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Electric systems generate integration

power efficiency and power savings Projects become traditional for the Ural international exhibition and a forum of the industry and innovations " Innoprom ". In 2012 of power intend to show possibilities of intellectual electric systems and innovative heat exchangers, and builders - kogeneratsonnye installations.
Smart Metering have replaced on Smart Grid.

Realization of power effective actions and projects from - for placings in territory of the Ural federal district of the enterprises of power-intensive branches is an unconditional priority. Only in economy of Sverdlovsk area the share of power-intensive branches on 8 % exceeds srednerossijskie indicators. For this reason the network, marketing and building companies actively work over power saving up projects. We will remind, in 2011 on " Innoprome " Open Society " MRSK Ural Mountains " Represented the project under power savings Smart Metering (" the Clever account "), providing installation automated " clever " counters, and in the long term - it is information - measuring system of the account of the electric power. And Open Society " Sverdlovenergosbyt " (enters into Joint-Stock Company " KES - Holding ") offered projects on installation of devices of the account of power resources, on power effective illumination on industrial targets and on upgrade of illumination of streets and pridomovyh territories.

in 2012 on " Innoprome " power efficiency questions will be brought up also. " a daughter " Open Society " MRSK Ural Mountains " - Open Society " the Ekaterinburg electronetwork company " (EESK) - intend to present technology of construction of intellectual distributive networks of the future - system Smart Grid (" an intellectual network ") . As the assistant to chief engineer EESK Andrey Koshkin, Smart Grid - completely integrated, self-regulated and self-restored electropower system has told. It copes a uniform network of the automated devices in a mode of the real time, including generating sources, the main and distributive networks, and also all categories of consumers of the electric power. " new approach Smart Grid assumes the automated system providing a bilateral stream of the electric power and the information between power objects. By means of Smart Grid emergency damages of elements of a network are warned, and also repair on the basis of self-diagnostics of the equipment of a power supply system " is provided; - mister Koshkin has explained, having added that creation Smart Grid is provided " Power strategy of Russia " as one of priority directions.

According to the expert of the analytical centre at the government of the Russian Federation, senior lecturer MEI Evgenie Gasho, the Russian networks are not ready to realisation Smart Grid yet " in view of a deterioration ". Managing sector of economic department of institute of power and the finance Sergey Agibalov considers that the basic idea of project Smart Grid - maintenance of integration of sources of the electric power of low power. " for example, if the energy consumer has surpluses and it is ready to pass them in a network. But first of all are intellectual systems of the automated account and monitoring of systems. The main effect from Smart Grid - reliability augmentation of work of system, efficiency, decrease in expenses, gathering of the objective data about consumption structure. In the long term - a withdrawal from rigid system „the manufacturer - networks - the consumer” to system of the distributed generation " - Sergey Agibalov has told, adding that if to transfer the project on housing and communal services sphere its realisation will be expressed in payment for actually consumed energy. " the data from the counter in an automatic mode arrives in the marketing company that simplifies life of users and, in particular, relieves them of correcting payments following the results of a year " - the expert has explained.

innovative heat exchangers

KES - the Holding intends to present during the current year technology of the innovative power effective heat exchanger for thermal power station and housing and communal services. It is the project - the winner of the ending of competition of innovative projects of Skolkovo in a nomination " Power efficiency ". As have told in a press - Joint-Stock Company service " KES " In the project it is invested 5,5 million roubles which have been directed on carrying out scientifically - research and it is skilled - design works, creation of the project of the design and technological documentation, pre-production models are made and tests are conducted, marketing strategy is worked.

as heat exchangers are called the devices intended for an exchange by heat between heating and warmed working environments. Necessity of transfer of heat from one heat-carrier to another occurs in many branches - from power to the food-processing industry. The thermal processes occurring in heat exchangers, can be the diversified: heating, cooling, evaporation, boiling, condensation, fusion, hardening. In the course of an exchange of heat some heat-carriers can participate: heat from one of them can be passed several and from several one. The project which presents KES, basically is intended for housing and communal services sector in which a number of problems in existing teploobmennom the equipment is observed: low power efficiency, problems soleotlozhenija in teploobmennyh channels, high metal consumption and deterioration. " the technology will be popular in view of a great demand on power saving up technologies in the country, thanks to federal programs of upgrade and housing and communal services reforming, „Accessible habitation”, to the law „About power savings” " - believe in a press - Joint-Stock Company service " KES ".

Kogeneratsija as a way of economy

Joint-Stock Company " Renova - StrojGrupp " will present at an exhibition the power savings project on an example of building of area " Academic " in Ekaterinburg. As have informed in a press - company service, power supply " Academic " It will be carried out with the help kogeneratsionnyh installations (for example, block mini - thermal power station) which simultaneously develop thermal and electric energy. " the constructed area by the time of building end will consume 200 - 250 MVt the electric power and about 2 thousand MVt of energy thermal. Such volumes it is planned to develop on kogeneratsionnyh installations " it is told in the company message. In a press - Joint-Stock Company service " Renova - StrojGrupp " notice that the given approach to a solution of a problem of generation of energy will allow to exclude risk of deficiency of power resources, will raise power security and will provide " safety factor " on peak loadings that guarantees trouble-free operation of a power supply system of all area. Besides, application gazoturbinnoj technologies for heat and electricity manufacture will allow to use non-polluting fuel - natural gas.

Experts consider use kogeneratsii as positive event, but specify in nuances. " capacity of station both on the electric power, and on heat is rather high, therefore there is a question of presence of large industrial consumers, differently kogeneratsionnyj the mode will be involved only in a cold season " - Sergey Agibalov has noted.

According to accepted in regions of the Ural federal district to programs under power savings, by 2020 there should be a power consumption reduction in comparison with indicators of 2007:

- in Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk areas on 40 %;

- in the Tyumen region on 30,5 %;

- in HMAO on 45,1 %;

- in JANAO on 65 % (taking into account burning of passing gas).