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Management to crisis

Vladimir Putin has formulated foreign policy strategy of Russia. As has found out " the Power " in the closed part of performance in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the president has punished to a diplomatic corps to prepare for world crisis and recognised that Russia in this situation is vulnerable.

passing time in two years in a skyscraper of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Smolensk area of a meeting of the president with diplomatic corps (ambassadors, heads of departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and also heads of profile committees of the State Duma and federation Advice) are always conceived by diplomats as adjusting the president puts before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accurate problems for the nearest period. And when the new president is selected, performance before a diplomatic corps usually coincides with acceptance of the new foreign policy doctrine of the Russian Federation. This time this document had not time to prepare work on it will be finished only by December. Nevertheless on July, 9th diplomats have conceived Putin`s performance as program. " For those who is connected with foreign policy in the Russian Federation, performance of the president, certainly, the guide to action " tells " the Authorities " the high-ranking official listening to Putin.

the new foreign policy doctrine which was outlined by Putin, differs from that which president Dmitry Medvedev of that time two years ago tried to explain diplomats. The first difference in the list of priority political partners. In July, 2010 Medvedev has acted with almost revolutionary message he has urged to place foreign policy in the service of upgrade and even democratisation of Russia. Development of relations with the West which could result to Russia technologies, the advanced experts and the capital should become a priority. Medvedev then named Germany, France, Italy, EU in whole and the USA. But the CIS countries which were a priority in first two Putin terms, have appeared in Medvedev`s list on the third place after the countries of Asia.

the Present list of priorities of Putin looks differently. On the first place in it the countries of the Customs union with Kazakhstan and Belarus, and also Ukraine which the president of the Russian Federation obviously wishes to see in amicable numbers of this integration association, instead of, say, zones of free trade from EU. On the second place relations with Asia typing power, first of all with new giants both #150; China and India. The third in the list of priorities Putin named relations with Latin America and Africa and only then has mentioned Europe and the USA. But it only in an open part of performance. More important closed part, according to several sources " the Authorities " has been in many respects devoted relations with the European Union, and accents have been placed on - new basically Putin spoke about approaching crisis of an eurozone and its value for Russia.

" the president has shared sensation that present crisis in EU System that is the decline of the old West which has been stretched in time. The second wave of crisis is inevitable, and it will painfully strike first of all across Europe. But Russia also is vulnerable, as is adhered to the European markets. So it is necessary to make everything to soften consequences of this blow both for itself, and for Europe " retells the closed part of performance of Putin one of present at a hall.

according to the interlocutor " the Authorities " Putin has underlined that " a life buoy " for EU in the conditions of crisis there could be a strengthening economic and even political cooperation with Moscow (in an open part of performance he has mentioned cancellation of visas and plans of creation of the uniform market). Thus, having united, Russia and Europe could act as a counterbalance both to the becoming stronger China, and a unique military superstate of the present the USA. " we in one boat " the official of a word of Putin retells. Thus, as he said, already after the speech the president some times corrected diplomats acting after it who did too sharp antiwestern statements.

thus, in any sense Vladimir Putin comes back to with what began, in the beginning 2000 - h then still the young president of Russia was one of the main supporters of rapprochement with the European Union, and speech which Putin on - nemetski has said in the German Bundestag in September, 2001 became deification of this course. However, then relations have sharply deteriorated especially after YUKOS business, " colour revolutions " on the post-Soviet territory and gas wars of Moscow with Kiev and Minsk. But now, seemingly, the Kremlin wants to head again for rapprochement, having used easing of Europe as a result of crisis at last to achieve the status of the partner equal in rights.

others proryvnyh ideas, according to experts, in Putin`s speech does not contain. " From Putin`s last performances on a foreign policy subject it becomes clear that it considers world system as being in crisis. The Whole world is chaotic, everything develops not clearly where, that world leaders do, conducts not to the decision of problems, and to their aggravation, the editor-in-chief of magazine " believes; Russia in the global policy " Feodor Lukjanov. it seems, Putin is assured that any big strategy in such uncontrollable world is impossible, that is why it is necessary to be engaged in concrete things which will help to strengthen economy and to earn money in the conditions of an approaching second wave of crisis. It is such theory of small affairs ".

In an open part of the performance Putin has put to diplomats two practical problems. The first the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should help advancement of interests of the Russian companies in foreign markets. " While we lose to many our foreign partners which are able more competently to lobby the business interests more often. We speak about resources of economic diplomacy for a long time, but cardinal changes yet have not achieved " Putin has declared. Putin demands from diplomats to struggle with protectionism concerning the Russian companies in the foreign markets, and also to advance production domestic VPK more actively.

the Second problem to increase a resource " soft force ". " Habitual methods of the international work are mastered by our diplomacy well enough, if not in perfection, but as regards use of new technologies, for example " soft force " is over what to think, Putin in an open part of performance has declared. while, it is necessary to recognise, the image of Russia is abroad formed not by us, it is deformed therefore often and does not reflect a real situation in our country " (How Russia uses this tool and how much money the budget spends for improvement of image of the country, " the Power " in detail wrote in N14 from April, 9th, 2012).

According to the officials hearing the closed part of performance, in it the president spoke about " to soft force " it is even more. " the president has noticed that it is not enough once something " to utter a crow ". It is necessary to repeat, answer questions, to explain repeatedly and in different audiences. While, as he said, often it turns out that opponents of Russia even if they from the point of view of the law and morals are absolutely not right to target audience the positions " is better inform; retells Putin`s words one of the present.

other high-ranking official notices that Putin has instructed diplomats " to work with the press " more actively;. Here to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is over what to work, tell " the Authorities " Foreign journalists. Lately in work of department of the information and the press there were appreciable improvements: there was a format of weekly briefings, the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began to be updated in four languages, and recently the ministry and many embassies even have got accounts in Twitter and YouTube. However on level udobnosti for foreign journalists who inform a position of Russia to external audience, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation still does not hold out to the best western analogues.

steadfast attention which Putin has unexpectedly started to give " to soft force " speaks the whole complex of factors. " in Putin`s understanding soft power it is counter-propaganda. Not without reason before presidential election it has entered recently into a diplomatic turn absolutely new term a misuse " soft force " that is advancement by the West of the values through social networks " Lukjanov speaks. On the other hand, in conditions when the USA and EU threaten Russia with acceptance of laws like " the law Magnitsky " which can limit to representatives of the Russian elite access on the West, it is especially important to Moscow to be able to be protected and improve the image. Without it close cooperation with Europe on which Putin counts, will appear impossible even in the conditions of crisis.