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Nokia exchanges batteries BL - 5C, let out by company Matsushita

From - for explosion « the Neva express train » the people began to hand over tickets

" Terror under a signature stamp " Top secret "

In Sochi the Olympic state corporation of Russia

ZHZH - the community the first has reacted to explosion of a train « Moscow - St.-Petersburg »

The Latvian authorities were done good by the Tallinn events - in Bauska take down a monument to heroes - to deliverers

The passenger « the Neva express train »: This miracle that all of us have survived...

The Russian version of the latest book about Harry Potter print under the strengthened protection

Candidates for US presidents from democrats have spent debate in a format online

Tomorrow Moscow will say goodbye to Tihonom Hrennikovym

The passenger of the blown up train: " Cars before us were derailed and lay on one side. All was c a smoke "

Victims at explosion « the Neva express train » becomes more from - for indemnifications

The video data with execution of two men was on the American server

The Central Electoral Committee of Ukraine will make in the near future the decision of check in of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko

In Angarsk Law enforcement officers of the Irkutsk region this night have detained one more suspected of an attack on ecologists

State of emergency on a place of wreck of a train: helicopter Bastrykina has landed on satellite station « Messages »

The majority of Americans know nothing about Latin America

Deniel Redkliff now the owner to the capitals

In Peter reconstruction of the bridge of lieutenant Schmidt

League of champions: « Valencia » one foot in the basic grid of tournament

The number of victims of explosion on a chemical factory in the Irkutsk region has grown to four

Investigation of an attack on ecologists is watched by the Irkutsk governor

Hot the Estonian resident of the British investigation

In day nezavismosti India the power has called the people on struggle against poverty

19 - the summer inhabitant of Sakhalin has killed the daughter because the Young pair from the city of Korsakova of the Sakhalin region in the summer of last year wanted the son

Russia have invited to participate in investigation of rocket bombardment of Georgia

On Kamchatka supervolcanoes

The Ulyanovsk governor has reserved a two-metre frying pan

The reason of a poisoning of children in the Novgorod region

Today Iran and the USA will discuss a situation in Iraq

The Moscow City Court recognised lawyer Boris Kuznetsova guilty of disclosure of state secret

The American scientists have developed a new kind of batteries

Sergey Lavrov: System of the ABM want to place on perimetre of borders of Russia

Russian nationalists declare non-participation in the execution removed on video

Besides notorious restriction on entrance to capital to have at itself documents proving the identity in days of the summit, one week prior to its beginning to townspeople the so-called Prohibition forgotten still from Soviet period was necessary to remember and test necessities on itself. No, alcoholic production in Kyrgyzstan for ever will not disappear - such blow our economy, and the main thing, consumers, would not worry on a broader scale.

But here to run on a city in search of a small bottle at least the most weak beer to inhabitants of the centre of capital some days are necessary here. According to point 14 of the governmental order of the Kirghiz Republic for 308 from August, 2nd of current year, to the shops located near to the places of residence of the high-ranking visitors, and also on a route of their motorcades, till August, 20th it is forbidden to realise spirits, and not only strong, but also low alcohol.

Strictly speaking, at desire to get a bottle - another of beer, vodka, cognac of special work will not make - in microdistricts, and others not the most central shops the strict decision does not operate, wherefore the authorities have decided to achieve only that on eyes on eyes pictures of a drunk lawlessness did not come across to presidents and ministers of the friendly states. By the way, in the same point of the decision employees of law-enforcement bodies are offered not to suppose occurrence of persons being in an alcohol intoxication in the places of residence and journey of visitors.

According to the chief a press - services of Ministry of Internal Affairs Bakytbeka Sejitova, the named territories round the clock will be patrolled by police officers on duty. By the way, he also has specified borders " territories H " which is ostensibly concluded in a square formed by streets Bitter, Alma - Atinsky and prospectuses of Manasa and Zhibek Zholu:

-   Actually to sell alcohol it is forbidden only to the shops located along a line, connecting the airport " Manas " and park Fuchika and across Mira prospectus to the state residence, and also to the shops which are in immediate proximity from hotels in which honoured guests will stop.

According to Bakytbeka Sejitova, the administration of supermarkets has concerned the request - to the order of the authorities with understanding and special discontent has not shown, having declared that alcoholic production will easy wait the summit in warehouses. And here small businessmen, in particular owners of commercial booths, directly - taki rage from indignation.

-   And on what I will live all these days also a family to feed? - Akylbek R - At me of 90 percent of the goods - beer, vodka and wine is indignant! I have repeat clients and if I lose them?! To me to sneeze at presidents of the countries - participants SHOS! It is on what to live, and who will think of me?

the pair of the young men who have planned day of matrimony for August, 17th has got To even less pleasant situation.

- We have already reserved the cafe located across Mira prospectus, have brought a down payment, and here have informed what to submit on tables of restaurants and the cafe, located along this street, spirits it is forbidden! And than we will give to drink to visitors - koloj and tea? - The bride does not cry nearly.    

Fears of young men as it was found out, too are not groundless.

- In the places of the public catering which are in named territories, drinking of spirits these days also is forbidden, - has confirmed Bakytbek Sejitov. - We will strictly watch performance of the order, and owners of not obeyed shops and restaurants will be involved in administrative responsibility, and their institutions to be exposed to the most careful check.

As to particularly wedding celebrations planned for days of the summit and chosen place of the carrying out of cafe in " to the forbidden zone " and here there will be no exceptions.

- In a city there are enough places where it is possible to spend a banquet so that it has not spoilt to visitors of impression of our city, - has declared Bakytbek Sejitov.

Maria postnikova, BISHKEK.

Nicolas Sarkozy plane delivered the Bulgarian physicians to Sofia

On the eve of 30 - j anniversaries of death of the king fate - n - a beater the best is arranged in the history Week of Elvis

Court enforcement officers will publish in the Internet names of debtors

The prince of Bahrain can finish Michael Jackson`s career

The population of the country on - former enough Vladimir Putin

« the Union of slavs of Adygea » does not know the arrested person on business of video execution

On the student, razmestishego in the Network a videoclip with execution, have got criminal case

The televiewer has brought an action against Pozner

Kosovo promises the USA not to hurry with declaration of independence

« Spartak » has drawn with « Seltikov »

Mahmud Ahmadinedzhad: Presence of weapons of mass destruction contradicts religious norms and national interests of Iran

Mahmud Abbas: early election will pass after returning of Gaza Strip in structure PNA

In Bishkek passes session of six countries - participants SHOS

The prince of Monaco continues fact-finding tour across Russia

Hugo Chavez suggests to prolong term of presidential powers