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Have entered into a correspondence

Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region will not create working group on check of the data containing in correspondence of governor Nikita Belyh with its former adviser Alexey Navalnym. To make deputy investigation of the Kirov legislators their colleague from the State Duma United Russia party member Vyacheslav Timchenko asked. In its opinion, in the published correspondence there is a speech " about possible no-purpose use of means of the budget ". However the Kirov members of parliament have decided that have not the right to study such questions independently. Instead they initiated check of an expenditure of budgetary funds kontrolno - region Audit Chamber. The mister White has declared " " that checks is not afraid.
past Friday the deputy of the State Duma from the Kirov region Vyacheslav Timchenko in the letter to the speaker of Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region has suggested to create working group which would study " in regional parliament; all available materials " On the published correspondence of misters White and Navalnogo (in correspondence it is a question of a certain sum of money which lawyer Alexey Navalnyj demanded from head of area, being its adviser on public principles). As mister Timchenko, " marks in the letter; it is a question of possible no-purpose use of means of the budget of the Kirov region ". According to the deputy, results of check and consideration of a question by Legislative Assembly can become the basis for a direction of materials in investigatory committee and Office of Public Prosecutor. Vyacheslav Timchenko has sent similar references to the head of Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin and the head kontrolno - Audit Chamber of the Kirov region to Yury Laptev.

however yesterday during session of advice of Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region (precedes deputy hearings) members of parliament have considered Vyacheslav Timchenko`s initiative premature, having decided that now the Legislative Assembly does not have legal bases for creation of working group. In particular, on advice the opinion has sounded that legislators should not substitute activity of law enforcement bodies. At the same time deputies have decided to initiate additional check of an expenditure of budgetary funds in 2010 kontrolno - Audit Chamber of area and to familiarise with its results on one of hearings.

the speaker of parliament Alexey Ivonin has declared " " that under regulations create working groups it can only for working out of the bill or amendments to it. " to Create working groups under letters or articles in a press we cannot under the law even if about it the deputy of the State Duma " asks; - he has noted. And the deputy of fraction " an United Russia " Sergey Luzjanin has doubted necessity of transfer of results of working group for investigatory committee and the State Office of Public Prosecutor: they already are there, " otherwise Bastrykin would not act on business of Navalnogo ".

Vyacheslav Timchenko has easy reacted to the deputy decision. " the more in this question, the interest of all both #150 there is more than ambiguities; and the authorities, and the governor that this point in question have understood that the objective estimation has been given. I was converted into Legislative Assembly simply with the offer. It does not mean that any offer with which leaves the deputy, in this case the deputy of the State Duma, is obliged to be accepted to execution. There is an offer, and to accept it or not this right of deputies of Legislative Assembly " mister Timchenko has informed, having noticed that " on the case of correspondence White and Navalnogo is inquiries and in the State Office of Public Prosecutor so anyway something will be undertaken to consider this fact ".

Meanwhile the regional branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation initiated petition for resignation of the governor. According to the first secretary Kirov obkoma, the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Mamayev, resignation of the mister White the party demands from - for renamings of four city streets of Kirov, though claims to the governor " has collected much ". Mister Mamayev has not excluded that in case of statement of a question on removal of a vote of no confidence to the mister White the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will support " an United Russia ". We will remind, earlier the State Duma has countenanced the legal commission prepared by the deputy - the United Russia party member Michael Markelov: the committee on the constitutional legislation should work possibility of removal by Legislative Assembly of a vote of no confidence to Nikita Belyh.

the Legislative Assembly can fail to trust head only after acknowledgement by court that it has published the law contradicting the Constitution or other acts, and has not eliminated the specified contradictions within a month. Fail to trust the head of region can and after established by court " Other rough infringement " the Constitution or other acts, and also from - for inadequate executions by head of the duties (law item 19 " About the general principles of the organisation legislative and state power executive powers ") . The decision on expression of mistrust accepts Legislative Assembly two thirds of voices of total number of deputies at the initiative of one third of deputies. In the Kirov Legislative Assembly at " an United Russia " 28 mandates from 52. With support of communists (nine mandates) White mistrust can be expressed the mister. The final decision about resignation of the head of region is accepted by the president.

" over the last ten years Nikita Belyh was the most efficient governor who works on any project if it goes for the region blessing " - has declared " " the head of branch " Fair Russia " the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Doronin. As he said, in the Kirov region " as in any another " have been spent " as much as possible fair elections both in Legislative Assembly, and in the State Duma (" an United Russia " has typed 34,9 %. - " ") And on presidential elections ". Supporting the initiative of the party in power, which, by words spravorossa, " it is fabricated " the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will receive " the governor who eats from a hand at " an United Russia " ".

Nikita Belyh has informed " " that will not interfere with carrying out of checks: " In desire someone to check up me there is nothing bad ". " Me often reproach with excessive publicity of actions that I carry out every month public hearings under the budget. kontrolno - the Audit Chamber repeatedly checked all financial documents " - the mister White has told. Having underlined that he first of all is interested in that results of check have been published, the mister White has noticed that will demand apologies from those, " who this buchu has started all ". " Have agitated all country. On the first and second channels tell about corruption activity Therefore I will insist, that initiators of it have told: Nikita Jurevich, excuse, the evil spirit (or a surname) poputal ". Having noticed that now in the State Duma the law on responsibility for slander is considered, the governor has not excluded that its business becomes " precedent ": " to Hiring of lawyers and it is excellent porazminaemsja ". As to charges of communists in renaming of streets the mister White has underlined: " Gorduma me at all did not ask, any consent from the government of area for renaming of streets it is not required ".