises concerning such parametres as a location, transport availability, specific characteristics, an engineering stuffing, the architectural concept), but to sell and #150 are possible; not always. In crisis and doubtful times the choice of a product of a class easily can be made more low, is more rare above, to guarantee faster subsequent liquidity " Elizabeth Konvej, the director of department of inhabited real estate " believes; Colliers International St.-Petersburg ". Now, according to Elena Prozorovoj, the assistant to department of consulting and company Maris estimation | Part of the CBRE Affiliate Network, a share of apartments business - a class and the comfort - a class in the primary market of habitation makes about 10 %.

the Worthy environment
" Difference of one class from another depends first of all on an object site. It is possible to construct the faultless house from the architectural point of view, to establish in it modern systems " the clever house " but if it is constructed in an unsuccessful place to realise it for corresponding money and to appropriate a class " elite " it will be impossible. A set of such parametres as specific characteristics, presence of a parking, walking zones, elements of the infrastructure, a convenient arrangement from the point of view of transport availability and internal equipment of the house influence on klassnost habitation " Vitaly Vinogradov, the director for marketing and sales " speaks; the Leader of Groups ".

Houses comfort - and business - a class build, as a rule, in areas with already developed infrastructure in which the sphere of services is well developed, high systems, there are objects of social value: schools, kindergartens, institutes, hospitals, participants of the market speak. " the important role is played by convenient transport availability in the basic disctricts of the city. Such areas also should have good ecological conditions: presence of parks, reservoirs or enough of green plantings, probably, any special specific characteristics " the general director of Joint-Stock Company " is assured; Ojkumena " the Lion of Gnidenko. With it it agree Anna Korsakova, the assistant to general director AN " Baltros ": " With transition from sealing building to development of new territories in definition klassnosti the increasing value accepts the factor of an arrangement of object. But the object arrangement is defined today not by parametre of affinity to city centre or the underground. Plays a role good transport availability variability of means of communication with area, comfort of area, its security objects of a social and trading infrastructure, the parking spaces, the homogeneous social environment, etazhnost ".

" the Parameters defining an accessory of object of inhabited real estate to comfort - to a class, concern in a greater degree convenience of internal space (raised metrazhnost, re-planning possibility, quality of building materials, etc.) . However the Petersburg market of real estate dictates quality improvement, as to both architectural decisions, and comfort of residing. Today it is possible to say that comfort - the class is presented by various enough offer these are the projects which are under construction in developed areas where the sufficient comfort is interfaced to a successful site " it is assured the assistant to the general director of Open Company " Petrotrest - Real estate " Natalia Tuzhilova.

But the main thing as experts speak, this site buyers business - and comfort - a class, of course, are not so exacting to a location, as in an elite segment. But nevertheless.

According to the classification, accepted the BUZZING, dot under construction objects business - a class can settle down in the historical centre with less exclusive specific characteristics, than in a class elite. Namely In a housing estate of a historical part of Vasilevsky island, Petrograd, Central and Admiralty areas. " for large housing estates these are territories on quays of the specified areas, actually " elite " zones, but at great volume of building not allowing to name such complexes elite. Besides, objects business - a class can settle down in the best clusters in areas of mass building: Moscow (the Near Slingshot and so forth) The Vyborg, Kalininsky, Krasnogvardejsky, Seaside areas. Also objects business - a class can settle down in prestigious suburbs in Petrodvortsovom, Pushkin areas, in green, but not exclusive, zones of Resort area " Olga Trosheva, the assistant to the general director of the consulting centre " speaks; the Petersburg real estate ".

the objects located near to the underground which distinctive feature is the improved furnish of halls and entrance groups concern a segment comfort - a class, various kvartirografija with accent on two - three-room apartments. " Here the site is not so important. It can be local sites both near to the centre, and in the nearest suburbs " Andrey Tetysh, ARINA`S chairman of board of directors speaks. With it Irina Rumjantseva, the head of the centre of sales of objects of new building AN " agree; Itaka ": " The majority of objects comfort - a class has moved for KAD and concerns projects of complex development of territories. It is Devjatkino, Kudrovo, Shushary. Behind these territories the future as approaching for comfort - and business - a class of stains in a city almost does not remain ".

