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Ecology expose

the Developer companies working in the market of country habitation, took to speak for a rule about ecological compatibility of the projects. A leah always this statement represents the facts?
Elizabeth Konvej, the director of department of inhabited real estate " Colliers International St.-Petersburg " considers that the leader on ecological compatibility is the Resort area: " The name it proves this reputation. Its part already became a city part, is built up by set of settlements round Sestroretsk and further. Repino, Solar and Komarovo, further Zelenogorsk are more harmless that in direct ratio their degrees of remoteness from a city. But fans of ecology never begin to consider residing at the listed locations. For them nearness to a city less than 100 - 150 km is inadmissible, therefore at least Roshchino, Priozersk, as a maximum Finland ". Approximately as Denis Babakov, the commercial director business - units " describes a situation; LSR. Real estate. severo - the West ": " Today the Vyborg and Resort areas on - former involve with pure pine air, picturesque sandy dunes and the stone boulders, convenient beaches, bathing in gulf quickly getting warm in the summer and numerous lakes ".

" from the point of view of ecology northern direction is Optimum. Here practically there are no large industrial enterprises. Adverse ecological conditions in the south, as a considerable quantity of factories and city dumps " there is concentrated; Nikolay Romashin, the director of department of country real estate AN " is assured; Bekar ".

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Under the certificate of participants of the market; it is set of variety of components. The cores These are building materials and the technologies applied at building, and also ecology of that place where the cottage settlement is organised. " if with the first more and more or is less clear, at least, the developer can influence directly this factor, choosing this or that technology of building and building materials it in any way cannot influence the factor of ecology of a place. Curiously, but, unfortunately, the fact that many places in Petersburg and Leningrad region, at first sight seeming rather safe, at the careful analysis appear in rather nonwinning position " Olga Trosheva, the assistant to the general director of the consulting centre " considers; the Petersburg real estate ".

" Concept " settlement ecology " at all it is not limited to presence of wood and lake in territory or in immediate proximity though also these factors are of great importance at a settlement choice " The director for marketing and PR ISG " speaks; the Alloy " Lydia Pashnova. As she said, at an ecological compatibility estimation it is necessary to pay attention to such factors, as a wind rose, soil, the materials used in building, absence of harmful manufactures in district and degree of their influence on a concrete place, presence of transport highways and density of an automobile stream on them.

Also it is important to watch observance of the sanitary code and to the reference with a waste in territory of settlements. Now, by an example of Europe, our developers too start to pass certification of the projects on ecological security but while this process does not carry mass character. Reputation " ecological " to settlement provide, besides pure soil, also pure building materials. For example, the tree is today a fetish for fans of ecological habitation. " wooden walls Almost faultless mechanism which leads ecological parametres indoors to sizes, the most comfortable for the person. For example, if for any reasons humidity in the house became superfluous, the wooden wall will absorb these surpluses, and will give them when humidity will go down and there will be a necessity for additional humidifying of air " Vladimir Sparak, the assistant to the general director of ARINAS tells. To estimate quality of the house, the buyer should collect as much as possible full information on materials of which it is constructed. And first of all to learn about presence of certificates.

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Actually in ecological well-being in Petersburg and Leningrad region never there is no full confidence. " as where - that, for example, the wind rose is that that the wind brings smells from a dump or from a sediment bowl of the water drain, located in Levashovo. And after all nearby and water smooth surface of gulf of Finland, both wood, and other delights which, at first sight, speak about excellent ecology. Though an ecological situation in such zones hardly you will name safe " Olga Trosheva complains. " In my practice there was a buyer for whom the good ecology was the defining factor at an object choice. Spending then own research of ecological conditions in area areas, I was converted to the expert in the given sphere which has responded literally the following: whence the wind blows such at present at you ecological conditions " Irina Romanov, the director of country representation AN " tells; Itaka ". " For definition of ecological compatibility of settlement it is possible to trust in the builder and to request results of ecological examination of the project. Besides, there is a possibility to estimate a site of settlement by means of thematic maps on ecological conditions of St.-Petersburg and area which give the various information, from presence of radioactive pollution of soil and air to a status of water objects. Also it is necessary to track the previous use of the earths on which the cottage settlement " settles down; Elena Prozorov, the assistant to department of consulting and company Maris estimation | Part of the CBRE Affiliate Network is assured. It is necessary to recognise that near some lakes were and there are places of working out of nonmetallic building materials, about some burial places of toxic substances and other delights. In that case to the builder will be for certain quieter, if the buyer does not know about it.

perhaps, for the buyer professional certification could become the most objective indicator of how much the settlement corresponds to ecological requirements. Now the majority of buyers have no full access to the information on area ecology, quality of water, presence nearby harmful manufactures. " the care of habitation ecology, a worthy green environment starts to prevail in requirements of buyers. For this reason we have decided to begin a new direction which will be not simple to be engaged in sales of townhouses and apartments in the nearest suburbs of Petersburg, but to book ecological audit of projects. Projects on several parametres will be estimated: from affinity and availability of natural places woods, lakes, ecological compatibility of materials used at building, power efficiency of houses to the organisation of separate gathering of garbage and its further processing. All researches will be spent irrespective of the companies - builders and to be given in open access " Andrey Veresov, the general director of a network of offices of real estate " assures; New Petersburg ".

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