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Skulpturno to sit

In small settlement Muchkap that in the Tambov region, have opened a monument to Pasternak. The poet who has appeared in settlement in transit, has had time to have a dinner only in local tea

with Muchkaptsy are assured in their city Pasternak was generated as the great lyric poet. Here supposedly a climate such for love and poetry the approaching.

Boris Pasternak has really appeared on muchkapskom station in the summer of 1917 when went to the beloved to the next village Muscovite Elena Vinograd helped to make there lists for elections in local governments.

" flies muchkapskoj tea "
in the Summer of 1917 the new world and #150 was born on the earth; Muchkap, beautiful, mysterious both drawing, the local businessman, and on belief pasternakoved Sergey Vitjutin so actively swings hands that to it even to approach bojazno. Here a place of transfiguration of Pasternak. Therefore the monument to it should stand here. Where still?

anybody precisely does not know, why and how long the poet remained at station. Someone says that to that disturbing year of a train went not under the schedule, therefore unfortunate enamoured and some hours toiled on a platform. It is for certain known only one Pasternak here had dinner, about it he has told in a poem " Flies muchkapskoj tea ".

Now tea in Muchkape is not present. But there is a cafe " Good luck " and with flies there too that`s OK. To us bring warm tea, cold shnitsel and strictly warn: " the Toilet in the street ". In cafe it is hot, Muchkap pines with heat, bulks up black cherries all here as 95 years ago, " before a thunder-storm, in July " when 27 - the summer poet filled in heat with tea and tried " soul to separate " with the girl whom, probably, not too was and it is necessary.

Pasternak has told to the reader about a love drama from the moment of origin of love before its loss, all-knowing Sergey Nikolaevich explains. And after that, after the book " the Sister my life " which he has conceived here, Pasternak has ceased to be simply good lyric poet, it became great!

Pasternak has noted many stations which met to it on a way to favourite, the train schedule of the Kamyshinsky branch then for it was " more grandiosely Sacred Pisanja ". The poet with tenderness wrote about Rzhakse, Balashove. Romanovke the whole section from three poems is devoted. But while only Muchkap tries to make the Nobel winner the brand. The monument Here opens. At station there is a memorial board with Pasternak`s recognised profile, and the local newspaper declares: " two names are already inseparable from each other: Pasternak and Muchkap ".

Because here all has coincided both #150; and the nature, and people. And what women at us beautiful! businessman Vitjutin rushes to kiss handles to approached ladies from poselkovoj administrations. so the century also admired them! Without coming off! But, unfortunately, it is urged to leave for small river to bathe.

" muzhiks with tails "
the Monument to Pasternak to us was presented by Zurab Tsereteli, the story is continued by Elena Anisimov, the vice-president poselkovogo advice. a monument of mother which we have opened two years ago, too work of Tsereteli. And yonder a fountain " Noev an ark " again Tsereteli.

Behind settlement on a hill the bronze wedge of cranes aspiring up is established. When you approach to a monument, works the gauge, cranes start to shout plaintively, and patriotic songs are then distributed. A leah it is necessary to explain that the author too Tsereteli?

All this magnificence has appeared in small settlement thanks to the fellow countryman muchkaptsev To Anatoly Ledovsky, before recent time to heading Rosnedra. " Anatoly Alekseevich did not forget the small native land never. Found investors, cared of us. Here, for example, a monument to Pasternak at first wanted to put in Moscow, but there it have refused at you the mayor was replaced. " Noev an ark " should be on the square the Belarus station, but Moscow too has not accepted it. So now all it at us. Represent, in settlement of all of 7 thousand inhabitants, and it is so much monuments! Where you in Russia such beauty saw? "

at local school too there was a fountain and avenue of writers bronze busts there, apparently, even more than schoolboys. And near a sports complex some sculptures flaunt. A memorial to the lost warriors, a memorial to workers of back, tank T - 34 on a pedestal, the big temple, a copy of the Kremlin wall, a sculpture of the page near administration, a monument to Alexander Nevsky of work Voskresensky Yes, such it is valid not in each Russian settlement you will see.

and " Dancing storks " in park? And a reconciliation bench? And a sculptural composition " the Family " Rukavishnikov? Four bronze horses on a lawn near a registry office have appeared more recently, and from them tens local daredevils already had time to fall down. And a registry office have opened literally one of these days its all why - that name a happiness Palace. Three pairs already had time to be combined here by marriage. On divorce in a happiness Palace too which - who a tax already was in time. " with divorces at us as at everything, head possoveta Michael Korostelev, and #150 explains; about 80 percent ".

In the street Red giving thanks metsenatskim to cares Ledovsky recently there was a sidewalk, pig-iron lanterns and " sadovo - park sculptures of antique type ". To two sculptures have already broken off heads, but vandals have found One has appeared the girl who after quarrel with the guy very much was upset and has started to destroy antique figures. To the girl have written out the penalty and have advised to adjust relations with the favourite. " we to her will tear off a head, if once again we will see! " local residents promise.

waters on Red are not present grandmother Valentine Fedin was tired to press on the handle of a water column: " I and till the winter cannot strain off a bucket " but there is a Neptune, Apollo and Athena. " when sculptures placed, I to children have told: " you to me what painted give. And that they have brought any muzhiks with the fish tails. What for to me such sramota? Have given me the girl with shchenjatkami in a small basket " Valentina Borisovna rejoices. About opening of a new monument, to Pasternak, she also did not hear. " and who is such? The tsar? Oh, at us those monuments! All also you will not remember ".

