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The person of the big debt

(RFS) has promised the Russian football union on Tuesday to publish the candidate list on fast of the head coach of a national team. However, as has found out " " at RFS already there is a contract with the known expert Italian Roberto Manchini. The retired president of the organisation Sergey Fursenko has had time to sign it: under this agreement the Italian who has won with " Manchester of City " the championship of England, for six years should earn almost 44 million Situation becomes complicated that in that financial situation, in which mister Fursenko, according to sources " " has left RFS, means for performance of obligations to Roberto Manchini at it simply are not present. And " Manchester of City " apparently, does not want to release the trainer to Russia.
In the past weekend the Russian football union has published on the official site the message that on Tuesday on it the list of trainers, with which RFS " will be published; will begin negotiations about the conclusion of the labour agreement " having specified that " currently any contracts RFS with possible candidates on fast of the head coach did not conclude ". This announcement, undoubtedly, became the answer to a wave of hearings concerning the one who will replace Dika of the Lawyer on fast of the trainer of Russian national team: that he will leave it, the Dutch declared still to failure for it polsko - the Ukrainian European championship.

only for last week in this context surnames several topovyh domestic and foreign experts and #150 were mentioned at once; Valery Gazzayev, Fabio Kapello, Pepa Gvardoly, Chezare Prandelli. Any of news about interest RFS to cooperation with someone from these trainers has not received till now acknowledgement.

Meanwhile a reliable source " " in RFS asserts that already there is a contract for work as the head coach of Russian national team, the prisoner with Roberto Manchini. Mister Manchini who three times has won the championship of Italy with " Interom " and this spring won the first for " Manchester of City " since 1968 gold of English superiority, concerns the most rating football experts.

the contract from the Russian side has been signed by Sergey Fursenko right after loss of Russians to Greeks in the European championship and their departure from tournament. After a week with small mister Fursenko has resigned from fast of president RFS at a meeting with Vladimir Putin.

a source " " has told that " along with even only several people " saw the document made with observance of all legal norms and " signed on each page " and a sign with its details. On it it is supposed that Roberto Manchini will start to work in Russia on July, 15th and will earn pure 7,3 million a year that is approximately as much, how much earned Dik the Lawyer. However surprises unusually long period of validity of the contract it is concluded for four years with prolongation possibility on two, and also severe constraints in which it puts RFS. In it possibility of painless preschedule cancellation is not provided. If on a course of action of contract RFS will decide to leave Roberto Manchini the union should pay to the trainer indemnification at a rate of the full salary for all remained term. And if cancellation occurs now the penalty will make three annual salaries of mister Manchini nearby 22 million

In the meantime from England the information which, as a matter of fact, contradicted the information that Roberto Manchini was tempted with the Russian offer yesterday arrived. Having learnt about interest to it from party RFS, newspaper The Daily Mail has made own investigation and has not found out any signs of that mister Manchini is going to leave " Manchester of City ".

Roberto Manchini has gone with the club entering into number richest in world, on early gathering to Austria. And a press - the command service has confirmed that now he carries on negotiations for prolongation of the contract with manchestertsami on new conditions. It is known that recently heads of club have offered the trainer the three-year contract with annual payment £ 5 million (approximately twice more than it received it before). Mister Manchini has rejected it, having wanted the agreement on bolshy term and the possibility fixed in it actively to influence the transfer policy.

however yesterday in " Manchester of City " apparently, did not doubt that will save the trainer. " we think that within the next few days we will finish negotiations and we will sign the contract " Have assured in a press - service.

according to a source " " the strange situation round person Roberto Manchini has arisen from - that, having signed the contract, Sergey Fursenko who last days is inaccessible to phone calls, has put RFS in extremely difficult situation in such when, maybe, even it is more favourable to refuse in any image arrangements. The matter is that the organisation simply does not have means to pay services of mister Manchini. " As it after all will arrive to Russia not one, and with assistants to whom the worthy salary " also is necessary; the interlocutor " has noted; ".

RFS if to believe a source, it today structure which practically does not have money, but huge about 800 million rbl. debts. They have arisen in many respects from - that Sergey Fursenko during the board has passed as a deposit to the Petersburg bank " Russia " (The largest shareholder Yury Kovalchuk) all commercial rights RFS in exchange for the credit. On its repayment the most part " leaves; enough modest " incomes. The interlocutor has noticed that does not represent, from what sources the salary of Roberto Manchini will be paid in the event that it will really hold a post of the head coach. " and the first tranche should arrive to it already on August, 15th " has informed a source " ".

Exists, truth as the interlocutor has told, a variant that someone from members of executive committee RFS influential and disposing of the big financial resources into which, for example, enter head " Gazprom " Alexey Miller and billionaire Sulejman Kerimov owning club " Anzhi " will decide to pay work of Roberto Manchini or other elite trainer in Russia. " but while, as far as I know, anybody from them has not shown interest to it. But, even if someone will show it, it will mean that it by and large and will be owner RFS (on September, 3rd will take place elections of the new president. " " ), having enormous influence on our football. The normal, knowing the own worth person already for what not begins to stand on fast of the head of such organisation " has noted a source.