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Spontaneous association

However many regulated work objectionable and financed activity loyal NKO, in crisis situations it appears absolutely unimportant. The tragedy in Krymske has accurately shown — the trust level to any organisations at the Russian citizens is so low that in an emergency situation they instantly create the " the third sector " in which already existing organisations — only insignificant component.

all for some night hours on July, 7th flooding in Krasnodar territory has carried away lives more than one and a half hundreds persons and has left without habitation, documents and property of thousand inhabitants of Krymska and neighbouring settlements. In two days in the areas which have suffered from flooding of Kuban of profit of thousand volunteers. The people, ready to rake blockages of the deluged houses, came from Krasnodar, Sochi, Volgograd, St.-Petersburg, Samara and other cities of Russia. They cannot be carried to any concrete organisation, structure, fund or movement. To sgrebaniju silt, to carrying out of things and help gathering the young men collected by regional administration, and active workers of all parties and movements joined also, but in the majority it there were chaotic groups of people which simply came in Krymsk and searched, to whom to help.

the group of active workers and journalists which instead of the planned party in club Zavtra have organised a help rallying point on a viewing point on Vorobevyh mounts was engaged in coordination of the Moscow volunteers. On personal structure it reminded known oppositional camp lasting many days on Pure ponds " Pay back Abaj " only this time in actions of active workers and to it sympathising there was no political implied sense. Already on July, 8th with Vorobevyh of mounts have started to send in Krymsk waggons, buses and the cars hammered by the humanitarian help.

for some days collectors of the humanitarian help have passed All from formulations " all is necessary " to appeals not to bear any more clothes and products and to concentrate on other necessary things (for example, on means for disinfection of water and ware). And for who does not have time to endow the forces or to buy things, some bills where it is possible to transfer money have been opened at once.

the main and official settlement account was opened by the Krasnodar branch of the Geneva cross. Judging by the report published on its site on July, 11th, the fund has collected more than 82 million rbl. However, more half from them have listed large tranches of the organisation: 25 million rbl. from the Savings Bank of Russia, 4 million from " an United Russia " and more 1 million from the Krasnodar fund of support of party, 3,2 million from the multinational corporation - VR, 535 thousand from UFK across Krasnodar territory, 10 million from " Surgutneftegaz " 5 million from welfare fund " Ural Mountains " 750 thousand From Pervouralsk dinasovogo factory and 2 million rbl. personally from the general director of NTV Vladimir Kulistikova.

If to subtract from a total sum all these big tranches, it will turn out about 28,5 million the rbl. listed by medium-sized benefactors. To define precisely, what part private persons have sent, instead of the commercial organisations, now it is impossible, have explained " the Authorities " in the Krasnodar Geneva cross: but as a whole the organisation receives many transfers on 500 - 2000 rbl.

the Second for the sum of the means collected from private benefactors can name the group bill " the Help of Kuban. Krymsk, Novorossisk " in a social network " In contact ". To the middle of week in it consisted more than 12 thousand persons. In group it is specified two ways of remittance: " Yandex - a purse " or the bill in the Savings Bank. According to the organizer of group Anton Krasnov, a purse belongs to deputy Ilya Ponomarevu (Ponomarev has opened it in the morning on July, 7th). The deputy has given to Krasnov access to a purse, and that conducts the reporting and watches, that did not pass doubtful tranches. The sum of the collected means while is insignificant: " Yandex - a purse " has typed hardly more 300 thousand rbl., 620 thousand more on the bill in the Savings Bank. The sums of offerings vary from 10 rbl. to 30 thousand, but on the average it is transfers on 500 - 1000 rbl.

