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To serve to suicide

In France criminal case against the head of state enterprise who spent in accelerated tempo re-structuring is brought: for two years have committed suicide 35 its former employees. A case as it is found out, not unique

" Hi, the father.

the chief yet does not know, but my suicide will be twenty third. I do not agree with the next reorganisation of our department. Now I will have new heads, it is intolerable, and I prefer to die...

yes, do not forget to call in to me and to take away Zebulona and Frimusa. It is necessary to feed them. Excuse that I send you such letter. I am absolutely lost.

I love you, the father.

Stephanie ".

Having sent this electronic letter on Friday, on September, 11th, 2009 about five hours p.m., Stephanie was threw out from a window 4 - go a floor of office of the company " France a TV set " in the north of Paris. When the amazed colleagues have run out on street, it was still live. Stephanie`s last words were: " I am cold ". Someone has brought to it a plaid.

32 - summer Stephanie lived in the Parisian suburb Sen - Mande with a cat Frimusom and a rabbit Zebulonom. In " France - to a teleclod " it has worked almost 10 years. Some months before Stephanie`s suicide have got to the last under a flywheel restukturizatsii the companies. In its June against desire have translated in the Parisian office of the company, and in day of suicide, on September, 11th, she has learnt that its department will be reorganised, and the person at whom it was in submission some years ago and about which it still had not the best memoirs will be its new chief.

" a fashion on suicides "
In 2008 - 2009 35 employees " France of a teleclod " have committed suicide. " it is a fashion on suicides " So it was unsuccessfully expressed on one of a press - conferences in the autumn 2009 - go occupying then fast of general director Dide Lombar. One and a half year later, in the spring 2011 - go, under the pressure of the minister of work of Ksave Bertrana Dide Lombar has left fast of the head of the company. And as early as a year later, on July, 4th 2012 - go, within the limits of investigation of a wave of suicides against the former general director " France of a teleclod " have opened case him accuse of moral pressure upon employees of the company.

background of this industrial drama the following. In 2004 the former state monopoly " France a TV set " the largest player in the market of telecommunications (it is included into the list from 40 largest companies of France so nazyvemyj CAC - 40, on the basis of a stock value of these enterprises it is calculated the major share index of France), has been partially privatised. The new management in person Dide Lombara has developed program Next reduction of debts of the enterprise was which purpose. By data for 2002, a debt " France of a teleclod " made nearby 70 mlrd euro, at that point in time the French telecommunications operator was the second company most burdened with debts in the world.

program Next should was become a radical medicine. It provided reduction of 22 thousand workplaces for two years, transfer of 10 thousand employees into new workplaces and labour productivity increase for 15 percent. But has come to light zakavyka: it consisted that about half 200 - thousand staff of the enterprise had the status of civil servants, and to dismiss ministering state enterprise in France it is actually impossible. And here a management " France of a teleclod " has entered practice of aggressive management without having sustained pressure from the heads, " superfluous " employees should submit eventually on leaving.

There were some methods of aggressive pressure, explains " to the Spark " Pierre Gozha, the secretary general " Observatories of stress and compulsory transfers on service " special structure which was created by trade unions " France of a teleclod ". Both #150; the First this exception of the employee of working process, so-called mise au placard (in a literal translation from French it means " to push the employee in a case ". " About " ). To the person any more do not charge any work, isolate from collective, let know that it is useless. The second method the direct opposite, it consists in, to the contrary, to load the employee in excessive volume of work, as a result that is in a constant status of stress. Was, however, both the third method to force the employee to change constantly or a work place, or to change specialisation.

Last practice, explain in trade union, has received in " France to a teleclod " the optimistical name, why - that in English, Time to move (time to change a job).

History 54 - summer N a gloomy illustration of this practice. N was engaged in " France to a teleclod " reception of clients. In 2003 - m have translated it to work in koll - the centre in a city of Troyes. There N has replaced some posts. At first worked as the teleadviser, then was engaged in complaints and claims of clients. In 2007 the doctor of the enterprise recommended to translate N to other post. N has left on hospital on half a year.

when I again came to work, has written H. One of the colleagues, that felt as if a puppet in front of the computer screen, it was above my forces. I was horrified from one thought that I should go again to this house of death that I will sit in these four walls... For them I was only worthless and unnecessary shit...

on July, 2nd, 2008 N has not come for work. It became known in the evening that it has rushed under a train.

