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" To the nearest three - four days about electricity carrying out there can not be a speech "

the Authorities have obtained the data about flooding threat three hours prior to affliction, the head of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev at a meeting with inhabitants of Krymska has informed. This city has most of all suffered from flooding and now practically is not adapted for life. Details to leader Nailju Gubaevu has informed the correspondent of magazine " Money " Anastas Karimova.
you managed To victims to communicate already?

Yes, certainly. We carried today water on the several deluged streets. Now we have bought lot still bottles with water and here again we will go in such some kind of spot-check.

a situation in region what by this minute?

heavy enough. Now, basically, after arrival of the high-ranking visitors here there is more than vanity, it is much more than employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. But all the same in a staff complain that there are no most necessary things, for people there are elementary clothes, no hygiene means. I think that tomorrow all it will gather too forces of volunteers.

today here, on - to mine, Maxim Katz wrote in Twitter that there is no need to go there to volunteers because - that too it is necessary to feed volunteers. How with it of business are?

I, basically, with it agree. It seems to me that volunteers here will go, especially, by cars, days, in it already tomorrow by the evening there will be no special sense. But thus now there is a speech about transfer of a certain sum of offerings which has been collected in Moscow that we here on a place could buy something. We will be at meeting in city administration to find out that now it is necessary first of all.

Anastas, at radio, of course, in comparison with television one minus: We cannot see that there occurs. A rain, spoke, strong it was started over again?

Is not present, actually, today since morning there was such drizzle with large drops, now weather clear enough

And along toward evening said, what again the downpour has begun, is not present?

No, it was in a weather forecast which I constantly checked, but anything such is not present. Here it, on the one hand, facilitates a little bit work on clearing of blockages. But on the other hand, if there will be tomorrow a heat it can aggravate sanitary conditions in a city.

and water has how much descended?

Water has descended considerably. However, in those houses and in those streets where we were, it still knee-deep or even above. But, basically, in city centre already chilly, the centre is on exaltation.

local residents that speak? How they react to explanations of the authorities? Here mister Tkachev left to be explained to the people, has told. To it have believed, have not believed?

Local residents, it is possible to tell, in indignation. Because here these here explanations that it is simple very much great volume of deposits To tell the truth, I monitorila today news, I weigh day it was wound on houses, I heard that all were very much revolted with conversations that it is simple very much a heavy rain to which nobody was ready. It was not similar at all to a rain. People compare it to a dreadful dream when you wake up that huge water stream which knocks out window frames simply rushes into a window of thy bedroom and deluges all. We came into houses, there on dirt level on walls it is visible that water has risen almost under a ceiling. I do not know, the rain that has deluged here and so should be how much strong is critical. Still people are very dissatisfied with a rescue operation which was spent during the first hours after that a deluge. Many people have spent on neskolku hours on roofs. I here communicated with the woman who on a roof of the house has spent 12 hours. Taking into account a rain it is terrible enough and very unpleasant. By rescuers by boats which promised to take away also floated, but thus did not take away, because from them, probably, there were no places.

Tkachev said that three hours prior to the maximum strengthening of a rain already there was an information, said that the siren was. Its people with whom you communicated heard?

Anybody heard nothing, anybody of anything such did not see. I was in Krasnodar territory approximately three or four hours prior to here these all events, I went in the car and switched radio local and on one of radio channels there were no preventions of an emergency situation.

as affairs with meal, potable water, an electricity and #150 now are; such household moments?

catastrophically enough. Houses till now the crude. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures said to me that three - about electricity carrying out cannot go four days to the nearest and speeches, it is unsafe. With water too the big problems because to a waterpipe has got a lot of dirt, it it is impossible to use. Actually, for this reason we today all the day long carried water in five-litre canisters. Now we have gone to Novorossisk because here it is very difficult to get water in such volume, and have brought still a full luggage carrier of a jeep of water.

there have not arrived still cars which in such cases, when there is no usual water supply, come, provide with water drinking?

Perhaps, they where - that is, but I personally did not see anything such. But thus to tell that absolutely inhabitants have thrown, too it is impossible. On a main square there is the meal distribution, any packages distribute to people with pechenjami, on - to mine, there two-litre bottles of water too are distributed. But it all the same does not suffice.

today there was still a message about marauders. Seven persons how much I remember, the police has detained. How now, something speak on this subject?

About mass marauding of speech does not go yet. Those people to whom I managed to communicate local residents, they said that about such cases did not hear, know nothing, did not see. But thus people are afraid to leave the houses and try to be on duty there. Though is there it is impossible those houses in which water has already descended, there it is all the same very dirty, a dirt there it is simple on an ankle.