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Russia and Kirghizia have gone on bases

have closely come nearer to signing of the largest agreement from the moment of disintegration of the USSR. As has found out " the Power " conditions of building of HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION " are already co-ordinated; Kambarata - 1 ". Now Russia waits from Kirghizia of concessions in the most painfull question — about military bases.

the prime minister of Kirghizia Omurbek Babanov has visited Moscow last week. On Tuesday it has met Dmitry Medvedev. " our meeting is planned not only to tell each other any kind words, but also to discuss problems " Medvedev greeted the visitor and has there and then mentioned a state debt of Kirghizia to Russia which makes about $470 million About, a leah was possible to solve any problems following the results of negotiations, neither Russian, nor the Kirghiz party officially did not inform. As has found out " the Power " Two prime ministers managed to agree at least on one problem in Russian - the Kirghiz relations, namely about destiny of the project on building of Kambaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 1 capacity 1,9 GVt on the river of the Sarai - the Jazz. Cost of building of station about $2 mlrd: " Kambarata - 1 " should become the largest joint project in the history of relations of Moscow and Bishkek from the moment of disintegration of the USSR.

at the Kambaratinsky project long history. Arrangements on participation of Russia in building of Kambaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS - 1 and HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 2, and also the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION cascade on the river Naryn have entered in Russian - the Kirghiz intergovernmental agreement signed still in 2008. Has been registered Russian - the Kirghiz company " Kambaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 1 ". From Russia in it participates " Inter the Russian Open Society "United Power Systems" " owning 50 % of actions. Second half at the Kirghiz Open Society " Power plants ".

the question on financing of the project and section of shares in already ready station was a Stumbling stone always. Russia in 2009 has agreed with president Kurmanbekom Bakievym that Moscow will give the credit for building of station at a rate of $1,7 billion However in April, 2010 to Bakieva the next revolution, and a question on the credit and destiny of station zavis dared. " Considering project scale, we will discuss destiny " Kambaraty " only after in Kirghizia there will be a constant power " spoke " the Authorities " in the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

in October, 2011 in Kirghizia the constant head of the state and #150 has been selected; Almazbek Atambaev. After that new negotiations about destiny " have begun; Kambaraty - 1 ". However for three years of a position of the parties have sharply changed. Russia began to demand not 50 % in ready station, and at once 75 %. And Bishkek in the answer threatened that will give the project not " Inter the Russian Open Society " And to more generous Chinese or Indian investors who stood in a queue the following on HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION building. Dispute proceeded till last moment, but has dared just now.

as have told " the Authorities " some the Russian and Kirghiz officials, a position of the parties have started to approach in June after Sankt - the Petersburg economic forum. Vladimir Putin has invited Atambaeva in the country residence to an informal meeting. In negotiations from the Russian side participated head " Rosneft " the responsible secretary of the presidential commission on TEKu Igor Sechin (it supervised power negotiations with Bishkek the last four years in a rank vitse - a premiere), the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov and the assistant to the president of foreign policy Yury Ushakov.

according to sources " the Authorities " Familiar with results of a meeting, there Putin and Atambaev have essentially agreed what to own Kambaratinsky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - 1 Russia and Kirghizia will be together and each party will receive on 50 %. However even after a presidential meeting there were serious questions: Russia has agreed to give the credit, but insisted on guarantees of return of investments. Now almost all these questions managed to be solved at a meeting of prime ministers, officials tell.

the general scheme of arrangements in retelling of the Russian and Kirghiz officials looks so. Moscow and Bishkek will receive on 50 % in the future station. Will finance the project Russia. But until Moscow will not return the investments, 50 - the percentage share of Kirghizia will be in trust management at " Inter the Russian Open Society " or " RusGidro " which will build HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION. " then this share, certainly, completely will return to the Kirghiz party, tells a source in the government of the Russian Federation. The recoupment period will depend on tariffs for the electric power and guarantees of stable purchases ".

