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" the Parliament is opened for a society "

Results of the first working session of the State Duma of new convocation in interview to the editor-in-chief " the Spark " to Victor Loshaku the speaker of the lower chamber of Federal meeting of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin
and #150 brings; We met, when you only have started to work as the speaker. And on a question, what result of five years` work would consider comprehensible, you have responded: " trust Increase to parliament and its political weight ". Now, when the first session has already come to the end, I want to ask: well as, it turns out?

Quite. Also it is not my subjective appraisal, and the whole complex of objective indicators. The role of parliament and interest to its activity have grown not casually. After all in the Duma were publicly discussed and basic decisions for the Russian democracy have been made. They will seriously change not only ours partijno - political system, but also an order of formation of the power in regions. The simplified party registration and returning of governor`s elections key questions of the summons of spring session.

can name other main outputs?

One of results I just named it will be remembered as session active socially - political upgrade. Unique on the consequences for growth of public influence on the state life. Besides, our convocation has put end under long process of Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization. And this fact is already entered not only in ours, but also in world history. At last, consider important to underline that the State Duma 6 - go convocation has successfully fulfilled the first half a year in absolutely new political conditions. Despite all complexities known to you, it adequately carries out the professional problems. The parliament is opened for a society, is ready to innovations and dialogue. And all these months went in the schedule, having had time to accept the impressive list of laws.

You have meaningly lowered details and, contrary to tradition, did not begin to list all important certificates?

Among laws does not happen important and not important. Who watched closely our activity, can draw conclusions. I personally saw, how the majority of deputies and profile committees of the State Duma worked. I will directly tell with full return. I who have spent with them long hours of sessions, do not have claims to their professional work.

meanwhile the Duma on - former is not pleasant to many our fellow citizens. I am afraid, they will tell, as this convocation was engaged political " more; dismantlings ". How to be with bad image of parliament in a society?

the Word " image " in this case it is hardly applicable. Yes, for a representative body vital that the society thinks of it. But its estimations concern first of all decisions accepted by parliament, that is quality of laws and their conformity to expectations of people. In my opinion, results of the last session are high enough. Also it is a pity that objectively those who daily observes of work of deputies (including journalists of a parliamentary pool can estimate them only). To wide public get or dry comments on the accepted laws, or, as a rule, reportings on hot fights in a boardroom. If to judge only on them, " image " the State Dumas, of course, it can not be good.

protect the deputy case? But after all such situations arise in your walls...

basically by consideration of politically resonant laws or during the hot pre-election period when to many politicians so-called mentions are important. Even, notice, if they negative. And while, unfortunately, it still suits many. Journalists Because there is an entertainment reporting. Deputies wherefore it is possible to remind of itself to potential voters once again. But such cannot proceed eternally because the result, instead of mentions is necessary to a society. Sooner or later they a boomerang will come back to those who provokes scandals. Therefore in new convocation, despite all sharpness " a present situation " we very seriously concern observance of deputy ethics.

you paid time and again to this attention during plenary sessions and in the performances. But such your pressing forward is pleasant not all: a number of deputies say that scandals happen in all parliaments of the world.

It is far not and is defined by culture overall level, and not just members of parliament... Frankly speaking, me similar " belief methods " were never nice. And the more so are intolerant in the higher representative body. They after all not simply discredit all parliament, but also beat off desire to be selected in it professionally prepared people. It after all it is at all uninteresting " to compete " in the field, where conquer not arguments, and strong words and any provocations.

how hope to leave this vicious circle?

the Way one persistently to tear away unworthy behaviour and gamble within the precincts of parliament. And in every possible way to help a professional course of discussion where top should take common sense and substantial arguments. Yes, a lot of time and patience is required. But on it at me and many my colleagues of endurance will suffice.

it is good, then a question quite another thing: that will do, if again will face with " a working-to-rule strike "?

I do not know, how it was in Italy, but on June, 5th in Moscow we dealt with typically our and familiar for a long time check on durability. With test for professionalism and endurance. I will add that " nou - hau " (forced deputies to be in the Duma till midnight) has yielded the opposite result. Strict following to parliamentary procedures has allowed us to leave a situation and has destroyed illusion that similar numbers can make serious success.

one of frequent claims of opposition to " accelerated " to procedure of consideration of some bills. In this session the such happened time and again. What you think of it?

Sometimes decisions really should be accepted quickly. And ability of parliament in a short space of time them professionally to prepare the expensive costs. However it is impossible to do a rule of such exceptions. Attentive and all-round discussion of bills should be a rule. We should know not only opinion of committees of the State Duma and its legal department, but also a society. And for this purpose time is necessary.

it is important, by the way, the nobility both another this or that of already accepted laws is how much successfully and competently applied. Two years ago at government level the compulsory procedure of an estimation of regulating influence concerning projects of standard legal certificates has been entered. Last year the decree of the president to Ministry of Justice of Russia had been assigned a duty to carry out monitoring pravoprimenenija in the country. And I do not exclude that the complex monitoring of consequences of acceptance of laws, including the data sotsoprosov, economic indicators and so forth would be useful to parliament. It would help with qualitative work on the future laws and possible amendments.

many regard refusal of three fractions of the Duma to move for MKAD as a certain beginning of opposition of the legislative and executive authorities. What your sight at a problem?

For study of all aspects connected with building of the parliamentary centre, in the Duma the special commission is created. And we have already carried out parliamentary hearings on this subject. Work is necessary big, it proceeds, and final decisions it is not accepted. No opposition executive and legislature is present neither in this question, nor in any others.

what in the future parliamentary season it will appear the most important?

each fraction for certain has representations about what should be priorities. From this that, certainly, will be important for everything, it is the budget next three years. And, certainly, this continuation of political upgrade. I mean first of all laws on an order of formation of chambers of Federal meeting. Thus I will repeat: in parliament is not present and there can not be a division of laws on important and not so. I think also that forthcoming four months of work there will be many legislative initiatives. As for autumn session the message of the president in which new state problems are disclosed usually is necessary.

it is rumored that the law on NKO it is not so much Duma creativity, how much the initiative of presidential administration. The bases for such conversations are available: concerning the Duma of former convocation often it was written and said that parliament operate from the Kremlin. Actually, it not especially also disappeared. How today there are your relations with Presidential Administration?

to Deny hearings business ungrateful. Someone has neatly joked that the handful of the facts can spoil the most beautiful gossip. Therefore I will tell only that the legislature in Russia is independent both de - jure, and de - fakto. The one who considers on - to another, judges superficially, so Nonprofessionally. I will remind also that each bill irrespective of who has brought it who supports or, to the contrary, minds, should pass through all stages of public parliamentary consideration. And finally any law should be accepted the State Duma, is countenanced by the Federation Council and signed by the president.

relations with Presidential Administration, with the government, with other public authorities at us working and constructive. What should be within the limits of the constitutional principle of division of the authorities.