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Russia should transfer completely to the gasoline, conforming to requirements of Euro III, since January, 1st, 2008, however terms are transferred already the third time. It seems that not last. Why it happens, Igor Morzharetto tried to understand.

"Army "Volkswagen" soon replenishes with series models blue-e-motion. It is easy to guess that the letter e indicates the electric drive.

Its founders of Gottlib Daimler and Wilhelm Majbah called the first-ever motorcycle Reitwagen - «the Vehicle for riding». Alexander Vorontsov compares innovations of 2010 in a class of tourist machines.

"While it very few people saw, but all about it heard. The new model of AUTOVAZ is expected in the end of the year: VAZ-2190 "Grant", a result of project Low cost («lou kost», low cost).

Bright appearance does small machines appreciable, manoeuvrability allows to work wonders. We get acquainted with compact cars.

New French lemonade though is called in an old fashion, looks even more appetizing, than before. What on taste this soft drink ground in so colourful bottle?

Opel-Meriva of new generation invites to glance in the private world through absolutely unusual rear doors. Pavel Leonov did not refuse so curious capability.

Official photos

Winter pokatushki on lungs enduro for a long time became a commonplace - such engineering should be all-weather. Here we also thought - and why not to test vpryskovuju Yamaha WR250R in winter conditions?

"It is a bomb! Naive kolobok "Spark" - in the recent past only restyling "Matiz" - showed miracles of cunning and withdrew magic a mask whether at hero Jim Kerri, whether at its dog of Majlo. Oh, mother fair, Hollywood rests …

In three leading commands of pilots do not share on the first and second. By the season end such equality can lead to conflicts which are capable to affect championship outcome. Intracommand relationships were traced by Sergey Zinovev.

"Nikolay Mordovtsev departed to the next business trip at the wheel most small "Mercedes" - a truck - "Vito". George Sadkovas photo.

"Clever or beautiful is not only about women, but also about the most popular in Russia "Logan". Agree, choose budgetary "Renault" for anything you like, but only not for appearance. And here the hatchback on its base was received absolutely by another. It at first sight. And what on the second?

In November corrections to Traffic regulations come into force - any driver has not the right to pass by this main thing for competent driving of the document.

Globalisation inevitably influences cars - many in appearance and characters are as like as two peas. But there are also exceptions.

"The Internet teems with disputes on a theme of reliability "Ford-focus". Arguments of the parties were listened by Igor Kozlov.

"Even after six years after a premiere it remains hardly probable not to the most effective in "golf" - a class. And it is that case when beautifully does not mean expensively. After all in secondary market S4 aloud is cheaper than almost all schoolmates. We try to understand why.

What general at a World Cup on football and legendary the 24-sentry of race in the French Le Mans? Parallels are conducted by Vadim Krjuchkov.

"«A harmony 4?4», more known in the homeland as "Niva", underwent second for the life of significant update. Advantages of the renovated machine were valued by Sergey Mishin.

"For five years in Russia it dispersed more than in 50-thousand circulation, becoming at us to the most popular European supermini. Not surprisingly, as in the secondary market the machine of the fourth generation (in firm tables of ranks "Korsa-D") is presented widely enough. And costs completely not cheaply. Buying trehletku, will b

New Lexus GX460, as well as other representatives of it concerning young, but extremely noble family, prefers to all other subjects of clothes expensive costume. However, unlike glamour all-wheel drive relatives whom bad weathers on a case made secure only galoshes, GX460 at once got into rubber boots.

"In "turingovom" the World championship now only two factory commands and five factory racers. These change-overs are how much significant, Maxim Volnov values.

"While leading world manufacturers manufacture all new and new models on the market, "UzDeu" smartens up the old woman "Nexia". It is popular. Whether not therefore, what is reliable, unpretentious and well studied by mechanics?

It was accomplished! GAZ seriously undertook marriage eradication, and not in words, and in practice. Russia mind, can, and not understand, but the certain logic you will not refuse. Paradox after all - the country with the semipoor population recognises only expensive things, including cars. Projects with the cheapest cars in Russia

"From the moment of organisation of this World championship the title among brands three times got to BMW, then twice - to SEAT successively. This year the epoch "Chevrolet", seemingly, came, Sergey Zinovev considers.

For one hundred with superfluous years of existence of motorcycles on a light there were not so many present hits, and each of them is worthy places in a pantheon of time. And at krezanutyh tjuningerov there is a icon - Yamaha V-Max.

