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" It is a signal that in the middle of summer it is necessary to be in Ekaterinburg "

the Director of the business program " Innoproma " Anton Atrashkin on the eve of exhibition and forum opening has told, than they in 2012 will differ from the predecessors, and under what conditions " Innoprom " becomes the competitor of an exhibition " Hannover messe " which annually passes in German Hanover.
- an exhibition " Innoprom " passes in Ekaterinburg already the third time. Than it will differ from the previous?

- Let`s remember that the first " Innoprom " which passed in 2010, has been made in absolutely unreal rates, in pavilions which not in all have been adapted for an exhibition. But everything that the project was started have been made. The second " Innoprom " in my opinion, also started not so successfully. At the last minute the expocentre was under construction, work with the public has been not so correctly spent. People had a misunderstanding, this exhibition what for is necessary, this complex why it build on a bog what for is under construction. The criticism under the maintenance and exhibitions, and a forum sounded. We have carefully analysed last year`s experience of exhibitions and have decided to operate in 2012 on - new on variety of directions.

in - the first, any forum is a maintenance. We have understood that it is necessary to establish the highest lath and to convince the public that " Innoprom " is, first of all, interesting. If on last " Innopromy " any known names were announced, and they did not come, during the current year we have paid at once to this question steadfast attention. In the first put a forum in it people who undoubtedly enter into world intellectual elite will take part. We joke that in the sum they make 5 % of the world intellectual capital. Among them the author of marketing strategy Apple Guy Kavasaki. This person has thought up that admirers Apple should love the brand as a religious symbol. And its strategy works - owners of gadgets Apple change the preferences in comparison with consumers of production Nokia or Samsung less often.

there Will arrive the inventor and futurologist Rej Kurtsvejl whom in America name new Thomas Edison. At it 19 doctor`s degrees, three awards from US presidents for scientific achievements. To its opinion very attentively listen all over the world.

in a forum will take part Brown Rashid - the most known industrial designer of the world. He has thought up design more than 2,5 thousand subjects - from furniture to laptops. They can be met everywhere, including in shops of Ekaterinburg. In this company should appear the outstanding biotechnologist baroness Susan Grinfild who will tell about the science future, one of the most known business - the guru of Great Britain Jeff Berch, with lecture how technologies change the relation of people in business, and the director of institute of economy and business of Academy of Sciences of the Peoples Republic of China Mu Ronpin. Known TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov, the person who is able to tell a simple language about the most difficult things will be the moderator of this session.

- during carrying out previous " Innopromov " participation of the first persons of the state was announced. In 2010 in Ekaterinburg at this time even there was president Dmitry Medvedev, however at a forum it has not appeared. Now again there is a speech about Dmitry Medvedev`s participation, but already in the status Russian the prime minister - the minister. It really will arrive?

- Dmitry Medvedev should take part in plenary session " we Build the future: Industrial growth for the person ". Its visit at session of federal organising committee has confirmed vitse - prime minister Arcady Dvorkovich who has familiarised with our program and has countenanced it. We are assured that if there will be no extreme events Dmitry Medvedev will arrive on " Innoprom ". Besides, have confirmed the participation and federal ministers: Nikolay Nikiforov (Minister of Communications), Alexander Novak (Minister of Energy), Dmitry Lebanons (Minister of Education), Michael Abyzov (co-ordinates work of the open government of the Russian Federation).

- At session of federal organising committee it has been decided to appropriate " Innopromu " the status of the main industrial exhibition of the country. What does it mean?

- For business - country elite, for foreign investors it, first of all, a sign on that in Russia consider an industrial exhibition in Ekaterinburg main in the country. Statusnost a forum is a signal that in the middle of summer it is necessary to be in Ekaterinburg that here necessarily there will arrive the chairman of the government of Russia and it is unimportant, who holds this post. After all it is a lot of exhibitions, they in each big city, in each region. There is a Petersburg economic forum where big-times politics questions are considered, there is a forum in Sochi where more attention it is given to real estate and large imidzhevym to country projects. And a forum in Ekaterinburg - a place where establish game rules in the industrial policy. Now about it know all.

- " Innoprom - 2012 " it is devoted a subject " Technologies for the person ". Why such motto is chosen?

- For many inhabitants of Russia Ural Mountains seem a cold metallurgical complex where everywhere there are turbines, the factory pipes smoke, all population is occupied in the heavy industry. Partly truth, but it is important to remind it that pipes, turbines, oil-extracting installations and machine tools are all is directed on that quality of life improved. That industrial growth, development of technologies is all not the process directed on improvement of indicators of gross national product, and the state statistics, and the process directed on improvement of quality of human life. If the industry works also quality of life improves, this development. If industrial growth leads only to improvement of macroeconomic indicators, and quality of life of people especially does not change, it is wrong. It seemed to us important on " Innoprome " to remind people, including what supervise over manufacture that their ultimate goal is a person.

- in May in Sverdlovsk area the governor was replaced. Instead of the ideological founder " Innoproma " Alexander Misharina region was headed by Evgenie Kujvashev. There are no fears that " Innoprom " Passes last time?

