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The dog in the manger

In Moscow Multimedia Art Muzee has opened an exhibition - a retrospective show of Brassaja (1899 - 1984). Michael Trofimenkov considers that Brassaj  0; an exception among the great photographers creating a plastic image of the XX-th century: about it there is nothing to tell.
Brassaj is absolutely equal to the creativity, is dissolved in it. Its photos intrigue, surprise, fascinate and continuation and #150 demand; the story that behind them costs. And there is nothing to tell: transfigured Brassaem a reality as though has cancelled a reality initial. There were Paris thawing in a fog Brassaja which have stared at spectators with arch eyes bridges Brassaja, brothels of Brassaja which have continued begun Toulouse - Lotrekom annals of cheerful houses.

Brassaj the photographer without the biography, in the XX-th century it too a rarity. At it not the biography, and biographical particulars: was born, studied, married. Has left native Brashov which has departed from Hungary to Romania (in its honour nee Djula Halas and takes to itself a pseudonym), without escaping from white terror as Laslo Mocha - Nad in 1919, and to study as the sculptor in Berlin, whence the direct road conducted, certainly, on Montparnasse. It was not wound on fronts, on one of which its other great compatriot and the colleague and #150 has left life; Robert Kapa. Did not consist, it was not involved, did not participate. Occupation has overstayed in the workshop: has not wanted to obtain at nazis the permit to employment by a photo and with pleasure has returned to the thrown drawing. Has become famous in the beginning 1930 - h once and for all unlike the star Martin Munkachi who has died in poverty and oblivion.

about it even jokes under memoirs not naskresti though he was on friendly terms with everything though wandered the whole nights on lush back streets " secret Paris " as its legendary album is named. A unique joke That he was engaged in a photo unwillingly and is impossible late. Simply, earning on life reportings for the Hungarian newspapers, it at first reserved photos to them to friends and as friends eternally do all not so, has borrowed in 1926 the chamber at (one more) great Hungarians Andre Kertesa also has rushed.

there is still a history how, having seen drawings of Brassaja, Picasso has angrily exclaimed: " What you, owning gold mine, you develop the hydrochloric? " but it sounds too vysprenno, as in any " Biographies of great painters " Vazari as if have decided Brassaj to compose from Picasso something ridiculous, yes it has not turned out.

it is terrible to tell, but in its photos, as well as in his life, too almost occurred nothing. The night city is deserted, have fallen asleep kloshary at Stock exchange walls, miss in expectation of clients of the maid, kiss behind little tables of demotic bistros of a couple But it not that unique, culmination kiss, as on the well-known picture of Robera Duano, not event, and so, potselujchiki.

Only once, apparently, the tragedy when it has casually removed from apart death of the passer-by in parkway Glaser has got into the world of Brassaja.

Even the person at Brassaja any frivolous not the person, and a mask of the red clown. Such unpresentable persons are put not to artists, and flaneram. However, Brassaj also was flanerom, only from the night expeditions sometimes in Henry Miller`s society or the wittiest jazykotvortsa Rejmona Keno, but more often lonely it came back with great trophies.

Perhaps, when you are removed by the person with such person, it is inconvenient to accept poses, to assume a tragic tone and pose a thought on a forehead. Anyway, the portraits of great people created by Brassaem, are free from any excessive significance. Young El Salvador Distances is timid and kudrjav. Simon de Bovuar behind a cafe little table " Florae " it is similar on beautiful, but with uncomfortable private life the teacher checking the compositions of lyceum students. The brutal convict Jean Eugene who has not got used yet to role of the great writer, has stiffened before an objective respectfully - tensely. The dealer painting of Ambruaz Vollar as - that is strange pripechatal a hand a cat to the desktop. It seems that inspires to it: look, bezobraznitsa that has done, nechitanye newspapers has torn up to pieces.