" Anything bad that the house stands up for KAD, no, Vitaly Vinogradov is assured. In it there are pluses, for example, transport availability, presence of parking spaces, possibility to arrange the child in kindergarten, without standing idle in turns. Still a question where it is better to live: in densely populated dormitory area, rather than in the new, modern, competently planned microdistrict outside of KAD. Apartments in such houses are in demand not only because of reasonable price, but also for a reasonable combination of comfortable habitation to favorable conditions for residing ".

On a place " a grey belt "
As places under building in city boundaries practically does not remain, builders were reoriented on complex building and a city began to grow the whole quarters. " it was favourable both to investors realising scale projects, they save on costs, both #150; and to the consumers receiving quite good apartments for reasonable enough prices " Kalashnikov`s Hope, the director for development 1 believes. Besides, it is possibility to create the comfortable environment. " so, in area " the Slav " trading complexes and more than 30 thousand square metres of the commercial premises built in apartment houses are provided four schools, seven kindergartens, adult and children`s polyclinics, an ambulance station, first aid station, a fire brigade, a temple complex, some. Today in area two kindergartens and school already work, the third kindergarten is under construction, the temple works. Building of the first trading complex in which the grocery supermarket will take place is conducted. In under construction quarters in the end of current year will be placed in operation more than 6,5 thousand square metres of the commercial areas where there will be such objects of an infrastructure of trade and services, as drugstores, dry-cleaners, beauty salons, grocery shops of step-by-step availability, the goods for children. That is that comfort in which buyers " are interested; Anna Korsakova speaks.

However as experts speak, now the city authorities have reduced territories given under such building. " There are only perspective reserves territories of the industrial belt, which earth after corresponding preparation can be started up under housing construction. As a result redevelopmenta on a place of depressive industrial territories there can be housing estates comfort - and business - a class " Andrey Veresov, the general director of a network of offices of real estate " is assured; New Petersburg ". " Reorientation of the former industrial zones under habitation very good direction, but, unfortunately, there are too big complexities with documentation reception. The combination of the high prices and problems with the allowing documentation turns out. Though programs redevelopmenta are socially important, this necessary and good business from the universal point of view. It is necessary to deduce from a city the industrial enterprises factory pipes in the form of a landscape behind a window are necessary to nobody. Under condition of reception of the necessary documentation such projects the success waits. At our company some similar projects: these are housing estates " Classics " " the Prime minister the Oriental carpet " and " Columns of Eagles " " Kalashnikov`s Hope specifies.

the comfort price
" The price for square metre strongly depends on an arrangement and a stage of readiness of the house and can vary from 65 to 200 thousand roubles for square metre. Disorder very big as there is no accurate differentiation between houses comfort - and business - a class, therefore projects with different filling can be carried as business, and to comfort to a class " Lev Gnidenko has counted up. " In ZHK " Columns of Eagles " and " the Prime minister the Oriental carpet " the price for square metre depending on the apartment area fluctuates from 78 to 100 thousand roubles for square metre. In specific apartments to 126 thousand roubles for square metre " Kalashnikov`s Hope speaks.

habitation cost in houses comfort - a class more low, than in business - a class, but above cost of apartments in a segment the house-keeper. " according to our analytical service, average cost of square metre in weights - a market makes today 74 thousand roubles at single payment. But if cost " a square " in ekonomklasse makes about 66 thousand roubles srednerynochnaja cost of habitation the comfort - a class fluctuates at a 81 thousand roubles mark. Average cost of square metre in housing estates GDSK makes today 82 thousand roubles " Denis Babakov, the commercial director tells business - units " LSR. Real estate. severo - the West ".