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How to buy the qualitative automobile accumulator in Petersburg?

"I and went before exclusively on « the Zhiguli »

I the company Geely after long and difficult

I am not the big expert on cars. Acquisition mine

Responses of owners. Ford Focus

jabrja 2010 by the Izhevsk car factory has been shipped thousand with

The prices for cars grow in Russia till three years

Shinnaja strategy of commands on Grand prix of Belgium

Grand prix of France. Shinnaja strategy of commands

Toyota withdraws on completion of 4 thousand cars of Lexuss sold in Russia

In the world there will be a new stamp of cars

Import of foreign cars to Russia can appear under a ban

Honda decides destiny Super Aguri

Toyota concern withdraws 4,5 thousand off-road cars of Lexus

Bridgestone Blizzak. Both on ice, and on snow

Opel - a choice palette for all tastes

CD-player Clarion DXZ958RMC. The versatile person

Lamborghini represents in Los Angeles Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder

Audi Russia declares the prices for Audi Q7 with new engines

Abramovichs yacht became the reason of traffic jams in Petersburg

Weight yacht Felipe is completely broken

Japanese created new system of prevention of road accident

Classics is immortal!

Renault for carriers

Integrating of efforts

Contrary to habits. Mazda Sport Academy

Optimum combination. ZAZ Chance

The Bavarian roadsters: BMW

Interview to the general manager the manager on foreign sales and marketing Fuji Heavy Industrie.

The fifth stage Russian chellendzha Cup Rotax received the city of Ulyanovsk. About Ulyanovsk kartodrome it is not out of place to tell hardly more in detail. The line, extent of 1340 metres, has been built in 2006 according to requirements FIA.

Antiretro car CITROEN DS3 as the representative of original style, acts official exhibition cars Art de Vivre, being meeting place of the brightest samples of the French design.

"Company "" founder, the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Petrov conducted July Saturday morning in edition. Almost without interrupting, to it listened Peter Menshih and Michael Kolodochkin; Alexander Batyru photographed.

Already today two KamAZa with automatic transmissions carry freights on country roads. Konstantin Zakurdaev glanced under a steering tube and was convinced: instead of a clutch pedal - the equal recreational area.

In November 2009 company of Hyundai Motor came out on top on sales volumes for a month of new cars among import brands.


It is possible to concern differently to rallies-spot-checks, but the Silk way - event for Russia signed. At least therefore, Sergey Zinovev considers that on start there are factory commands.

"Last autumn instead of "Lanosa" in Russia began to sell --1,5, and in the spring besides a sedan appeared also an of the same name hatchback with the motor of 1,3 l. Last became at once, by the way, to the most accessible 5-dverkoj supermini. For many the dream of an automobile owned suddenly became close more than ever...

So, once you dreamt to purchase this car, and now dream to sell it. We devote you in some delicacies of process.

The tree flattened out the car: who is guilty, from whom to collect a damage? Sergey Smirnov disassembled two years tiltings of one business.

"Even simply to sit in present "formula" many consider as improbable good luck. To fly in it on a racetrack - to turn the biography. All racers of the world dream at least time in life to get on the test of "formulas", to make at least a circle... But drives schitannym. I the happy person - passed four circles on "Hungaroring".

"How to spend the big money and to have from it the maximum satisfaction? To depart to an elite casino, to tickle nerves high rates? And can drive is better on new "Mercedes Benz CLS"?

As well as other producers, Citroen, certainly, struggles with sores of the cars... But in a course changes of aircraft attitude appear the new. We try to diagnose model 4.

"Hundreds years Japanese Samurais lived under the code busido. We apply these rules to "Suzuki-Kizashi" and "Subaru-Legasi". After all them integrate not only a Japanese origin, but also relatives on parametres motors, a variator, an all wheel drive. We like east values.

"The vzdyblennyj tsar of animals on an emblem "Peugeot-308" should not be perceived by the driver as caution: do not climb under a cowling - kills.

Already after the first circle the odour zhzhenoj rubbers got into interior Mazda3 MPS. On one of artful descents of a racing line I went too far in gas and felt, how the stomach adheres to a backbone and at all for hunger. We in Lithuania on the Nemansky thimble from Mazda Sport Academy, comprehend motor racing elements.

Innovations, probes, inventions

"Kadzuharu Ichikava, "Subaru": the Car not to create without participation of the person

"Mike ODriskoll, the control director of Jaguar Cars: " Jaguar - not for transport services"

With the world on race