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Today, on May, 25th, day of memory of the Prelate of Epiphanius, a diocesan Cyprian

The party of communists is ready to carry on dialogue with opposition

Larissa Rubalsky has told about greed Pugachevoj

The Office of Public Prosecutor of Vladimir region has forced the authorities to find money for hospital repair

In Vladimir proprietors of habitation solve a question on export TBO

Has stolen &q uot; copeck &q uot; and ran into the traffic police car!

Fruit and berries naedimsja from a paunch!

The drunk has arranged in Kind autorodeo

The information on nuclear explosion in Northern Korea has not proved to be true yet

In Irkutsk have chosen the most beautiful woman

&q uot; Ural Mountains &q uot; has stopped

QUESTION of DAY: What do you remember from the pioneer past?

All the Internet - magazines on

- Lithuania has entered into with Russia the agreement on delivery of the Russian electric power

Let`s defend caucasus

By the end of the year 45 thousand inhabitants of the Irkutsk region there are without work

Date in the history of the Tula edge: on May, 25th

Hydrocephaly. Problems at school

You give east accent

Week in Tula has begun with weather improvement

Krasnoyarsk drivers shtrafut by new rules

&q uot; Last call &q uot; has rung out for 4 thousand graduates of Syktyvkar

Day of the press - 2009 in Samara

&q uot; Port &q uot; on the bank of park

All - on fitness - a party!

To country house of Haapasalo will tell to Europe truth about Vladivostok

Writer Oleg Roj has cursed &laq uo; skyscrapers - pieces of glass » Ekaterinburg

Actors &q uot; Lenkoma &q uot; in Bottom: &q uot; we will devote This performance to Yankovsky! "

Great composers in Omsk. Volume 10. Sergey Taneev

New penalties of the Vladivostok motorists have not frightened

The best pilot of the world Svetlana Kapanina: &q uot; There was a hope ray that the sports aircraft will live "

Halfback FK &q uot; Chelyabinsk " Konstantin Nizovtsev has hammered the heth - trik of what yet was not

New complaints kemerovchan

The megaphone has come to the rescue!

Lord Feofilakt has opened orthodox photo-exhibition

On what complained kemerovchane and what is made?

In Nizhni Novgorod have chosen the princess of a carnival of graduates

Rostovchane began to appreciate more free time

New &q uot; the Sight " on children`s points

We gather for a graduation party

Rosselhoznadzor urges rostovchan to leave on struggle with ambroziej

The Finnish consul who has taken out the boy, will not return to Russia

Management of the countries of Baltic sea and the chairman of Eurocommission Heads of all countries of Baltic sea and the chairman of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso 17 will sign the plan memorandum on creation power smychek

In Omsk the office of the general medical practice

In Yaroslavl to pincers have declared ruthless war

In Rostov Kirkorov bought cuff links from a skin of a crocodile, and Kutsenko - jeans in the Central market

In Omsk it is planned to fall asleep the foundation ditches forbidden for bathing

In the second half of the year 2009 - go year in Latvia it is necessary to enter system of coupons?

What to us promised to make Rostov in the future

Children, in school gather!