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Differently there are relations of people and motorcycles. One days sit on the Internet, without knowing, what to choose, others search for particular model. I simply purchased a motorcycle. Saw and understood that I do not can to turn away indifferently any more from it.

Continuing to probe, on what suffices the motorist of one thousand roubles, Evgenie Borisenkov found out, how much tyres it is possible to repair for this sum.

Kontsept a business class sedan shows new technologies

The world premiere armoured XJ Sentinel on the Moscow international motor show 2010

Mini Countryman - logic development of present gamma of the brand. Recently our clients even more often stated wishes about more capacious cars with a high road gleam and an all wheel drive. We decided to meet them.

SOLLERS declares the beginning of deliveries of cars under the new contract with Federal Agency of work and employment of the Russian Federation.

"The group of companies "ROLF" reports about Sergey Scherbinins assignment by the Main Chief executive (Chief Executive Officer) Retail subdivision of the Group of companies "ROLF".

"Production subdivisions of a unified technological chain "KAMAZa", including the main assembly conveyors of cars and engines, finished fulfilment of the June plan.

"If on sedans Polo effected in Kaluga as "automatic control unit" the hydromechanical aggregate on hatchbacks delivered from abroad robots DSG are installed exclusively is used

Still recently Chinese autobuilders simply patterned the cars of other brands lifted (and sometimes and is not present) from production. Now the companies from Heavenly Empire develop new models self-supporting, hiring for this purpose the best foreign specialists. Such way creates, for example, compact sedan Chery M11. What was rece

Promptly the most romantic and most passionate holiday - the Valentine day comes nearer. Company AVTODOM, official dealer MINI, passionately congratulates the numerous friends enamoured in MINI, and declares a special offer for those who is ready to infect with the love of all associates.

Do not miss a sure gain!

For interested persons it is significant to spare on kuzovnom repair of the car, company BLOCK prepares the special program.

Cargo insurers have a just cause to demand due payments. And to receive?

Phillip Varen (Philippe Varin), chairman of board of directors PSA Citroen Peugeot, and Ksju Pin (Xu Ping), chairman of board of directors Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited (DFM), declared that the companies are in process of reinforcing of partner relations within the limits of joint venture Dongfeng of Peugeot of Citroen Automob

C on July, 1st the Ulyanovsk car factory serially effects off-road car UAZ Patriot Sport. Whether inherited the car talents of 469th model, journalists checked on the present tank proving ground in Moscow suburbs More detailed a dislocation asked not to uncover

Peugeot Russia suggests to gain Peugeot 308 of the Kaluga assembly till July, 31st 2010 within the limits of the program of salvaging and to receive a double discount - 50 000 roubles within the limits of the state program and 50 000 - in a gift from the company.

The new chapter in the history of Peugeot

On November, 27th in club Garage personal photo-exhibition of popular leading radio MAXIMUM of Dmitry Telnova took place. As measure partners the Russian club of holders MINI and company AVTODOM, official dealer MINI acted.

Peugeot company took the second place by results of polling of dealer networks for the purpose of determination of an index of satisfaction of the Russian autodealers by activity of the largest automobile brands.

"Mazda3 Debuted in 2003. The model tried on on itself at first a body a hatchback with the engine 1.6, there was a sedan with the same motor a bit later, in 2006 the model underwent restyling. "Hot" hatchback Mazda3 MPS of the first generation was issued in 2006.

"Compact electromobile in a class "premium"

It would seem, to accustom in any car as easier, how to read the book. But in this case, to understand the machine, seemingly, not to do without technical encyclopaedias. Having armed with special reading matter, with renovated by BMW-H5 Denis Arutyunyan got acquainted.

"Red November set in! In honour of the Great October Socialist revolution Toyota a Center Kolomna and Toyota a Center Pleasant declares "Maximum prices"!

