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The genius should be much

News about a find in Milan 100 before unknown pictures young Caravaggio has divided Italy into those who believes, and on those who does not believe in sensation. It seems, the next detective, worthy Dan Brown`s feather

Michelangelo Merizi, the nicknamed Caravaggio under the small town name where he was born directly is before our eyes untwisted, still during lifetime had a reputation for the artist damned. Loud definition the hint of contemporaries is not so much on circumstances of restless life of the master, how much that to its violent spirit rest does not shine and after death. So, in general, also left: pictures Caravaggio steal and forge more than others, authenticity of the reburied remains of the artist, as well as circumstance of his death, raise till now the doubts. Well matched and sensational news of week prescription about 100 early products of the master which have been found out in Milan, suddenly called furious polemic.

Opening on 700 million
When the Italian news agency ANSA has blown up the summer news background which has fused from a heat the message on a find 100 (!) Unknown pictures young Caravaggio, I admit, I have hardly constrained an itch there and then to tick so appetizing sensation further on the Russian chain. But, having thought, did not begin to swallow straight off nazhivku.

I Will remind: in dispatch ANSA it was a question that in archive of the artist of XVI century Simone Petertsano, one of which pupils with 13 till 17 years was Caravaggio, modern critics of Mauritsio Bernardelli Kuruzom and Adrianoj Fedrigolli identify 100 early works of the great master of light and a shade.

in this message so it is a lot of details what to begin, perhaps, follows from adverbial modifiers of place. So, belonging to Milan municipality and the fund settling down in lock Kastel Sfortsesko Simon Petertsano is one of the major art criticism archives of Italy and Europe. It totals 1378 products as brushes of the artist (by the way, rather eminent in due time follower Titian), and its pupils. Therefore the assumption that one hundred products from this fund can belong to a hand of the future genius, at first sight looked so obvious that there was only one question: yes as such has not come to to anybody mind earlier?

However, and on it professional keepers of antiquities straight off gave the ready answer: though the city administration also has got fund still in 1924 - m, its cataloguing has begun only two years ago. Approximately during the same time also have begun the work of Mauritsio Bernardelli Kuruz and Adriana Fedrigolli, which, unlike slow regular registrars, has sufficed schitanyh months to make a miracle. In what it consists, we already know, and possible have made it, as appears from message ANSA, the newest technologies with which help two researchers have managed to reveal some kind of " a code Caravaggio " " a stylistic matrix " that is have caught certain " structural DNA " Uniting student`s sketches with later products of the artist. Researchers have found out this structural communication in more than 80 exhibits of fund which they and declared student`s products Caravaggio, in passing having estimated the revealed collection in 700 million euro.

as to sceptics it was offered to them to familiarise without delay with results of research, having bought on " Amazone " just laid out two there illustrated the volumes, signed by authors of a loud find.

" a code Caravaggio " or a marketing course?
having hastened on this popular trading portal, I have really found out two weighty (if so it is possible to be expressed about the Internet - books) volumes, the general complexity in 600 pages under the name " Young Caravaggio hundred found products ". Was evident that on their covers authors have preferred to take out the sensational drawings not found them, and fragments from known products of the master " the Sharper " and " a Judith killing Oloferna ". However everyone who will not regret 13 euros for the book, has possibility personally to make sure that in " old bellows " it is filled in anyway, authors of research insist on it new wine is made.

as from four languages on which the publication is offered, Russian was not, I will tell about the maintenance the Internet - volumes in detail. Among 438 illustrations, concerning lives of the artist, the most part, under the statement of authors, " never it was published " earlier;. The manuscript of young Merizi, its first self-portrait concern most interesting of them in the first book, and also not vidannyj earlier a portrait of marchioness Konstantsy the Column which was the patroness of the artist. Sensation of the second volume is for the first time the published portrait of mother of artist Ljuchii Aratori. But main " a counter " all publication a fascinating multipage puzzle offered readers where in fragments of known products Caravaggio the new drawings published nearby just revealed by critics in fund Petertsano are amazingly easily learnt.

From all above-stated authors the conclusion, already, however, rastirazhirovannyj mass-media, that " becomes; young Caravaggio has left from Milan for Rome with rather rich luggage ". As appears from similarity of the youthful on neighbourhood youthful and mature works, the next years it " will scan " elements of it " rich luggage " from the subconsciousness directly on ingenious cloths.

where this line conducts? Be critics, say, active workers separative " north Leagues " Their motivatings in favour of the Milan period Caravaggio would be clear: Rome supposedly at us has stolen one more genius. But, seemingly, authors of the publication are under the influence of other substitute more likely and follow the inventor " a code " other Italian genius. Logic and stylistics of their comments it is rather transparent send to Dan Brown`s novels and are obviously calculated on its admirers. Only listen attentively.

" more than 400 years unapproachable darkness hid one of the richest treasures of world culture, it is told in the preface to the first volume " Young Caravaggio " (hereinafter italics of authors of research. " about " ). After long researches secret conceptual door , allowed to reveal hundred drawings young Caravaggio has been opened... Thus, it was possible to reveal confidential engine one of the greatest artists of all times and at the same time to deny the widespread statement that Caravaggio never did pencil drawings ".

