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On March, 1st in the Russian showrooms KIA Motors appears new KIA cee’d

Sonata c the 274-strong motor and Hybrid Blue Drive

"The winner of competition "City enchanting spectacle" won the long-awaited prize in dealer centre «ROLF October».

"From October, 2010 till March, 2011 each reader of the log-book "Moto" receives chance to benefit a prize.

In embraces of snowdrifts and a winter icy cold the summer seems such far … And actually it is closer, than you could assume!

Whether it is possible to consider pertinent a diesel in a compact hatchback with sports ambitions - or it all the same is strange? The answer was searched by Dmitry Fedorov. A photo of the author.

New generation Explorer showed to dealers in the USA

With the advent of crossover Countryman of sale MINI in Russia can grow several times

"Terminated it is time a growing of editorial "FIAT-ALBEA", and together and childrens sores receded.

Even more close to an ideal: Audi improves audiosystems hi-fi

Peugeot Citro?n group PSA signed the agreement with the European investment bank about obtaining of the credit at a rate of 200 million euro. These means will be directed on financing of a development programme of technologies of hybrid automotive industry.

Today in British Silverstoune started the first stage of the Championship the Formula 2.

To learn the car as it is possible is better, on it it is necessary to pass as much as possible. On Peugeot Boxer we for three days passed more than one and a half thousand kilometres, and travelled both with freight, and with passengers, and empty.

Precipice or take-off-2

«Honda» reports the aircraft control stick Motor that on March, 27th in interiors of official dealers of Honda in Russia start sales of renovated Honda CR-V 2010 of modelling year.

Cumulative world sales of Honda Jazz (in some markets izvestnen as Fit) reached 3,5 million cars.

On July, 28th, 2010 in Moscow 44 session of club of heads of car business AUTOBOSS on a theme took place: «Management of 21 centuries! Secrets of control of a car business from won crisis».

"“Eh, to it to an all wheel drive yes AKP …” - not sighed one year admirers small, but to very talented "Suzuka". Today, together with planned restyling, the dream absolutely unexpectedly became a reality. To complain now remains unless concerning the price label …

"One sat in "Audi-A6 Olroud", another - on "Volvo-HS70". Also went on a snow virgin soil.

"Decent road gleam, but drive gear only front, thus cars absolutely small. In a city such kit should have just right: on a kerbs you will climb, on a tight court yard proshchemishsja, and suffices - terry impassability in megacities usual does not happen. We look that else, except the compact sizes and "elation", can interest us

On December, 17th the court approved the business plan on re-structuring and an overcoming the crisis of the Korean company of SsangYong Motor Company.

TAGAZu can prohibit sales Ñ-100, created on the stolen drawings of Chevrolet Lacetti

Dead souls

For participation in parade on May, 9th in Nizhni Novgorod

Within the limits of the Moscow International Motor show, from August, 25th till September, 5th 2010, in MVTS «the Expo Crocus» company CITROEN, for the first time to Russia, presents kontsept - penalties GTbyCITROEN.

To the most small Audi, as well as all models of this brand, it is inherent technical and aesthetic perfektsionizm. À1 made its very accessible.

It appears, the Russian drivers know not all that there are electronic righting systems. From those who knows, many not so understand, what for it is necessary to them, and from those who understands, not all presume to itself purchasing of the car with ESP. And meanwhile firm Bosch this year marks the 15 anniversary of the first rig

Our person, visiting Europe, with delight tells, how it is exemplary there motion is organised: impress, for example, the bands retracted for a public transport and a taxi. In the majority of countries they are separated by nothing remaining bands, however - here that especially strikes - at drivers and the thought does not arise on

To watch Le Man on TV the same, what to listen to Semenovich on the radio - boringly. Where it is more interesting to be inside. Conducting days on a thimble of Sarte, you understand is much better, why this race consider great and set of world champions aspire to participate in it.

"The trilogy, part the first: Experiment with the friend. Participants of experiment - two. The first is new, 156-strong "Peugeot 4007" with a 2,2-litre diesel and the automated 6-step gear box with double hooking DCS (Dual Clutch System). Second - my old friend and colleague Vladimir Solovev. In language of cars - it can all - in the

Honda - by right concern «the number one»: even in economically heavy 2009 it has been assembled 15 million units of motor-engineering. Besides - for the first time Japanese rushed into purely American sector of the market, manufacturing a new chopper.

So, we again before painful selection: to purchase the new car easier or to threaten on more prestigious, but advanced in years, with an age short wind and not quite clear costs not treatment?

Volvo HS90 Black Edition - is created to win

Open Company «PORSCHE RUSSLAND« company presents Porsche Service Clinic program.

In what a success secret? «Be easier - and to you will be pulled …» That is it is necessary to become closer to the people - and to the earth. Both these aspirations are personified by new model of company Harley-Davidson XL883L SuperLow.

"Machines "Renaults F1" - in in the lead group of royal races. Vyacheslav Subbotin saw, where, who and as creates these unique creations.

At times it seems that conversations on a practicality of Japanese it is no more, than bajki. About what, sorry, thrift speech when only one and a half years ago renovated RAV4 again gets under restyling? To earth some millions it very much in Russian... Or in Japanese?

Than the holders of business choosing cars for corporate park are guided? The obvious answer - the economic feasibility which is beaten down from the single prices of purchasing a plus cost of operation.

"Today, on May, 19th, 2010, in factory territory «Hyundai Motor Manufakturing Rus» ("HMMR") in St.-Petersburg solemn ceremony of test starting shtampovochnoj lines took place.

22 days prior to World championship start on football FIFA 2010 company of Hyundai Motor Company is ready to grant some hundreds cars for land transportations within the limits of the largest world sporting event in Southern Africa, including buses for all 32 teams - participants.

Model 2010 on sale in the North America

Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 diary: On activity - with a spark

All began that to me got strongly divided Chinese four-stroke 50-kubovyj the scooter. To repair it there was no sense, and I reflected that with it to do.

Scrambling for ecology resolutely brought motor-car manufacturers an attention to the question on transfer of cars on alternative power sources. We try on, the serial electromobile first in Europe, as the holder.

It is the most difficult to go by it sedately and accurately. And still he is hard for abandoning. It not only style of the car, but also a way of life which Sergey Kanunnikov tried to like.

There is such machine - the Bug. Volkswagen K?fer, Old Beetle - the first, and remained the most mass, the car of a construction of Ferdinand Porshe. There are such people who adore old Zhukov. It is a lot of them. Also there are such people who have a Bug. Them it is significant less, than the first, and they call themselves zhukovo

The big sedans of a business class love for comfort and solidity, sport cars respect for a speed. It is received, what city cars of class B are valuable only the compactness meaning convenience of a parking and sparing price list? Yes, unconditionally. But not only. Sometimes and supermini appear not that whom seem.

"If to ask the automobile traveller for the sake of what it is ready to drive the crew - whether it be autotent, a caravan or the autohouse - to the other end of the world instead of easy resting on a Turkish beach, he sincerely does not understand you. Such "dull" adherents prepared in July of this year on the bank of lake Vselug - t

At computer games and motor racing much more general, than it seems at first sight. In both worlds, real and virtual, there was the Alan Enileev.

«Yesterday on five, but very big …», - to explain sense of this phrase at us it is not necessary. In the field of cars it means, if to us promise the accessible prices for them, means again will be on Zhvanetsky - «and today on three, but small».