"The credit-insurance agent working as a part of Retail subdivision "", implemented in activity of departments of insurance of dealer centres of the company unique program Pronto X (Pronto Iks). It represents the automated system of sales and tracking of insurance contracts. Delivery and system introduction were executed by Joint

What can look more abruptly healthy technical nakedness of the machine? That extensively cylinders, radiators and other gears vigorously stuck out! And the motorcycle is in general techno-nudizma implementation, a sculpture in metal - ribs outside. On the contrary, somebody will necessarily be secured with a cowling, vopija: about

"This year we celebrate anniversary: 40 years ago the first VAZ descended from the conveyor 2101. Circular date the successor of legendary "copeck" celebrates also VAZ 2105 manufactured, by the way, to this day. Remembering those far times, we decided to organise the unusual comparative test.

No, I understand that it is a nonsense! However the fact remains: overcoming about 15 thousand in km at the wheel Renault Logan, I stay in condition well if not surprised delight complete moral and physical satisfaction it is exact.

The Russian market of the Chinese cars extended at the expense of new model - Haima 3. Get accustomed, reminds nothing?

Picnic - ah, what tempting picture draws imagination at the mention of this word! Rest in a nature environment under sonorous shchebetanie birds and clearing up appetite a brazier smoke... But each time, choosing a route, the automobile owner asks a question: whether damps plans a sudden shower? And the main thing - whether exports i

The airplane hardly concerned an ice-covered band of city airport Naryan-Mar as cogs morzjankoj started to tick Michael Zhvanetskys known monologue: There though something interesting is? - You that?! Same Naryan-Mar!. It appeared, is: at least, since 1997 when in a mouth of the frozen river Pechora for the first time took place c

Since January, 1st, 2010 the distributor of cars of Uz-Daewoo in Russia declares raise of consumer prices.

Visiting at the Czech stage Intercontinental Rally Challenge, Vadim Nikishev not only became the witness of scrambling in a perspective series, but also was transferred to the past.

The supermarathon finishing four decades ago, became one of the most successful for our racers for all history of domestic motor racing.

And again a double victory: Audi cars the fifth consecutive time receive a rank the All-wheel drive car of year at once in two nominations.

Old acquaintances, but the cars which have thus just descended from the conveyor - a hit of a crisis season. And at buyers selection is richer, and the seller, as usual, not in insult.

"1 the Internet club of holders of "KIA-spectrum" is grounded in 2006, includes about 5000 users. The club motto: we Communicate, we live, we are advanced!. Internet address: Councils in edition were sent by the manager of club Sergey Skok (at a forum - Killer999).

Renault electromobiles are accessible to the prebooking in Europe

Motor-car manufacturers exchange shares

"It made the namesake of the well-known Brazilian city in whom annually takes place a world famous holiday. The temperament coincides? The spirit of a carnival in updated by "KIA-Rio" was searched by Yury Timkin. George Sadkovas photo.

The company Nissan the aircraft control stick Motor declares the beginning of sales of renovated Infiniti EX.

"Both "Ford", and "Subarus" do not hide the sports successes. But if Impreza WRX STI - a flesh from a flesh rallikarnoj Focus RS was received marvellously by the ring. Vadim Nikishev was convinced of it during the test for a racing line. George Sadkovas photo.

The Russian automobile dealers highly appreciate level of cooperation with Audi Russia and adjudge the companies the higher ball in the fourth consecutive time.

Night Seoul eyes of expedition KIA: the American soldiers and Russian tourists in night clubs start up free of charge and without turn.

Ford Ranger pickup endured planned renewal, and concerning the prices the plan is exceeded hardly probable not with Stakhanov diligence - the base version costs henceforth almost one million roubles.

Site CHTK can hang in mid-air

The loaded contender of BMW M3

In the end of September, 2010 of Jaguar Club Russia conducted the next club running Moscow - St.-Petersburg.

Three editorial cars, working side-by-side, almost simultaneously ran 60 000 km. It allowed an occasion to publish a selection of operational records and to make some generalisation.

Ideas, as it is known, are in the air. And someone necessarily invents an innovation the first. Remaining are forced to buy from the author the right to use the invention... Or simply to steal an idea. Plagiarism meets not only in the literature and art, it prospers and in automobile life. That it for the phenomenon and as with it st