"Known name, severe appearance - unless it is possible to concern to such car lightly? But Denis Arutyunyan, being rolled on renovated "Mitsubishi-colt", remembered heroes of childrens fairy tales and cartoon films. George Sadkovas photo.

"The group of companies "Independence" successfully finished 2009

"East character has an effect: small "Korean" silently works and in any way does not express displeasure.

"From the first attempt it managed over what competitors fight for years. Here only, seemingly, founders of "a national sedan” and are not too glad that their child was received so successful.

Fantastic bazhovskaja a horsy though and not the leader of ratings, but kiddies love it and respect. Why? Yes because it high-power (the earth shivers, trees bend), kind, trouble-free and beautiful. Not otherwise, Japanese created Suzuki SV650 under impression ­ of Russian fairy tale.

"The lost. As so juicy epithet the Automobile factory of a name of Lenin Komsomol was called not aby by whom, and capital town governor Yury Luzhkov. The factory on the Volgograd prospectus where throughout tens years assembled popular "Moskviches" in the people was gone, say. However, in this case the mayor appeared is not absolutely

The first stage of the experimental program of salvaging of old cars came to the end. On a site of Minpromtorga the numerator stiffened on a mark in 200 thousand certificates. But, fortunately, the second stage there and then began.

"In road accident with participation of so-called "untouchable" representatives of a society, as a rule, guilty there are mere mortals. And quite often it is victims, and frequently and victims in the same road accidents. And while there is no even a hint that the situation will change and who will change it …

The big, well equipped seven-seater versatile person with high-power enough motor and all for a half-million? Yes after all it is incarnate dream of any calculating family man. Anyway, at first sight.

"Till now À5 bought more likely for the form, instead of functionality - whence to it and to undertake at expensive two-door coupe? The five-door version, on idea, should add prestigious "Audi" a rationalism shred. And what in practice?

MTPL helps suffered to obtain six years compensation after emergency. Or does not help - happens also such. But most of all censures calls that the paid sums do not cover consumptions on repair. In the discontent reasons Sergey Smirnov understood.

"The slogan from "Nissan" commercial to the full concerns and to servicing effort "Tiidy".

Mark Uebber against Sebastjana Fettelja, Lewis Hemilton going on Dzhensona Battona, - partners by command fight with each other, as if sworn enemies! To commands it quite often to the detriment, and for spectators - that is necessary, is believed by Maxim Volnov.

Independent consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) after Association of the European business (AEB) held press conference following the results of a year, telling about world tendencies and about a situation in the Russian market of passenger automobiles.

Plugs force to reflect on a two-wheeler even the most inveterate motorists. But so it would not be desirable to leave a box-automatic machine, a cushioned seat and music! To change itself a business class sedan the maksi-scooter is ready.

Matiz-club on the Internet: it is grounded in 2004, includes about 27 000 users, on a site - 358 000 messages. The address: From the active participant of a forum Sergey Chuprakova (Sereno) interesting councils came some - they are useful to holders and other machines.

«The girl crossed me and what for marked a contract copy with a red felt-tip pen» … About the adventures in Venezuela remembers Emil Prohorchev.

Two weeks Argentina and Chile enjoyed the big races. It was possible to call their winners in advance, Sergey Zinovev considers.

"The first 500 copies of the Chinese sedan "golf" - a class, assembled since March at factory in Cherkessk as if were diluted on Russian spaciousness. About "Solano" did not hear, it not vidyvali though in China the machine is sold already almost by two years, truth, under other title - model 620. It is banal enough sounds, isn that

Today all the day it is painted on minutes. At first we go to a temple of thousand Buddhas is kilometres 80 from Seoul, then we lift the machine on a mountain streamer on road calling in in one more tourist place of interest - the French village, we are then put forward in national park of entertainments of Everlend.

The car is on sale with three body types, three petrol motors in four pickings. Öeíà from 525 900 to 765 900 roubles.

The car is on sale with two body types, three petrol engines, five main levels of equipment.

"In Russia sales of hybrid cars from "Honda" and "Toyota" should begin. Eka nevidal, someone tells, after all with such power unit it was possible to purchase "Lexus" both year, and three back. But the matter is that RX400h and LS600h - only toys for rich fans of fashionable innovations. And "Insajt" and "Prius" Japanese in public cal

The stage of the championship of Russia on new autodrome «Nizhniy Novgorod thimble» with a notebook and the camera in hands was visited by Yury Tyurin.