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Toyota RAV4 in a mirror of statistics TUV

The Kursk line receiving the sixth stage of Cup Rotax, does not need special representation. The majority of sportsmen for a long time and well know this kartodrom.

"After sports modification of a city hatchback of "Polo" company "Volkswagen" showed "the off-road" version - «Cross-country of Polo».

If BMW 760 Li to keep clean, it is necessary to wash the surfaces reaching 5212 mms in a length, 1902 mms in breadth (with mirrors of 2134 mms) and 1490 mms in altitude. It in 1,454 times is more than at «Guelder-rose Frets -». On weight these machines differ almost twice. Even if not to remember a twentyfold variance in the price, a

To test a car pre-production model always it is interesting. And if its main propulsor - an electric motor, doubly.

Recently we published a material on a safety increase of driving from the producer of engineering. How much autocarriers are interested in these programs and how to co-ordinate them to the current legislation, in which various regulatory legal acts including a regulating passenger traffic, contradicts often each other?

"Fuel - on selection the Ulyanovsk motor factory (UMZ) «Groups GAZ» began scheduled supplies of modifications gazobenzinovyh engines UMZ-42167 on the conveyor of Gorki automobile factory. Started the serial extension of the updated cars "GAZELLES-business" equipped with two-fuel engines UMZ-42167 and gazoballonnym by the equipment.

Probably, there is for the holder of Lexus obidnee no question, than «as there you Toyota»? Such phrase hardly touches the owner of new Lexus ES 350. Yes, cars are similar structurally, but the sensation of relationship with soplatformennoj Toyota Camry practically is not present

On March, 15th on Red Square Audi cars have been handed over the Russian medallists of XXI Winter Olympic games.

Press conferences of capital officials frequently nonplus journalists: you do not know, on what of them the real information, and when dreams-dreams and plans-plans has been sounded. Messages sound confidently and convincingly, not to check it simply it is impossible. All are initiated, and as a result - on an exit pshik …

Such is a result of ninth stage WTCC which took place on legendary Italian Imola in a weekend on September, 19-20th. In personal offset command Lada Sport won first six points thanks to the two sixth places taken by James Thompson in both races of a stage.

The answer of AvtoVAZ to a material about an airbag in ZR, 2009, ¹2

The second stage of the Formula 2 came to the end with the first points and emergency for Ivan Samarin

"We got used to divide our car industry on two categories: "purely Russian" sector in which domestic models are manufactured, and "foreign" - to it the assembly enterprises of foreign firms attribute. But there are enterprises which are difficult for assigning to one or another. In the conditions of crisis Igor Morzharetto attended to

Our prices for gasoline did not abuse unless the mute. To praise them, seemingly, and it is not necessary.

The State Duma ratified the joint agreement prichernomorskih the states about creation of a ring highway round sea. The road a length of 7250 km reconstructs a legendary Great Silk way - the ancient transport bridge between Europe and Asia. Each country will plot the site for own money, but speed on it constitutes 150 km/h.

The unique Russian pilot acting in a season-2009 on the heaviest racing engineering, shared impressions with correspondent ZR Alexander Kazarinym.

Questions GZR are answered with Roman Hapaev, the main chief executive of Open Company «Red Dragon», exclusive distributor Geely in Russia

"Between Grand prix Vitaly Petrov used a fortnight break for a trip home - within the limits of official visit of a command "Renault F1". It found time and for ZR.

"At the Russian office "Renault" personnel change-overs: as the general director Bruno Anselen is confirmed. Soon after that assignments of interview to it were conducted by journalists "At the wheel". To your attention it is offered the complete version of a material which will be published in ZR, 2010, ¹12

"turingovogo the World championship we calculated for the Portuguese stage to talk to Ivan M?ller - the champion-2008 and the leader of this season. However together with the Frenchman on interview other representatives of a command "Chevrolet" - its head Eric Nev and pilots Robert Haff and Alain Menju came also!

"Trading house "Kama", the general distributor of Open Society "Íèæíåêàìñêøèíà", this year marked the decade. About crisis, the chief executive of Open Company "Trading house" tells about goods and prospects Kama »Rinat Biktimerov.

Still recently buyers were drawn up in turn behind machines, car factories had not time to count up profit - and so quickly all changed! Over the largest enterprises of branch the bankruptcy ghost loomed. What is such and whether it is necessary to be afraid of it, Igor Morzharetto tried to find out.

The big, capacious, functional car, moreover also costs marvellously cheaply. It would Seem, should tear off with hands. However among eminent European and Japanese competitors this minivan somehow got lost. Really all business in an origin?

"The next official from "luzhkovskih" lost the post. The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin dismissed for Vasily Kichedzhi fulfilling obligations of the chief of Department of transport and communication of Moscow. The main Moscow transport worker appoints Nikolay Godunov, the official from the Saratov region.

Juke can exceed success Qashqai.

In good service work not only hands, but also a head. The head of centre of technical expert appraisal argues on priorities in the field of preliminary treatment by us Yury Glumov.

