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The video tool. Game on - large

this month have set up a record on a gain, left on the indicators planned on the end of the year. Ur! (Three times). But to rejoice, as it has appeared, early: money began not to suffice even more. Current activity strongly nedofinansirovana.

At "video tool" all time does not suffice money for completion of a program video platform for the sake of which the project is created. Having let out an alpha - and beta - the version of a platform we are yet ready to present service on general public. There are essential defects in a program code.

over a program code the remote command which is in Tolyatti works. Operative interaction with the command yet very much turns out, like as all goes according to plan, the code is written, surrenders pieces, is tested, but at the moment of start there are each time new problems.

There is a remote command some things understands on the, and "Video tool" management understands them on - to another. To reduce understanding in a single whole, two groups of people being in different cities of the country it appears very hard. All over the world now say that there is a tendency, a part of people to send on distant work so is cheaper and like as is more effective. Having worked in such mode, we began to doubt that will be possible to work effectively with the remote command at creation of difficult program service. "Video tool" experience shows that was cheaper to have the command of developers directly in Moscow. Even taking into account that salaries in Moscow above a minimum twice, rent of offices is more expensive than time in four, but time factor appears much more expensively money. In the presence of the command in Moscow, service would be already ready, and it could be deduced on the market and to begin the first sales of program service, and not just services. Frequently misunderstanding of small nuances of the remote command lead to that the same part of service is altered already the third time and the third time the same problems. Management of the remote command is carried out by means of American cloudy trekera, problems there are put and schedules of works are appointed, but even control automation by problems does not rescue from problems of management of the command.

as one of decisions - to carry all command to Moscow, to rent it here apartments, to sit down in offices and to put to them the local manager who will stand at them behind the back literally and to supervise each step. A question: where to take money for it?! What to pay back these new expenses it would be necessary to increase volume of services what to increase volume of services it would be necessary to involve still people, and more more to increase expenses on payment - a vicious circle.

one more variant - the decision - change of the head of workings out. Management of developers is given to the skilled expert from outside, in this case it is Denis Kapitonov who is specially brought to Moscow from Cheboksary. That at Denis would be to finish stimulus all and Denis conceived it as the basic and its most important business, the option, for a part of actions of "Video tool" is given to the head.

Now we a case in point on the possible reference to banks on project crediting. If it will turn out with the credit the command will be translated to proceeds of credit from regions to Moscow, and also it is necessary to lift sharply volume of made services for shops and to enter new services which we have refused earlier as from unpromising from the point of view of long-term development of the project.

despite small problems with a delay of the project developers, "Video tool" continues to develop even with a strong delay under plans, have just started to connect the platform to CDN the mobile operator "Megaphone". Through "Megaphone" “the Video tool will receive 12 new additional server sites, located on all length of Russia from Krasnodar to Khabarovsk which will allow to show video across all Russia with quality HD, without dependence from that in what city of Russia there is a spectator quality always will be comparable with television.

as there are begun negotiations with one of the largest operators cable IPTV networks of Russia, about video content giving (videoclips from the Internet - shops) in the form of the separate and high-grade video channel. For this purpose that the set from viderolikov would turn to the channel, they will be renewed, rewritten prompts and packed under TV the channel. Feature of this project that turns on the channel rollers will be only with those goods which is really available and right now, the software for synchronisation of bases on 1Ń and video platforms is for this purpose written.

for what becomes videplatforma IPTV? What any Internet - shop which possesses a qualitative video content, for example.“ Wildberries "or" the White wind ”, could receive time part on this video channel and sell the goods, using sales not only through the Internet, but also through TV. If at Ozon there is no selling video with the goods having converted to"Video tool"it can quickly receive it and quality and as operatively to receive and a broadcasting time on the video channel.

someone can tell: what for it is necessary, and so is full“ of TV shops on a sofa ”. However all not absolutely so. The video content the Internet - shop strongly differs from a content of a traditional TV shop if in a TV shop basically goes direct vparivanie the goods to the consumer video reviews which are prepared by" "Video tool" these are fair and detailed analysis of the goods with illumination of its merits and demerits. Such objective approach already yields the results, consumers start to trust shop in which there are such reviews which tell and about lacks on each of the goods and to whom these goods will approach and to whom is better be not to buying he.

and the most important factor, what for it becomes, this sharp increase in sales in the Internet shop. Shop of the third echelon having connected to "Video tool" should lift the sales on such level which to it will allow to overtake even shops entering into a top - 10 on a break-even sales level in Russia.

in unofficial conversations one of a top - managers European the shop Internet, has told, how there was a situation with it in Germany and Europe: the large Internet sells shop about 6 thousand goods a day, just the same shop which besides the Internet uses also television, sells an order of 60 thousand goods a day. A difference between them almost in 10 times. And it means that having included in a platform shop with sales in 1000 goods a day, it is shop will gradually grow up the sales of the goods on level of shop number one in e - commerce Russia.

the mechanism “the Video tool,” for any the shop Internet will look as one entry point on all platforms. Having connected to system "Video tool" shop will receive:

- high quality of the video Internet across all Russia,

- presence of the shop in system Smart - TV leading manufacturers of TVs with connection to the Internet,

- special video - the application for platform Android and iOS for tablets and communicators,

- and also gets in IPTV cable networks in cities of Russia where there are large operators (a Biline, Akado, Strim and others).

Feature of the system created by "Video tool" it will be possible what to shop as from any device and at once, for example, both with iPad, and with directly from the TV.

the most difficult for "Video tool" is to persuade operators of the big five to start up to itself the Internet shops. For example, what to submit video signal in satellite TV - system Trikollor it is necessary to spend an order $700 thousand as an entrance fee. What to stimulate demand from operators "Video tool" offers operators the scheme of division of the income. The seller will pay 1 % from cost of the goods "Video tool", in turn "Video tool" - 50 % from payment leaves to itself, and the others of 50 % gives to the operator (a Biline, MTS...) . At the average check in 3 thousand rbl. on purchase in day, should be on sale through system of an order of 30 thousand goods that will give an order of 900 thousand rbl. of a daily gain. 450 thousand from this the sums remains to "Video tool" that in a month should make an order of 13,5 million rbl. of the income.

before high-grade start of this project will pass, most likely, as early as year, but this autumn "Video tool" plans to spend test sales with participation of one of operators.

for today "Video tool" regarding video - services for the Internet - shops occupies an order of 70 % of the market of Russia. Actually our project also has created it the market in Russia. But to be the first in the market and to form it very hard. To the customer it is simple there is nothing to compare and it while badly understands, how it will work, therefore sales of services of "Video tool" go not simply.

the most global problem now - where to take money for the project what to finish it to the logic end. Sales to level 5 - 20 - 30 thousand goods will grow a day within a year, and is possible also two. All this time of "Videointstrument" will bear heavy expenses on IT - an infrastructure. Schemes of financing of this project are now searched. As one of variants - to try to agree with shops of the second or third echelon (with a gain 100 - 500 million rbl. a year). Now chances that these shops leave in leaders the market Internet is. But in a reality they are insignificant, leaders are too far on turns are huge on financial stocks. However by means of system "Video tool" these shops, probably, will have a chance to overtake the main competitors. If to collect from these shops on 10 million rbl. as a down payment for the future services then no credits and investors will be necessary for the project "Video tool". A leah shops will go on it is not clear yet. Other variants of financing while are searched, but anyway project start “One entry point” "Video tool" assumes to make completely by own strength.

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