and lives, and photos of Brassaja its mythological reputation letopistsa a city bottom urged to compensate Bessobytijnost. Say, broke a taboo, went into forbidden territories where, and it would be desirable to tell, the foot of the white person did not go. Almost with risk for life removed street shpanu, prostitutes and them " cats " smokers of opium, homosexual dances and secret rest gologrudyh dancers from " Foli Berzher ". This reputation does not stand test by works of Brassaja.

the Bottom which it removed, actually any not a bottom, and simply one more of floors of Paris. Brassaju contrasts of any sense are alien: it finds new harmony in collision of contrasts. Are harmonious sleeping kloshar and a couple, equipped on one bench, but as if not noticing each other. The bronze lion covered by snow in a garden of Tjuilri is harmonious. Paris as integrity in which palaces and brothels are necessary each other is harmonious also.

it now 1920 - e and 1930 - e years seem us patriarchal, puritan. Meanwhile the brothel was one of columns of the Third republic, the same lawful social institute, as church, school or a bench of the greengrocer. In brothels came to have supper and dance. George Simenon wrote the reportings in brothels, and Edit Piaf removed apartments during war.

whores Brassaja Any not femmes fatales and not a victim of a society, and cosy, quite bourgeois beings. Fun of unisex pairs so carefree, as fun of the hard workers dancing on national ball under an accordion. Stiffened as before a throw in attack, guys from Big Albert`s gang, of course, look rather awesomely, but the Parisian hooligans long since adored to pose, flaunt and say lies about the exploits. A night wrong side never sleeping huge market Le - Al, " bellies of Paris " it is no more appetizing, than a wrong side of any other market, but only in Paris the city belly settled down in its most heart, and at a dawn of onions soup secular idlers there were declared to eat.

unless has got / has got and time and again in an objective of Brassaja an exotic being. Huge, mannish, it / it that convulsively clings to a glass with champagne with a joyful smile of the cannibal embraces at once two maidens. It is Violett Morris, the repeated Olympic and world champion in many sports: from a car racing to a disk throwing. But in the history it remained as " a hyena of Gestapo " during occupation torturing the arrested women and killed by guerrillas from an ambush.

only this future Brassaj could not begin to see clearly, and if Violetta`s photos are conceived now as the certificate on the XX-th century, this perception false, anachronistical.

Brassaj, besides, also the photographer without philosophy. Each of giants of the XX-th century by all means yes has rapped out something immortal. Kapa that if the photo has not turned out, it means that you have approached insufficiently close. Anri Cartier - Bresson about turning point in fractions of a second, ability to catch which distinguishes the present photographer.

Brassaj too much that has told, without having told thus anything. Type: the composition is so important, as well as a plot. Or: The photographer should possess both sensation of life, and ability to embody it definitely. Or: I invent nothing, I imagine all. Brassaem is unessential to be to utter such, and though it followed these alphabetical principles, as well as any other photographer, they at all will not explain magic of its works.

chairs in a city garden as two couples, have with insult turned away from each other. Gorgulja Notre Dame de Paris it seems more live, than stood between it rozhek a pigeon. The prostitute left on the panel in a cheerful dress in a floret. The fire dissolved klosharami under the bridge flickers.

in general - that is not so much photo, how much a poem. Sometimes similar to lapidary jokes of good-natured person Jacque Prevera. Sometimes if in a shot there is absolutely an improbable being from the night bar, any old woman Bizhu, dressed flashily, as if to it eternal eighteen, instead of eighty and more, on " harm Flowers " Baudelaire. The same poems the graffiti which Brassaj removed within thirty years, yet has not let out an album (1960), sensationally opened to the world existence of street art.

Brassaj the poet - the surrealist? Partly yes, he was on friendly terms with surrealists, but their movement never entered, manifestos did not sign. Actually surrealistic poetics casual as though sculptures from bus tickets or the matches, the woman`s faces overturned in ecstasy in its early creativity occupies a place of honour. But any poetry sjurrealna, and Brassaj simply poet without additional epithets and shortcuts.

for this reason it as to any poet, there was nothing to tell, besides, that is spoken by its products. For this reason and about him, as about any poet so something is difficult to tell.