Speak, pickups - favourite transport of Americans. But it appears, in the republic of South Africa to them are pulled not less, and to machines of local assembly. Among them there was a transport and for the football players who have arrived on the World championship. As Alexey Vorobev-Obuhov found out, automobilization reached here

"«Than FIAT of Sedichi differs from" Suzuka SX4 »«? - A good question. If to set to its importers of these cars to Russia («Solers"and"Suzuki»), they answer noncommittally, but not begin to deny that basically it is brothers. There is even a judgement that they are twins as are born on the same conveyor of the Hungarian factory where

We take the sharpened Japanese construction and design, carefully we hash with the quality of the assembly which have become already acceptable, and we season on-kitajski rich with picking and moderate price. Rather unusual salad is received. And a title to it Great Wall Florid

Two tasty proposals at the average a price segment turn a head to potential buyers. That wish - French, butilirovannogo in Turkey? And can, Korean - the Russian flood? The role somele was tried on by Michael Gzovsky.

"The capacious, comfortable, solid and accessible family sedan - such was stored 4-dvernyj “by Megan II” in Russia. The machine which has replaced him on the conveyor in Turkish Bursa, not only bears other name, but also looks absolutely differently. However, nazhivka, on which "Fljuens" dexterously catches the buyer, remained former.

"Seven years ago the first crossover from "Cadillac" in the homeland accepted enthusiastically. Here in Russia, alas, did not value the machine. For the prestigious brand its interior seemed too plain, road performance insufficiently refined, and the engine supped gasoline buckets. Founders SRX of second generation tried to consider h

"Fifteen years ago "Megan" of the first generation behind effective appearance hid an ordinary landing gear of out-of-date "Renault-19". After seven years “Megan II” shocked public with a calling stern and subdued the highest level of security. On what chart founders of the new model which sales started in the end of spring put?

"The ancestor of a genre of hot hatchbacks "Volkswagen-golf GTI" past year was renovated. Vadim Nikishev selected to it as the contender of the representative of a new wave of "Mazdu-3 MPS». George Sadkovas photo.

Recently to own the car or a motorcycle becomes at us, to put it mildly, it is burdensome. The state increased a lath of the transport tax, customs payments, tolls on check in, and the prices for gasoline do not please. But this year one more innovation which anyhow concerns all avtomotovladeltsev is scheduled: in September the new T

In Great Britain the first tests of the international Formula 2 took place.

The family man encumbered with uncountable economic cares, of course, does not purchase the similar car. But interest to it hides hardly. Everyone would like to return to youth, and it is even better - to delay her.

«Klio of Renault Sports» (so abbreviation RS is deciphered) - last hot hatchback Vklassa with the atmospheric motor of great volume. But it not its unique feature.

"Both that and another in Russia it is far not beginners. However recently in life of each of them there were serious change-overs, and is exclusive to the best. Past June "Sid" according to sales was closely selected to parametres of two-year prescription when the market was on a pique, and for 308th last month it appeared even more

"In 2011 on "Avtoframose" in Moscow, except "Logan" and "Sandero", start to assemble inexpensive crossovers "Renault-Daster"

"The first SUV in the history of the Romanian brand "Dachija" with success is presented in Geneva.

"The log-book name "At the wheel" was received by one of turning movements of "the Smolensk thimble» - the sports line of the European type first in Russia. To leave the autograph on turn Peter Menshih in the company with the aristocrat from the world of a car "Maserati-Gran Turizmo S« and the sportsman «Audi-R8 5,2 FSI kvattro» prepa

Capital of Korea you will not call as a city of contrasts. A usual megacity-new building: concrete, glass and tens millions inhabitants. But, perhaps, anywhere before it was not necessary to meet so much youth. Complete impression that in streets of Seoul of boys and little girls many times over more than their parents. It is no wond

For what to prepare to the holder of Opel Corsa, at running of 100 thousand in km.

"To regiment seven-seater vsedorozhnikov arrived - meet "KIA-Mohave". The direct competitor - "Honda-pilot" became the main opponent of "Korean" in the test. Intrigues in dispute of these horsies from metal were added thoroughbred by «a Lend-Rover of Diskaveri»: can, it outrides both?. In an anticipation of serious races on proving gr

In warm days especially it would be desirable to get out somewhat quicker of an underground and to sit for a car control surface, as though we were called to inverse by the city authorities and ecologists. The budgetary proposal of a season - Renault Sandero at last at dealer shops. What beginner against competitors? Michael Gzovsky

"Domination on sales of the Russian cars in our market is threatened with the native of Ukraine. Threatens?. The duel of hatchbacks of "Harmony-guelder-rose" and "ZAZ-CHANCE" were organised by Denis Arutyunyan. George Sadkovas photo.

"Machines of old design school are is usual not too labour-consuming in servicing. Whether "Skoda-Fabija" follows this kind tradition?

This machine - as if a mouse: it is foreign inconspicuous, but efforts supplies. What and it is however frequent, Igor Kozlov found out.