Moscow and Bishkek have co-ordinated also the control diagramme the future company. " in board of directors will be three representatives of the Russian side and two from Kirghiz " the interlocutor in the government of Kirghizia speaks. For a guarantee of the rights of Bishkek in the agreement it will be provided that for the statement of the FEASIBILITY REPORT and design - voices of all five councillors of directors be required to the budget documentation. Reorganisation, liquidation, the credit policy, property alienation, assignation in pledge or in management to the third party, the statement of the general budget of building and HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION operation will occur under the unanimous decision of general meeting of shareholders.

Besides, Moscow has achieved serious tax privileges. For predesign, design, building - assembly and starting-up and adjustment works the Russian companies will be released from the tax to property and the ground tax, all necessary materials will be delivered to Kirghizia without payment of customs payments. At return export of technics in the Russian Federation duties also will not be paid. And in case in Kirghizia tax rates, the project " will raise; Kambarata - 1 " it will be assessed under former, lower rates, the Kirghiz official adds.

thus, Moscow and Bishkek have agreed on all basic points. There were particulars, for example a question on the one who will be engaged otseleniem people from a zone of the future water basin. " the definitive formula still is subject to acknowledgement by presidents of the countries " the Russian official warns.

the arrangement on " Kambarate - 1 " however, does not cancel all other problems in relations of Moscow and Bishkek. Main a question on a state debt. Earlier Russia was ready to write off a debt in exchange for transfer of a building of the trade mission of the Russian Federation to Bishkek and a state block of shares of Kirghizia (48 %) in torpedo factory " Dastan " which makes high-speed diving torpedoes VA - 111 " Squall " and various components of the torpedo weapon. Now Moscow demands to increase a share in " Dastane " which it will receive for debt payment, motivating it is deterioration of the equipment. Kirghizia, according to the interlocutor " the Authorities " in the republic government, suggests to operate under already co-ordinated scheme, and at the second stage to work a question on sale of Russia remained actions " Dastana " and other its interesting enterprises.

" a ball now on the Kirghiz party. We would be ready to solve this question in an operative order that will obviously do good to the Kirghiz economy, under condition of the account the Kirghiz party of other our questions " The Russian official speaks. As he said, main from them a question on creation in Kirghizia incorporated military base of the Russian Federation.

the agreement on incorporated Russian military base in Kirghizia is groundless since 2009. The management of Kirghizia promised to ratify this document in parliament in March, 2011. But on various pretexts consideration was constantly postponed. Now in Kirghizia four military facilities and #150 function; radio seismic laboratory in Majli - Suu, base of diving tests in Karakol, 338 - j the site of military communication in the Penalty - Balte and air base in the Edging. In 2014 term of rent of objects comes to an end. In the government of Kirghizia have informed that the processed draught agreement is almost ready to signing. The Kirghiz variant of the document limits term of abiding of base to five years. Moscow insists on ten years. To concede any of the parties does not gather. Bishkek hinted at possibility of increase of a rent which now makes $4,5 million a year earlier. However, now interlocutors " the Authorities " of the republic government assure that " the question of increase of a rent is not paramount ".

" On base to agree yet it is not possible, recognises a source " the Authorities " in the government of Kirghizia. but there is a hope that after progress on " Kambarate - 1 " we and this subject will put in motion, and then and all the others. Such confronting what was between us in the beginning of year, is not present now we will agree and as a result we will agree ".

the Present constructive spirit of Kirghizia and active efforts of the government on attraction of investments can speak an astable situation in national economy. As has told " the Authorities " The chief of department stranovogo the analysis of the Euroasian bank of development Elvira Kurmanalieva, technological problems on zolotorudnom a deposit of Kumtor have created considerable uncertainty concerning national economy prospects even in the near future. The government which predicted earlier gross national product growth at level of 7,5 % in 2012, has lowered the forecast to 1,8 %. " nediversifitsirovannost export and considerable dependence on external receipts in economy are the basic risk for development of the country both in short-term, and in longer prospect, marks Kurmanalieva. Problems on Kumtore have created risk of default of a profitable part of the state budget that has forced the government to reconsider capital expenses on 0,8 % of gross national product ".

In these conditions Bishkek is urged to agree as soon as possible about start of large-scale projects otherwise from - for problems on Kumtore or falling of the prices for gold the country can appear on a threshold of new revolution.