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Past signs

At two previous exhibitions " Innoprom " by estimations of the Sverdlovsk authorities, cooperation agreements between participants of an exhibition for a total sum more than 220 mlrd roubles have been concluded. However, to say that this money has really entered region economy, it is not necessary, as the part of arrangements had frame character, and some of them have not been executed absolutely. This year the regional authorities intend to make an exhibition more substantial and useful to business, promising that works under the formula " have sat, have talked and have forgotten " will not be.
during the first exhibition " Innoprom " in 2010 it was informed on the signed agreements for a total sum 43 mlrd roubles, in 2011 it has increased to 180 mlrd roubles. By estimations of the regional authorities, this sum is comparable to the annual consolidated budget of Sverdlovsk area. In total within the limits of the last exhibitions it has been concluded about 60 agreements with the Russian and foreign companies. " prompt dynamics of growth of volumes says that " Innoprom " already became the effective tool of attraction in region of investments. And the increase in quantity of foreign delegates means that we managed to generate a certain space which not only to is interesting business community, but also is comfortable for all who solves here the problems. Space " Innoproma " is a special environment where the decisions are made, capable to change our validity to the best " - spoke then governor Alexander Misharin who was the initiator of carrying out of an annual exhibition " Innoprom " in Ekaterinburg. He repeatedly declared that an exhibition and a forum already " in itself will positively affect development of innovations ".

However, how relations within the limits of the signed documents further developed, and a leah has arrived any part from the declared sums of agreements of region economy, till now it is not known. In administration of the governor have found it difficult to answer this question. About realisation of projects or intentions it is known only under messages of the companies. One of exhibition achievements can name agreement UGMK, the state power company " Inter the Russian Open Society "United Power Systems" " and the Sverdlovsk authorities on project realisation on building Demidovsky TES. In July, 2011 of the company and the government have signed the agreement on interaction under project TES capacity 1 - 1,2 thousand MVt, schemes of delivery of capacity, a transport infrastructure and reconstruction of the Old Utkinsky hydrosite. UGMK tries to construct own thermal generation since 2007, and the electric power most part, to 50 %, plans to buy for own enterprises. In 2010 the company estimated expenses for building TES in $1,8 - 2 billion Now the project is in a working out stage.

on " Innoprome - 2010 " the agreement between the government of Sverdlovsk area and Open Society " has been signed; Enel OGK - 5 " about reconstruction of the coal power station largest in Russia - the Reftinsky state district power station. In a greater degree the result of this agreement is aimed at improvement of ecological conditions - the power station is the source of environmental contamination largest in region. By estimations of the authorities, the ecological effect from agreement realisation will allow to reach decrease in total emissions of polluting substances in atmospheric air in 2020 to level of 2010 on 33,1 %, and also to create technical possibility of use not less than 65 % of annual volume zolootvalov. Besides it, agreement realisation will allow to increase a resource of work of the core and auxiliaries for the term up to 30 years, production efficiency at the expense of decrease in specific fuel consumption on 4 - 5 % will raise. " This agreement marks strengthening of our cooperation with the regional government in the field of preservation of the environment " - the general director of company Enriko Viale spoke. However, " Enel OGK - 5 " introduces high ecological standards on all power stations of the company and without concrete agreements.

in frameworks " Innopromov " the government of Sverdlovsk area signed agreements from Open Society " Rostelecom " Open Society " the Ural factory of civil aircraft " Open Society " Gazprom Transgas Ekaterinburg " the Ural bank of the Savings Bank of Russia. The regional authorities agreed about realisation of projects in the field of small power, in spheres of infrastructural building, development of power effective and power saving up technologies. In most cases agreements had frame character.

there were also concrete arrangements which and have not been realised. For example, in 2010 the agreement between the company " has been signed; Renault Traks the East " and Novouralsk car factory " the CUPID ". The document was announced as key and provided assemblage of trucks of class Midlum on capacities of factory. It was expected that it will help the CUPID where since 2009 external control has been entered, to correct the financial position. However intentions and have not been carried out, at factory competitive manufacture is already entered. " the CUPID " any more does not work.

organizers " Innoproma - 2012 " promise to make its more concrete and useful to business - communities. The declaration on which basis recommendations to the government of Sverdlovsk area will be made becomes an exhibition result, and the main conclusions will present at session of the Open government of the Russian Federation. In the declaration will be summed up the business program of an exhibition and conclusions on the major for the industrial enterprises to subjects are fixed. " the problem of the government of Sverdlovsk area - to develop "Innoprom" is substantial, to do its as much as possible useful for Russian the business - communities, - the chairman of regional organising committee " has underlined; Innoprom - 2012 " Alexey Bagarjakov. - it is Too much actions at us pass under the formula „have sat, have talked and have forgotten”. The exhibition declaration will allow to fix remarks and recommendations of businessmen in one document. The governor will present the basic conclusions of the declaration at government session, and to ministers it will be difficult to ignore them ". Governor Evgenie Kujvashev who has replaced in May of Alexander Misharina, has already declared that " Innoprom " it is necessary to make really working, " instead of to front doors ". " show Elements, of course, should remain, but not they should be today the main things. It is necessary to make all that both exhibition, and forum parts "Innoproma" had concrete result for Sverdlovsk area " - mister Kujvashev considers.