the Problem that people are not so ready to trust the money (and frequently and things) to strangers are afraid that they will not reach to needing and will come into the hands of swindlers, Krasnov explains. Their fear is quite explainable, especially if to remember how after fires in the Central Russia in 2010 - m in blogs appeared photos of the humanitarian help literally thrown out on a dustbin. The history with a whip-round the victim during war in South Ossetia became other reminder on absence of the distinct monitoring system over philanthropy in Russia. From above 1 mlrd rbl. which managed to be collected at the expense of offerings of private persons and the organisations, it has appeared on spetsschete in National bank of South Ossetia, and in 2010 of the power of republic have started to distribute this money to representatives of power structures in quality " credits for small-scale business development ". " I on it speak to them: if you trust nobody, gather, employ a waggon, poezzhajte to Krasnodar, distribute things " Krasnov declares. Where money from a purse further arrives, it does not know: he says that further means pass in the order of those who is engaged in the organisation of delivery of the help in Moscow and on places.

arriving means are already actively spent for maintenance of work of volunteers on a place, Ponomarev tells: Are bought benzopily, boots, tools everything to rake blockages. Besides, from the collected means transport for volunteers is paid. The part of money will go on the direct financial help to victims. " with it it is necessary to be defined still: we want to spend money for that, on what the state " is not spent; the deputy tells. " now we help with remote settlements as the Ministry of Emergency Measures works basically in the centre, and the considerable part of the suffered farms remains without attention " Ponomarev gives an example.

Small bills for gathering by the victim open separate regions, church wards, list a salary part in some departments and the companies. The salary it is indicative the prime minister - minister Dmitry Medvedev has listed also.

collected while means will not be compared even to fire-prevention philanthropy of 2010: Then on a joint bill of Public chamber and the Savings Bank for victims by October, 2010 has arrived almost 290 million rbl.

Nevertheless the means offered citizens after all money, instead of old clothes will soon be necessary suffered from flooding and to the inhabitants who have lost all property of the deluged settlements will not be compared yet even to the promised volume of the state support. Besides single payment of 10 thousand rbl. for urgent needs suffered from flooding promised on 50 thousand rbl. from the regional budget and more on 100 thousand from federal, in a case if people have lost habitation and property. In case of partial loss victims will receive 75 thousand rbl. we Will assume that behind indemnification all will be converted not declared by the authorities of 24 thousand victims but only 20 thousand, and all of them will want to receive only on 75 thousand rbl. Even in this case it appears that the minimum necessary sum for payment to citizens makes 1,5 mlrd rbl.

One more important certificate of transition of a civil society in Russia on the following step of evolution there was an indicative association of the political opponents apolitically co-ordinated for the help to the victim. Suppression of fires - 2010 was marked loud the Internet - by scandal when blogery have suspected that pictures, on which active workers " Young guards " an United Russia " " ostensibly extinguished fires, have been processed in program Photoshop. In particular, blogery have paid attention that like active workers self-denyingly struggling with a fire stood on pictures in pure footwear, with pure shovels, the smoke on a photo crept at all there where should, and some especially active " firemen " during time " suppressions " each two minutes sent messages in Twitter.

This time all looks differently. The deputy - United Russia party member Robert Shlegel, the deputy - eser Ilya Ponomarev and the suspect on the case of disorders Maria Baronova together are on May, 6th on Kuban and co-ordinate work of volunteers. Representatives " Ours " side by side with participants of oppositional meetings assort the destroyed houses.

However, party " an United Russia " and this time it has appeared involved in scandal with self-public relations. It not only unlike the majority of other collectors has decorated the deliveries by labels with party symbolics, but also, according to messages in various blogs, has supplied with the stickers and the nonparty help to victims. " an United Russia " this message, certainly, at once has denied, and party active workers already on delivery points, on an attestation of eyewitnesses, removed symbolics of party from the humanitarian help.

Shlegel otvetno has accused of self-public relations of the leader " the Apple " Sergey Mitrokhin who ostensibly has organised in Krymske meeting at a building of regional administration.

charges of the United Russia party member or not, not too important are fair. At that time while in Moscow politicians continue to argue on that, how much harm can put " foreign agents " artfully pretending to be NKO, and how much advantage the sovereign noncommercial organisations, in Krymsk from all Russia come nobody the engaged people.

also it has appeared what to help as business (to extinguish fires to observe on elections or to rake blockages), and rouble (both on meeting, and on medicines and ware) at Russians it turns out better on an own will, than under someone`s order.