" Kaki verses, kaka love? "
people of the senior generation do not know About Pasternak almost anything. " I am not familiar with it, shrugs shoulders 76 - summer Tatyana Pirogova. you buy a small fish from me " better;. Tatyana Ilinichna gets from a package small karasika and suggests to feel: " Fresh. I on lisapete in the morning meal on small river, a fishing tackle catching, then offer people, 50 roubles kg. I worked as the milkmaid earlier, the cleaner at school was, now the widow, pension four and a half thousand. There is no money, my darlings so I fish. And your Sternaka I do not know, is not present ".

does not favour poetry and 85 - summer Antonina Kascheyev: " Us to anything to it did not learn. We lived in pletnevyh sentsah, the husband from war in one shinelke has come kaki verses, kaka love? Svekolka is, and it is good ". But Antonina Andreevna grieves for the spouse: " It good was. To drink saws. But never rolled. Sons-in-law so envied it: " Ivanovich, we roll, and you, how much have drunk, always home reach. As so! " Week to it to live remained, he has called me, I remember, and speaks: " I to you, Tonja, am grateful. Whatever I have come, you words across will not tell, vodichki will always allow feet to wash ". I that he was near me would want, is simple that sat. To talk, consult to it. Now on anybody it is impossible to consult, the people lihovskoj ". The daughter hurries Antonina Andreevnu: " Mum, we will go already ". It is necessary to gather for ever there leaves Antonina Andreevna native Muchkapa to the daughter to Volgograd: " to Die carry me. More never I will return. Know, how it is a pity to leave? Such beautiful places here, yes? And at us with the husband the highest and fluffy fur-tree grows in a court yard. You as to station will go, at once will see. It was not better than a fur-tree here at anybody. It is a pity ".

Inhabitants, even the most elderly, try to decorate the settlement. Who as can. Ledovsky brings here monuments, someone does zaborchik of multi-coloured bottles, someone has painted the house in bright - yellow colour, someone on a bus stop has brought the soft sofa, two glasses and the tablet " not to smoke! " and almost all land flowers. On a central square too a sea of flowers. Knowingly Muchkap has occupied two years ago prize-winning places on an accomplishment at the All-Russia competition. " only Belgorod has outstripped us, head possoveta is distressed. But anything, we once more will try. With Pasternak - that! " Here, on the area, citizens whom the court has sentenced to public works do the cleaning. " they at me for thefts basically have got, Valentine Kapishnikov, the director of service for a settlement accomplishment explains. this has stolen a cable, that fire wood ". One pilferer its bride waits in tenechke. The girl drinks beer, clicks sunflower seeds and sighs, looking at the useless gentleman. There is here a love, is. And how differently?

" Simply not all at us are able to tell beautifully about feelings " head possoveta explains. Tatyana, the wife of head possoveta, agrees: " Our men not a word, and business prove love. My Michael Aleksandrovich, for example, the hands has constructed a shelter for pigs ".

" Smothering took off "
But also poets in settlement nevertheless are available. Almost in each issue " Muchkapsky news " verses of local authors publish. This week to readers represent Margarita Budunovoj`s creativity: " I very much love it vseju dushoju, / I Grieve always, when it not with me. / Such to me did not happen yet: / When with it was smothering took off ".

And young men who have a rest near a new monument, even about Pasternak heard. " On Sunday the concert was, there and spoke about it, one of guys remembers. it, means, of a train has got out, tea has drunk, and here flies. And for it to it have put a monument ". Guys at all against that to them there came tourists: " At us a place beautiful. Let look ". A leah

tourists in Muchkapom as a place of formation of the great Russian poet Will become interested? Perhaps, all-conquering force of art also will make Muchkap, whose name means " a wet place " a symbol of the Russian love and lyrics.

but if that, at muchkaptsev in a stock one more romantic history is available. Yury Alekseevich Gagarin in 1955 in Saratov has got acquainted with Inna Idobaevoj, the teacher whom have sent for work in Muchkapsky area later. And Gagarin too came on railway station Muchkap where the girl has met him. " to I.Idobaeva`s owners has presented Yury the groom, having asked permissions to spend the night to it, Write " Muchkapsky news ". Owner Ivan Foteevich has got moonshine from a cellar, a pickles. During a feast wished young good luck ".

At them then too has not developed: " Have agreed to write each other. But, as they say, not destiny ". Yury has left and more of itself did not remind. But it is not excluded, what exactly in Muchkape Gagarin it was generated as the cosmonaut. Therefore, as many inhabitants consider, and to it the monument here should stand. And on a station wall on a broader scale of a place it is full not for one still the memorial board of a place will suffice.