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In Novosibirsk the car of the enamoured has broken off on a part in the face of their friend

Krasnodar was included into ten cities of Russia with the most expensive habitation

Of excrements are going to do biofuel and meat

On jugo - the east of Moscow in the car the corpse with the cut throat

Uljanovtsy can complain of employee OVD

How in Udmurtiya it is possible to pay taxes through the Internet?

In murder of the Osset poet suspect a top of a Muslim community of Vladikavkaz

We go behind wild strawberry to the Tula woods

The bus 12 in Tula for two days changes a route

Galtsev will bring to Pskov " June vecherok " and in Velikie Luki balloons will fill the night sky

Why in the Omsk region such low living wage

As uraltsu less to pay for apartment

CHeljabinki can result on childbirth of the husband, the sister and mum

Title " Beauties in epaulets " has got to the inspector from Motor-Vilihinsky area of Perm

On the guard of the rights of consumers

To inhabitants of the Tver region rains again have allowed to go to wood

To Yaroslavl there has arrived Yury Gazzayev

Elderly roker the person of female line Dior

CHeljabintsy can go over the underground

" I did not reserve this fish! "

From the Urzhumsky temple have expelled a tavern

Rospotrebnadzor the Tver region has closed a recreation camp " the Seagull " where the intestinal infection

As cheljabintsam to find for the divisional

Who wants to go to Paris?

The osteochondrosis becomes aggravated from - for... Diets?

Horoscope for tomorrow, on June, 19th

Weather for tomorrow, on June, 19th

Why the new song of Potapa and Nasti Kamensk so is similar to Cleopatra Stratan`s hit?

In Omsk will not kill stray dogs the poisoned darts

What to look tomorrow, on June, 19th

CSKA was responsible for Kazlauskasa

Have passed days from the moment of a collapse on the Kuzbass mine " Kiselevsky "

The Omsk farmer will judge for death of the worker from the Siberian ulcer

Flights from Novosibirsk to Cyprus became less

Didymuses Jolie - Pitt walk in fancy dresses

For a priming to fishers have let out 200 kgs of a carp

In school camp has poisoned almost forty pupils

" the White nights in Perm " on Saturday and Sunday: Carnival procession of bears, the big lesson of dance, street performances and salute

The guy from Kirov was lost in army, having fallen... From a step-ladder

Bathing is authorised on six Tyumen beaches

In Kemerovo have hijacked the car with milk

In our public health services it is a lot of problems, however there are also positive tendencies

In Ekaterinburg friends of victims near cafe " Halvah " have organised a fighting team

Fishing on New Pyatigorsk lake became free

The regional authorities deputies promise hot water in Tver to the City Day

By an anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in Saratov have opened bus excursions

« the White nights in Perm » on Monday and Tuesday: Performances and the Spanish dances on an esplanade

For 5 years life expectancy of inhabitants of Tula has increased for 3,8 years

You want to protect citizens from rudeness of policemen? Means, you the terrorist

Researchers are close to a solution of the main secret of the Universe