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" Interns " in Ekaterinburg Actors of a serial « have got to a stopper and to the doctor

Unique prime ministers on the channel « the Telenurse »

The actress of Kupalovsky theatre of Zynaida ZUBKOV: " In Paris us accepted better, than in Minsk "

Lunar calendar of the gardener from November, 12 till November, 18th

The assistant to the governor of the Tver region Alexey Kasprzhak has apologised for the budget

The Voronezh dairy industrial complex will fine on 250 thousand roubles?

The homeless cat shouted three days, being afraid to jump off from a tree

The archdiocese declares a whip-round for redeeming the lock at the businessman

6 thousand inhabitants of Tula We have asked the mayor not to close the Kirov market

Domains of cyruses. rf and vjatka. rf are already reserved

The deserter of the Russian army is detained in India

What for the militia wanted to count Moslems of Voronezh?

The schedule of planned checks of the enterprises and the organisations of Tver

Moldova has asked the secretary general of the NATO to help to disengage the Russian armies from Dnestr region

The governor wants to translate Omsk to the Moscow time

In Bottom fire extinguishers « have become fashionable; under hohlomu »

Jane Fonda has defeated a cancer!

Kirovchane search for the relatives

Izhevchanka " has finished " the husband to a robbery!

Dima Bilan was surprised to the Kemerovo snowdrifts

Attention! From counters has disappeared " Count Monte - Cristo " Alexander Duma!

The hang-over and wheel, advice of the expert in narcology

How to construct the perfect house

In Baranovichi the pensioner has chopped an axe some foreign cars

To whom does professional burning out threaten?

Andrey Lushpaev: " At registration of passports through the Internet you will accept without turn "

Budgetary hole - 2011: anniversary injections have come to an end

That on a table ware in a museum an exhibit

Koshechkin catches " mice "

Soon new year: we go on a diet and we think of desires

Ask at KP: Washing 14 - the summer daughter became recently very reserved. What to do?

Mother poured to the son of a belt, and in some hours he has died

The taken down stalls will return in May, 2011

Members of parliament of Volgograd have left rent at former level

New Izhevsk quay take away on slices

In the centre of Voronezh have established a new traffic light and have put a marking


the Gym, a hall of aerobics, a hall of boxing and oriental combat sports, more than 40 kinds of group programs (taichi, yoga, pilates, Step, belly dance, Latina, Street dance, Dirty dance, Jazz, a ballet class, Cyclyng, etc.) Yoga, boxing, sajkl (virtual bicycle race), the program for pregnant women.

In addition: a sauna, a beauty salon, vertical turbosoljary, an office of medical diagnostics and consultation of experts, fitness - a bar, cosmetology, manicure, a pedicure, escalating of nails, massage, the Internet - cafe (Wi - Fi), bank, exchange office, crediting

Work on system of club maps (more than 20 kinds). Cost makes a reservation with the manager of club


Street of the Pilgrim, 9

Ph. (8442) 70 - 68 - 68



Pn. - sb.: 9. 00 - 21. 30

Vs.: 9. 00 - 16. 00

the Gym, kallanetika, step, an interval - step, an aeromix, hatha - yoga, thaw - bo, pilates, latino, east dances, the club dances, the special anti-cellulite program, children`s fitness.

In addition: a mesotherapy, tallasoterapija, massage, epiljatsija, piercing

the Subscription on 8 employment – 1000., on 12 – 1200 rbl.

Single visitation – 150 rbl.


  the sports World

Lenin`s Avenue, 173.    



  9. 00 – 21. 00, sb. - to 20. 00, vsk. - to 15. 00


Only a gym (100 rbl. employment, 300 - with the trainer).



the Reactor

Street Gorohovtsev, 2.



the Gym, kardiotrenazhery, aerobics, a strip - a plasticity, bodi - training, group of construction of a figure, pilates, personal trainings.



the Inquiry

That such …

the Aeromix - aerobic employment in which various directions of aerobics alternate: classical, step, a slide, fitbol, dancing aerobics.
Bodifleks is a system special diafragmnogo breath which sates our cages with oxygen. By means of oxygen there is a burning of fats and lipidov.

Kallanetika – fitness - gymnastics, system of static exercises for all parts of a body: feet, buttocks, hips, hands, shoulders, a back and an abdominal tension, directed on a stretching and reduction of muscles. It is considered to be that one school hours gymnastics kallanetik give to an organism the loading, equal to seven hours of classical shaping or 24 hours of aerobics.

Pilates - the complex of exercises thanks to which muscles of a press become stronger, backs, improves a bearing, coordination, flexibility, mobility of joints increase. It is irreplaceable for training of muscles of a small basin that is especially important for women.

Step - aerobics is the dancing aerobics spent with special platforms - « stepami ». It is considered that step it is good for preventive maintenance and osteoporosis and arthritis treatment, for strengthening of muscles of feet and restoration after traumas of feet. Step perfectly influences forms of shins, hips and buttocks.

Stretching - a complex of exercises on an extension. Muscles become more elastic, and joints mobile.

Thaw - bo - a complex of exercises from aerobics elements, karate and kik - boksinga. Employment thaw - bo will help not only to grow thin and strengthen heart, but also in any measure to replace employment on self-defence.

Fitbol - employment on shchvejtsarskom a gymnastic ball which with success it is applied to figure correction, forms a bearing and perfectly cheers up.

" In 2011 Belarus will buy from Russia of less half of oil for factories "

From sweets the diabetes does not arise

Management TSZH of Volgograd has sold another`s nine apartments

What is the time it is possible to collect documents on apartment in the inheritance?

Spetsprizy a film festival there was nobody to receive

To Samara have brought pictures 73 - the summer artist which Elton John admires!

Question of day: And you as have found the significant other?

Night of transformations on " Red October "

" Gold i " is not present

To pensioners will replace the paper travel card on electronic

Subject of morning show " Electronic textbooks - angrily or a miracle? "

To families of victims on Pinskdreve already have paid on 43 million

" In Belarus devaluation of national currency " is not planned;