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Material assets

At building of country habitation it is used not so many technologies and materials. Concerning new is panelno - frame technology, its share actively grows. The brick and tree share remains stable.
as Andrey Tetysh, ARINA`S chairman of board of directors assures, following the results of last year the greatest popularity among builders and buyers use karkasno - panel cottages and houses from gazobetona. Buildings from these materials are offered in 50 % of new settlements where cottages and sites with podrjadom are on sale. Cottages from a bar make about 20 %, the same as also at home of a brick. Approximately 15 % are necessary on constructions from a log.

Evgenie Streltsova, the chief of department of advertising and PR Open Company " the Management company " Start of Development " " says that also the certain share in some settlements is occupied with the habitation constructed on technology of a fixed timbering. " Gradually, on hardly - hardly there is an offer of houses for which building the technology " is used metallokarkasnaja; madam Streltsova adds.

Svetlana Moskovchenko, the leading expert in marketing of the consulting centre " the Petersburg real estate " gives a little different from calculations of the company of ARINAS an apportion on building materials. She considers that on - former the technology of building from concrete blocks is in the lead in the market: " This technology is the leader as in a zone of constant residing (to 30 - 40 km from a city), and in a zone of conditionally constant residing ". Almost in a quarter of settlements are under construction or such houses are constructed.

" on a share of settlements, where building of houses from a tree is offered to buyers (a bar, the log), is necessary hardly less 23 percent. In a zone of seasonal residing (further 40 - 50 km from a city) the tree confidently is in the lead from shares in 52 percent from total number of settlements. Brick houses, as well as as a whole expensive projects, ever less. The share of projects where building of houses from a brick is offered, makes 9 percent from number of settlements " madam Moskovchenko continues.

" Cottages and the townhouses constructed on bystrovozvodimym to technologies, allow to offer buyers a ready product that also contributes in their popularity. After all now in the market the greatest demand for sites without podrjada and on ready inexpensive houses. Now houses constructed on technology the panel - a skeleton, make 16 percent of the cottage offer (on number of settlements) " Svetlana Moskovchenko summarises.

Vladislav Fadeev, the head of department of marketing of department of consulting GVA Sawyer, shares the data of researches of the company: " In Petersburg among building materials which consumers plan to use, the core is the brick. Positively 61 percent of respondents concerns its use. 39 percent of respondents are ready to use foam concrete or gazobeton, on 32,3 percent frame technology (a skeleton from a bar + a heater) or kleenyj a bar. A usual bar, profilirovannyj a bar or monolithic technology are ready to use 25 - 26 percent of respondents ".

Pluses and minuses
Natalia Raevsky, the head of department of cottage and low building AN " Itaka " says that as the most expensive materials for building of country houses are considered a brick and kleenyj a bar. Further wooden houses (log), frame and gazobetonnye buildings.

the main worthiness of a brick both #150; durability and durability of a material. Brick buildings differ good warmly - and sound insulation, they are steady against influence of microorganisms and are not afraid of fire. Besides, this material provides a variety of architectural forms. It is possible to carry that erection of a building from a brick occupies a lot of time, besides and #150 to lacks; this material needs constant good heating.

the house constructed of wooden bars, both #150; a strong and harmless structure which the one ten years can serve not. From ecological compatibility one of the main lacks of the given material and #150 follows also; its fast vosplamenjaemost. For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that today on a choice a variety of means which are capable to protect a material from negative factors whether it be fire, rotting or insects - wreckers is offered to the buyer. Also it is possible to carry necessity to minuses of a wooden structure vystaivanija boxes about one year.

Frame buildings are erected quickly, have the facilitated base and differ service long term. At their building modern materials are used, such houses can be erected and during the winter period of time. Besides such buildings give the chance to swing imaginations of the designer - the architect and to use set of architectural forms.

gazobetonnogo housing constructions it is possible to carry fast terms of erection, fire resistance of a material and profitability to pluses. To minuses hygroscopicity. Gazobeton is afraid of deformation, therefore there is a necessity of a bookmark of the tape base or the base on the basis of a ferro-concrete plate.

Anna Korsakova, the assistant to general director AN " Baltros " speaks: " As common fault of all technologies it is possible to note seasonal prevalence of civil work, and also impossibility of repair and house settling right after its erections, necessity to wait time usadki the new house. This period can make to 12 - 18 months at building, for example, from gazobetona or a tree. Right after buildings the house constructed on karkasno - panel technology " will be ready to internal furnish only;.

the General director of Open Company " KVS " Sergey Jaroshenko considers that in the market compact and rational cottages use demand, the attention is thus focused on the big surfaces of a glass cover and furnish of facades rich under the invoice: " the Excessive decor is not greeted today, but the combined decisions, as traditional and #150 use immutable success; plaster plus a stone, and rather unexpected a tree plus a brick. Popularity of decorative plasters " grows;.

Svetlana Moskovchenko marks: " In the last some years in country housing construction we observe a certain tendency transition to cheaper materials: foam concrete, gazobeton, a log of the Russian manufacture, the panel - a skeleton ". At the same time the director of department of country real estate AN " Bekar " Nikolay Romashin says that as investment purchase brick houses are got more willingly.

the General director of a management company of group " Unihundred Petrostal " Arseny Vasilev considers that to modern technologies of frame housing construction, or it makes sense to resort to classical variants of brick and wooden housing construction, if the buyer is going to be engaged in building independently, to supervise building stages, to make those or other decisions on engineering sites and design details. If how mister Vasilev considers is a question of purchase of already ready object, it is necessary to make a choice between reliable classical technology, for example, monolithic housing construction and so classical, but more harmless building from a bar.