- it would not be desirable to do loud statements. The good project will live long without dependence from the one who has thought up it also who it has picked up. The project deadborn will leave very quickly. I am the optimist because for victory of Ekaterinburg in race for carrying out " the Expo - 2020 " successful carrying out " Innoproma " is a determinative. We prove to the whole world that Ekaterinburg is a place where interesting many thousands actions where there is a convenient infrastructure where there are hostels, roads are carried out, there is an experience of reception of the highest delegations. Not all cities - competitors can brag of it. Our problem to show that we can compete to the largest cities of the world. Therefore it is important to Ekaterinburg to enter into the information agenda that it appeared on tapes of news agencies that in London, Beijing, New York at last - that have solved as the word " is written; Ekaterinburg " On - anglijski, through Y or through E.

- How much participants are supposed in 2012?

- We expect that will take part about 400 companies. The figure in comparison with last year will change slightly, but we mark qualitative change of structure of participants. The number of the largest Russian and international companies has increased. Such companies, as " Dupont " " Filips " " Siemens " corporation 3 bring very big delegations, including the presidents on Russia and the CIS. They take part both in an exhibition, and in the business program. They are interested in region. Our favourite example, is German holding " Zimpelkamp " which makes high-precision metalcutting machine tools. For the first time they have arrived on " Innoprom " with a platform of 50 sq. metres, now a platform of 500 sq. metres on which operating machine tools will take place. In Russia and in Ural Mountains many the metallurgical enterprises, and Germans understand that working machine tools are the best demonstration of their production. They expose the production the same as at exhibitions in Germany where many factories show the whole conveyors and all see, how this or that production gathers.

why the western companies go on " Innoprom "? Here very many branches of metallurgy and mechanical engineering are concentrated. It not the Ural exhibition, and Russian. The Russian industry has very much a great demand for the upgrade, the given companies want to arrive and participate in satisfaction of this demand.

Besides, to us it is pleasant that on " Innoprom " there should arrive the big delegation of the director of photography of exhibitions of world Deutsche Messe. They show interest to occurrence in the capital of the company operating expocentre " Ekaterinburg - the Expo ". Company Deutsche Messe, in particular, is known for carrying out of the international industrial exhibition in Hanover. Some years ago it was included into the capital of the Shanghai exhibition, and it seems to them that Ekaterinburg can become successful top of a triangle: the European Hanover - the Asian Shanghai - Ekaterinburg located on border of Europe and Asia. They come on " Innoprom " a second year also observe of an exhibition very attentively. If their interest to a management company is realised, it will be the first example in Russia when the largest foreign operator became the co-owner domestic exhibition UK. For Ekaterinburg it will mean inflow of the big international exhibitions. Today many criticise " Innoprom " name its expensive project. When it passes once a year - indeed. But if will pass six exhibitions in a year they completely will pay back expenses of the exhibition centre. Having one of the largest operators of the world as the partner, this problem is quite achievable.

- about what package there is a speech?

- It will be not supervising. Negotiations will pass on " Innoprome ". In particular, them there will be governor Evgenie Kujvashev. Company Deutsche Messe operates very carefully because exhibition business is fastened on relations. If it will be possible to agree, Germans will start to bring exhibitors.

- what budget at " Innoproma "?

- 100 million roubles it is allocated by the government of Sverdlovsk area and the same sum " Formika " as the operator undertakes to involve at the expense of gathering from rent of exhibition areas and sponsor`s payments.

- two years ago, speak, for attraction of means it was necessary to use an administrative resource. And now?

- On one administrative resource sponsor`s payments not to collect. We were supported UGMK, by Rostelecom, the Savings Bank, Foreign trade and investment bank, group " Renova ". Where - that the authority of the governor where - that arrival of premieres - the minister and members of the cabinet where - that there is a confidence that " has affected really worked; Innoprom " it will be valid useful action. Now simply so nobody gives money. But it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to create the largest exhibition in any point without investments. If in Ekaterinburg there passes the main industrial exhibition of the country it costs very many.

money which are allocated from the budget, they are spent here in Sverdlovsk area - in the form of the order of those or other things for an exhibition, we buy furniture, modules, we place advertising, that is means are redistributed in small and average business. Besides, it is important to underline that on all actions of a forum part " Innoproma " the input will be free: For this purpose or it is necessary to be accredited through the Internet - a site, or to make it already on a place - on a registration rack.

- you are not disturbed by the conflict between contractors and customers of the exhibition centre?

- I Will respond the citation: " It not our war ". " Formika " has no relation to this conflict.

- as it is planned to sum up " Innoproma " in 2012?

- the Total document will be " the Declaration of Innoproma " - the summary document uniting conclusions of round tables, interview of visitors of stands. The stand of the government of Sverdlovsk area in which work the minister of the federal government Michael Abyzov responsible for work of the Open government of the Russian Federation will take part becomes one of sources. The stand of Sverdlovsk area on " Innoprome " is the open area, without any posters and banners about achievements and successes. Behind tables will be or heads of the Sverdlovsk ministries, or their assistants. They will work with the population, with business, to answer their questions, to tell about new projects which they start. It seems to us that this format of representation of the government of Sverdlovsk area will be most effective. Instead of pictures about successes there will be the live ministers, which problem, by the way, granting of state services. To us did not promise that ministers will be at the stand all four days, but there will be representatives of the ministries. If the document " the Declaration of Innoproma " it will turn out successful it will be presented at session of the Open government in Moscow. It is important, that " Innoprom - 2012 " it has turned out not only bright and interesting, but also useful.