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The Korean cars on many consumer qualities closely came nearer to the best samples of world car industry. To that, in particular, concerns VW Golf, which we took for a point of reference to find out, how much successful in every respect Hyundai i30 is capable to compete to the legislator of standards of a compact class.

The company «Bohemia the Motor», entering in the Group of companies the Auto world, hurries to report about the beginning of action of the new credit program.

The invitation came to edition on «test drive oldtajmerov Skoda brands». To sit for a control surface of a live legend - not every day such unique capability is granted! We fly to Prague …

To opening of 80th Showroom in Geneva (on March, 4-14th, 2010) Volkswagen brand manufactured the new appendix for iPhone. With its help it is possible to see last innovations of the brand of Volkswagen. The useful and informative appendix under title Geneva Salon 2010 can be downloaded free of charge in Internet store AppStore since

What to do, that the insurance company did not refuse payment

In Monza there passed the first race of the third stage Formuly-2. Scrambling was toughened: contrary to expectations, there were many emergency incidents, race left 4 pilots (Clarks, Kovalska, Ibragim, DeMarko).

"Detailed maintenance prolongs life not only to the car, but also the holder. HUNDRED Moscow dealers of "Mitsubishi" how much responsibly approach to it, Igor Teremenko found out.

"Behind this "Cruises" radiator grating diesel heart disappears. Whether its rhythm is probed?

The holder of this car does not ask an immemorial question that is better, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or Subaru Impreza WRX. It has both machines, and tuning. About Evo we tell then, and today about Subaru …

Sinkage in the past with together with Rolfom

Eight world premieres of Hyundai on the International showroom in Geneva

Ivan Samarin became the seventh.

Ivan Samarin typed points and was fixed on the tenth place of general offset.

Company SOLLERS opened a new transportation line between South Korea and the Russian Far East

"Machines are handed over prize-winners of "Grand prix" At the wheel 2010»

New Concept Coupe it is presented in Detroit

Honda Motor company starts in Europe the project «Live Every Litre» («Live each litre») - the innovative project in which frameworks the film with participation of the real people making improbable travels will be created.

"The bananovo-lemon tie "Peugeot 107" is visible from apart - it seems that in our northern latitudes the sun ray was punched. To the driver too it is joyful: it easily dives into slots of infinite city plugs accessible only to it and impudently parks there where a pair vsedorozhnikov leave to itself a distance for departure - usual a

Toyota pristanovila sales of an off-road car of Lexus GX 460

Toyota arranged presentation renovated Highlander at us in Russia. We value measure, the car and prospects.

Lexus GX 460 righting system will be updated

"Price reduction on commercial cars of Volkswagen in "Germanike"

The prime minister of Volvo S60 Concept on a Week of a fashion in Moscow - a capability to glance in the future

"«The group GAZ» declared the beginning of the serial extension of updated car "GAZELLE-business" with diesel engine Cummins ISF. Now the company offers easy commercial cars with a complete rule of engines.

On a bench of the Ulyanovsk automobile factory on the Moscow International Showroom new off-road car UAZ Patriot Sport will be presented.

Superpenalties and kontsepty 2010

Whether to knead a mud, whether to raise waves … And can, is better not risk and not leave for limits of city line?

Special offer on VW Tiguan and VW Touareg.

Since July, 1st, 2010 Christian Kremer, the President of BMW Group Russia, heads affiliated company of concern of BMW Group in Italy - on one of the most strategic markets for BMW Group concern in Europe. With positions of the president of BMW Group Russia of Christian Kremer replaces Peter Kronshnabel (Peter Kronschnabl), earlier he

"Forty-year experience of extension and operation of VAZ "classics" constituted a huge share of publications in circulations "At the wheel" for the same period. The thirty-year experience 2105 did not introduce VAZ to this picture of basic changes

The unique car has been made quattro GmbH under the special booking of the client of Russia.

"On the Russian market there was "Renault-Stsenik" of the third generation. We get acquainted more close with the descendant of the ancestor of a class kompaktvenov.

As it is known, miracles does not happen, but … The more close New Year the to check in a fairy tale easier. And the company «the Car Hansa» hurries to declare the beginning of action of rather fantastic proposal!

New Citroen C3 strongly succeeded in quality, human engineering and comfort, and, contrary to a general tendency, is not become larger than the previous.

The eighth generation of 4-door Honda Civic was issued in 2006. Since then about this car it has been told much - as from the point of view of engineering, and operation. We join discussion and we.

In Russia begin production of French model popular in Europeans. To sum up accumulated ZR the information on it Sergey Kanunnikov undertook.

To us which year promise that the planed network of paid highways is capable to change habitual life of motorists in a root. But while in a category of the paid translate only most brisk sites of the main mains of country.

The winter will soon be completed is a plus! But together with it gifts for buyers of Volkswagen will be completed also is a minus! The company «the Car Hansa» calls you as it is possible to use more effectively last days February. In interior of the company you are waited unexpected and very much by a valuable suggestion on purchasi

Unique discounts for a car available!

SOLLERS declares extension on the production recreational area «SOLLERS-Ĺëŕáóăŕ» 20-thousand FIAT Ducato. The van of white colour, just the same what was the car manufactured in 2008 ą1 became anniversary.

Under statements of heads KAMAZa, production of the updated cabin for kamskih auto trucks soon begins.

"Whether there correspond marks in orders of dealer stations "Citroens" to actually executed activities? Igor Teremenko compared. Konstantin Yakubovs photo.

To create magnificent show penalties, in general, simply. Them successfully did still in 1930. Where it is more difficult to make so that it went, rose on the conveyor and even dispersed in circulation more than one million copies!

About one and a half months ago on eyes the German log-book with a small note under heading «Polo fur Russland» got to me. Well and on a photo, naturally, the hero of a present narration flaunted. I remember, then it was thought: and how to estimate similar exclusiveness - it is good or it is bad?

Across Moscow standing in plugs hearings that in the near future speed of motion in capital will be reduced by 50 km/h again spread.

New Kia Sportage inherited from the predecessor only a name, all remaining, including image, absolutely other.

Budgetary, on a plan of founders, Fiat Linea sedan is already manufactured on the production recreational areas of Fiat in Turkey, Brazil and India. Now model assembly is adjusted and in Russia: since September, 13th group of companies Sollers started model series production at own factory in Naberezhnye Chelny

The post card to Christian Kremer abandoning a post of the head of representation of BMW in Russia.

Detroit-2009: Energized

"For the weighty "Cruise", very much aspiring to outgrow "golf" - a class, the high-power motor and an automatic transmission, apparently, look the conclusive blessing. But it is received reservations … too much