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" the Fear to lose money for people is more important than truth "

the Authorities of Krasnodar territory have started to pay the first indemnifications to victims of flooding. For each victim have allocated on ten thousand. This money is allocated for needs of the first necessity. Special correspondent ID " " Oleg Kashin has told about an event to leader Alexey Korneyev.
on tapes any large quantity of messages on hearings, about provocations, about refutations of officials, that ostensibly the city is flooded with any provokers, hearings about the second flooding falls. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already made the statement that will make these provokers answerable. What about it it is known?

When we tell a word " provokers " there is in consciousness an external saboteur who has arrived and dismisses hearings. I simply observed just last, probably, the most powerful splash in panic attack which was worried by a city. It really was strong. It is literally on my eyes the people has blocked off traffic on a crossroads of street of Lenin and Komsomol in Krymske when any man from the seventh floor devjatietazhki in the street Cherry has told that sees the second wave from balconies. It stood on a balcony and has cried out it downwards. People in what were, have come running in the centre, with mood urgently to run from a city, up hill and down dale.

Has accumulated one hundred people, can, more. To local measures, it is normal. There with them negotiations were entered by police, and such ridiculous moments: each new information calls additional reactions. The car drives, leaves wet traces on dry asphalt aha, for certain the car from a zone of flooding hypothetical. Then the policeman shouts: " Yes look, at the car disks dry " - all calm down. Then lifts over a head phone included on a public address system. In phone something hisses, he says that it is water rustles. All panic - water rustles. Then all - taki was found out that that`s OK, the people began to disperse.

the second hearing that the quantity of victims is very strongly underestimated.

Also that them carry refrigerators of system of supermarkets " the Magnet ". Actually, yes. On a place of this trading network I would think how to be rehabilitated. Because long still Krymsk and I, in particular, when will see the following time the refrigerator with an inscription " the Magnet " first of all I will think - for certain in it corpses lie. Because each hearing is based on truth. Really in a mortuary there are no places, and is valid near to a mortuary there are three big waggons refrigerator with a logo " the Magnet ". In it bodies lie.

and the person from Investigatory committee (here from Investigatory committee, very much it it is a lot of them a half-city) which supervises over delivery of bodies to relatives, swore that people 175. I observed, how the woman who speaks, undersigned for the aunt whom to it have given out, the sunk aunt, and in magazine of delivery of bodies it had number 315. Means, people, at least 315. But, besides, the person from Investigatory committee swore it, 315 is it is impossible, because it since new year, it is mortuary numbering. I do not know, to city measures in which 50 thousand lives, 300 persons died in a year, it, probably, is not enough all - taki, but, anyhow, such history.

the third hearing that ostensibly victims at flooding in Krymske ask to sign at certificate drawing up documents that they have been notified, but houses have not decided to leave.

I talked to such people who speak it. And, name the names, say that such receipts forced to sign, give them, and that they gave them, it is natural, because the fear to lose money for people is more important than truth.

Officials of Krasnodar territory already have reacted to it, and the minister of social development of edge, a certain Elena Ilchenko, named the message provocation, and those who extends such hearings, provokers. See, everywhere provokers at them.

very simply to divide people into provokers and neprovokatorov, but in Krymske, I think, it is difficult, because all people each other know, plus - a minus, and enemies whom meaningly destabilises a situation, here are not present. Though too hearing number four: we now with the photographer specially went to look, and, probably, we can deny it - very popular history that in the street, let me think, in the street Snow, have meaningly blown up a dam. That is, or act of terrorism, or it is not clear that, people heard a clap. And very many people heard a clap, can, it as - that is connected.

In - the first, this dam below a city, therefore water therefrom has not gone, we there have gone, there really heap of such stone fragments which not clearly whence have undertaken, but very dry, for a long time they lie. Simply according to the logic of things if there really there was any explosion, probably, at least one militiaman there stood, and there an open country, and the big pool, a hole - whether the funnel, whether really always was a hole.

Oleg, is informed that inhabitants all - taki have achieved possibility to fly by the helicopter a water basin as I understand, second-large. It is valid so?

Here I did not hear it. But, besides, the first water basin was flown this morning by five persons. Specially asked each passer, did not see people who flew. Probably, truth flew, because the helicopter over a city flies.

On a broader scale conditions to that you speak, strained enough. And today, by the way, there passed the information that the Ministry of Internal Affairs was converted to inhabitants - to hand over the weapon for a while. Really all so is intense?

No, I think, such reference on duty, because people on the verge. Armed revolt, of course, cannot be expected. This poor head of area, Krutko, it is ridiculous to me yesterday in we wash the reporting which left today, complained of a disorganisation, and today as a result of it and have dismissed. Though, of course, here I can agree with it because when in a city works simultaneously a little and federal departments, both firemen, and policemen, everybody from the different regions, unfamiliar with each other, with district - here without a disorganisation it is difficult to manage, it is simply impossible.

Who is accused most of all by townsmen of an event: Tkacheva, Krutko?

I would not tell that there is any hatred. People concern Tkachevu, as to Putin. That is, as to a reality, as to a natural phenomenon. Here more I was impressed with one phrase, too at a mortuary told that here the power concerns people on - kubanski. And that such on - kubanski is when on people to spit. Here it seems to me, is more characteristic.

information on places of gathering of the help to the victim at flooding in Krasnodar territory.

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