a signal for others
History N, along with other suicides, has been thoroughly studied by the inspector on work of Silvi Rolled, which in 2010 has prepared the report on a wave of suicides in " France to a teleclod ". On 82 pages of this work of Silvi Rolled has come to a conclusion that in " France to a teleclod " were used " methods of moral pressure " and " labour process has been organised in such a manner that most health of employees " was seriously threatened;. Thus the inspector on work underlined that decisions on carrying out of such policy were accepted by company management at the highest level. On the basis of this report criminal case against the former head of enterprise Dide Lombara also has been brought.

its Prospects, truth, while not clear. When preliminary investigation, business will be finished or will pass in court (in this case on charge in " moral pressure " Dide Lombaru threatens year of prison and the penalty in 15 thousand euro), or will close. Another matter that the inspector can put forward and more serious charges. As both trade unions, and lawyers of the dissatisfied parties demand to retrain charge on article " violent the action, become by a cause of death " and even on article about unpremeditated murder.

anyway, lawyers of the former general will try to prove that between those management methods which practised the company, and suicides are not present causally - investigatory communication. In published on July, 5th in the newspaper " Mond " to article Dide Lombar denies responsibility of company management for suicides of employees. " I realise that the cardinal changes which have occurred in the company, could provoke shocks, he writes. but I categorically do not agree that these vital plans for the enterprise for re-structuring could become the reason of human dramas ". A leah

So exists causally - investigatory communication between working conditions and a mental status of the committed suicide employees? This question becomes key, and experts if business against Dide Lombara all - taki reaches court will try to respond to it.

however, the director of an expert office " Technology " Jean - Claude Delzhen is convinced that already and excitation of this criminal case is important, as can serve as a signal for other heads. This opinion is powerful: in 2010 - m " Technologies " Delzhena " France a TV set " has been urged to charge research of a working climate at the enterprise.

Heads more attention will give now to mental health of employees, explains " to the Spark " Jean - Claude Delzhen. After all if the former head of such giant, as " has got; France a TV set " lose on it everybody can.

ochta France
With confidence can assert rules and that business against Dide Lombara has set thinking Jean - Polja Baji, the general director of the post company of France La Poste. For the last half a year three employees of its company have committed suicide. Among them 28 - the summer Zheremi which have left the widow and a five-monthly daughter. It was threw out from the central building of Mail of France in the city of Rennes on February, 29th. ZHeremi has begun work on Mail of France the simple postman and for some years has promoted, became the executive, however relations with a management on a new post at it have not developed.

It constantly criticised, let know that at it one lacks. It should work, but did not know that should do particularly. When he tried to learn at colleagues, to it and it did not allow to do, tells in interview to magazine " the Bet - a match " Elodi, widow Zheremi. it had a serious problem with the heads. When I in conversations with it started to criticise its management, it disagreed with me. They have convinced him that a problem it he that it the useless worker.

in March of this year against a management of Mail of France has brought an action were the head of a staff department of one of enterprise Astrid Eber divisions - Ravel. She accuses the general director and two executives of a staff department of the state company of moral pressure which became, on its expression, " in the usual way of human resource management " and also " In the way on - silent and cheaply to get rid from objectionable ". According to were rukovoditelnitsy a staff department, the quantity of suicides at the enterprise exceeds in tens times of those three cases the information about which has got to newspapers.

it is curious, as the conflict mechanism similar: as well as the former state monopolist in the market of telecommunications " France a TV set " Mail of France has faced a rigid competition of private operators after since January, 1st, 2011 was liberalizirovan the French market of post services. The management has started re-structuring of a huge state company where works 240 thousand persons. In March, after the third suicide for the last some months, the general director of Mail of France Jean - Pol Baji has promised that plans on reorganisation will be carried out less hastily and for climate improvement negotiations between a management, trade unions and workers of the enterprise will be organised.

Experts see a tendency that workers of the state and semistate enterprises more than others are subject to the psychosocial risks called by new administrative methods. If earlier they felt on the posts as behind a stone wall, and their enterprise frequently was a monopolist in the market now they have faced a rigid competition.

add to it that employees of such companies suffer affliction also because they have a sensation as if all values round which working process during that epoch when them employed, and #150 has been constructed are destroyed; the director of an expert office " explains; Technology " Jean - Claude Delzhen. They understand that game rules have exchanged without their consent, and is so prompt that pressure grows constantly. As a result all of them time should adapt.

At all specificity of this reaction it is clear that matter is not in one France and not in one state companies. Changes in business - structures, and more and more fast and cruel, are urged on by global changes: world financial crisis, debt crisis in an eurozone, flight of the enterprises from the Old World. In this situation of the state, even such decent as European, any more are not responsible for universal prosperity: they play the market under the same laws, as all the others. Unless even is more rigid to make up for backlog.