However who has told that opened " a code Caravaggio " kladoiskateli should not be guided by success of the author " da Vinci Code "? As with marketing technologies at them, seemingly, that`s OK. For involving in the game as it is possible bolshego numbers of users authors of research have opened well where without it? an interactive site which I have not failed to use. All worked honour on honour, and on a question on what it is to criteria critics have defined cost of the collection opened by them in 700 million euro, I have received on - tvitterovski short and on - denbraunovski the direct answer: Say, the sum is defined on the basis of the analysis of auction sales of drawings of artists of XVI century.

" or we here all fools... "
after such exhaustive recognition all remained questions apropos " a Milan treasure " it was necessary to address already to other researchers. Reaction has followed the most rough.

in general, or we here all fools, or I do not know, as to tell, Maria Tereza Foro who many long years was responsible for meeting of subjects of art by Kastel Sfortsesko has exclaimed the critic.

the Respectable lady has explained " to the Spark " that in fund and earlier numerous researchers, including those who was engaged in creativity Caravaggio worked. As she said, that fact that young Merizi was pupil Petertsano, always gave rise at critics to hope to find out early drawings of the recognised master of the Italian realistic school, however the bases to assert that such finds are made, was not.

creative podcherk Caravaggio is rather various that does improbable revealing certain " the general denominator " inherent in its cloths, moreover besides and shown at so early age, it is assured signor Foro.

Opposite, the critic, in early products Caravaggio, for example in " considers; Patient Bacchus " it is possible to see a hand of Petertsano. " Besides, she is perplexed, what is this manners? Serious researchers of art do not spread the publications straight in the Internet, they find for them more adequate variant of the publication ".

my God, yes I would be happy to such find! Emotionally echoes colleague Francheska Rossi, managing sector of drawings of a collection of Kastel Sfortsesko. I usually show exhibits to researchers. But as to Bernardelli Kuruza and Adriany Fedrigolli them I at all did not see. One year ago we as I remember, agreed with them about sending of photocopies of archival materials. And, by the way, that drawings are reproduced in very bad permission, forces to think, well I do not know, but can be even about a photoshop. Anyway, I learn these drawings hardly.

as to a hand-written note of young Merizi, whose authenticity is certified grafologom by Anna Grasso Rossetti, it has appeared that the expert of city court Breshii has drawn the conclusion too on the basis of a photocopy.

putting end under this history, known critic Tomazo Montanari from pages Corriere della sera sneers: " Clearly that Caravaggio bears in itself lines of Petertsano which has made on its impact. But this same what to take drawings of Verokko (teacher Leonardo da Vinci. " about " ) and to attribute their Leonardo ".

However, at a hypothesis of authorship early Caravaggio is also supporters. Among them the famous in Italy critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the former minister of culture, a figure in Italy charismatic and influential, has declared " to the Spark " that " children good fellows also are reputable already because have stirred up this stiffened creek " a stone, it is necessary to understand, in a kitchen garden of slow traditional critics. As if confirming to its words the leading expert on creativity Caravaggio Klaudio Stinari recognised that till now has not familiarised with the sensational publication. However, even without looking, recognised that finds a plan of authors " clever ".

in general, conclusions from all this history while not to do at all early. It is better to follow to advice of the head of Department of culture of Milan municipality Stefano Boeri which has promised scientific examination of opening, and in expectation of its results has called to " care in estimations ". By the way, on a municipality site the heap of drawings from fund Petertsano is laid already out, truth, not all of them open.

judges and the prices
Present sensation at all its uniqueness not the first and not last in a historiography Caravaggio: extremely topical life Michelangelo Merizi, one of the most brutal Italian artists, always gave food for a creative both to professional researchers, and adventurers. It, it is possible to tell, reminds a serial (them, by the way, about Caravaggio it is removed much) so fascinating that continue to finish it and after demise of the master.

for this reason pictures Caravaggio, left weight of imitators and followers, are incessantly found out, forged and stolen worldwide.

Among judges Caravaggio the most improbable characters were found out. For example, bosses cosa nostra which its art has enslaved so that stolen by them in 1970 - e a late masterpiece of the master " Christmas with a sacred Lawrence and the Francis Assizsky " the police vainly searched already till 2009. Also would search further if 2009 - m killer Gaspare Spatutstsa did not admit that to a consequence that its boss Filippo Graviano has burnt the well-known cloth which cost is estimated today in 20 million euro.

the episode of 2008 and #150 became not less dramatic; history with abduction from the Odessa art museum of a picture " Judas Kiss " which was considered as an author`s copy Caravaggio. Found out in three years in Berlin the canvas has been solemnly returned the Ukrainian authorities by the Angela Merkel. However after all this sensation art examination has confirmed correctness of those who considered Odessa " Judas Kiss " Not an author`s copy, and only the list of a brush of the little-known Italian artist. Has changed, accordingly, and the price: from 200 to 500 thousand euro instead of 50 million before abduction (by estimations of the Ukrainian keepers). As to the original " Judas Kiss " it on - former in art gallery of the Irish Dublin. And judging by that, how much are other pictures Caravaggio, is simply invaluable.