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Builders will teach to save

Innovations in building branch of Ural Mountains recently are more and more directed on technology of power savings. Demand for them, according to participants of the market, grows every year on 10 - 15 %. But it is not necessary to speak about scale introduction of new technologies: many builders, using out-of-date legislative norms, do not want to be put in development of innovations at building of mass habitation. A situation can correct, experts, obligatory transfer to the builder to management of the object constructed by it consider.
as mark in the ministry of building and architecture of Sverdlovsk area, introduction of innovative technologies in the basic part is directed today on realisation of power saving up technologies. This question now is actively discussed by participants of the market and the authorities. Actually all presented on " Innoprom - 2012 " technologies, are assured of the ministry, will concern this subject. " The modern economic situation strengthens interest of building business in new decisions, the innovative technologies directed on accelerated realisation of national projects, increase in volumes of housing construction, development of the market of building industry " - are assured of department.

interest to the new technologies directed on power savings, participants of the building market ascertain also. As the chief of service of the customer " marks; JUIT Uralstroj " Vladimir Bazhenov, in the market the understanding of that habitation heating in Russia where the short summer, lasts till 250 days in a year has begun. " the understanding of gradually comes that from - for inefficient thermal protections of the house the consumer for nothing spends about 50 % of power resources. Therefore recently speak about necessity of introduction of "green" technologies " more and more; - mister Bazhenov marks. And similar technologies appear. For example, the Ural factory of ferro-concrete products " Betfor " has introduced in the production " seamless " technology of building of buildings from precast concrete. According to the manufacturer, the given technology allows to improve teploizoljatsionnye characteristics of new houses. " the technology means external warming of walls of the buildings, providing absence of interpanel seams that guarantees to tenants a high thermal protection of the house, and also completely excludes possibility promerzanija joints " - mark at the enterprise.

other technology is offered by the company " JUIT Uralstroj " - technology of a fixed timbering of external walls. " on indicators of a heat-shielding and sound insulation it is one of the best in the market. At use of the given technology of an expenditure of labour and time of erection of designs decrease in 2 - 3 times that allows to lower the building cost price, and warming of walls by expanded polystyrene gives high teplotehnicheskie characteristics that further leads to decrease in expenses for heating " - mark in the company. Besides, the company the next year plans to begin introduction of thermal pumps for recycling of heat of exhaust air and mechanical exhaust ventilation - in practice it will mean reduction of power inputs at operation. One more technology, which application " JUIT Uralstroj " plans to start to use - a power saving up film for windows that also will allow to cut down expenses of our clients on heating.

except technologies invisible to an eye, builders frequently try to use and technologies of savings of energy unusual to the standard house. So, for example, builders have arrived at idea to use on new objects solar batteries and light-emitting diode lamps in places of the general using that will allow to reduce the electric power expense.

one of the biggest building projects in Ural Mountains, connected with introduction of innovative technologies under power savings while the area of Ekaterinburg " is; Academic " in designing and which building is engaged " Renova - StrojGrupp ". As mark in the companies, a severe climate of Average Ural Mountains with differences of temperatures from-40 to +35 degrees have demanded from the project of introduction of new criteria at system engineering of power supply and introduction of principles of power efficiency. As mark in the company, the big plus was that the project was completely developed with " zero ". It has allowed to avoid any restrictions usually imposed by an out-of-date infrastructure and the existing lay-out.

In particular, to builders " Renovy " it was possible to design buildings so that to reduce their energy needs, to create new power networks and systems of manufacture and distribution of energy with high EFFICIENCY. In particular, inhabitants of area should receive the regulation system, allowing to supervise temperature in premises, without supposing excessive teplopoter. In the majority of buildings the fresh pure air arriving in them, will be warmed up by fulfilled air in special recuperators. Similar systems are applied also to air-conditioning which is necessary in region. Thus, mark in the company, central air work is accurately supervised and optimised in order to avoid superfluous power inputs. Own centralised manufacture of thermal and electric energy provides stability.

the concept of the combined manufacture electric and thermal energy, realised in " Academic " should lead to maximum efficiency, especially during the winter period, thermal energy reached at the expense of development as by-product at development of energy electric. By estimates of experts of EFFICIENCY of a new method reaches 90 % in the winter and 70 - 80 % in the summer.

builders However, admit, innovative methods yet have no scale introduction. " in the Russian market demand for power saving up systems grows on 10 - 15 % a year, however, considering that energy consumption per capita in Russia three times above, than in the European Union countries, this figure, in our opinion, is small enough. Thus it is necessary to notice that representatives of the power pay much attention to introduction of power effective technologies, but for this purpose it is required to apply the complex approach, improvement of legislative base and change of culture of power consumption as a whole. Decades of the state support of power, abundance of natural resources and low awareness of the public have led to creation of the building environment which is adverse for economy " - consider in " JUIT Uralstroj ". For an example builders result a situation with the prices for the electric power in France. There cost of one kw / hour of the electric power makes 8 roubles whereas in Russia this indicator does not exceed and 4 roubles.

according to participants of the market, the serious obstacle on a way to innovations is the legislation of Russia which allows to use old and ineffective decisions. They have agreed in opinion that it is not necessary to wait for cardinal changes until the state will not oblige builders to use new technologies. " in most cases the customer and the builder are not interested in attraction of the newest technologies as it always turns out more expensively, than usual, nakatannoe for years building. The main task for such companies - to construct the house, to put it in operation, and the further destiny both the construction, and tenants, them does not worry. Much better the situation is in the event that the builder represents itself as further a management company is a correct lever for change of the situation which have developed in the market. Building will go in this case with application of the newest technologies - after all absence of problems is necessary for the builder at house service further, and he will try to protect itself(himself) from superfluous expenditure, having enclosed at an initial stage " - director SK " marks; the Meteorite " Andrey Klimanov. As he said, while good level of introduction of innovative technologies is visible only at building of low houses. " the house is under construction particularly under the client, and the characteristics necessary for the customer are considered. Truth and in this sphere not always happens all smoothly - while, unfortunately, the customer not always wants to understand building technologies, and it leads to that there are cases of discrepancy of parametres of object to the declared requirements. It is necessary to discuss this subject publicly - to nurture new culture that customers could explain that particularly they want " - mister Klimanov has concluded.