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Water has reached the highest level

Yesterday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has held meeting in the Kremlin and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting in the Kremlin was emergency, conversation with ambassadors for a long time the planned. Two these meetings, according to the special correspondent " " Andrey KOLESNIKOV, black ribbons on national flags in the Kremlin and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and rigidity from which the president was voiced at both these meetings united. But if in the Kremlin the president cut interlocutors short that they have not told superfluous of unchecked about a situation in Krasnodar territory in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs its victim of a steel of the USA, which now will check up its words on conformity to the representations about the perfect.
still yesterday meetings in the Kremlin concerning a situation in Krasnodar territory it was not planned. Vladimir Putin should hold a meeting with ambassadors and constant representatives of the Russian Federation abroad. The meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been appointed to o`clock in the afternoon.

However about 11 mornings it became known that in the Kremlin see you with ambassadors will pass and not planned meeting.

some ministers have taken part in it. To an input in a study of the president they understood an event on Kuban and explained each other that emergency plum of water from the Neberdzhaevsky water basin could not be on a broader scale in any way. And they did not argue with each other, namely convinced itself of it (once again before an input in an office of the president would not prevent; and to some all the same has not helped):

Imagine a bath! It is filled. It does not have sluices. At it only an aperture above that water has not poured out from the bath. Well here it also has not poured out! Went automatic having merged waters from a two-metre pipe... But unless it could affect city deluging?!.

this version they with firmness kept and at session.

Pochtiv memory of victims minute of silence, participants of meeting at the desire of the president were voiced.

the minister of regional development Oleg Govorun has listed losses: " 7200 home ownerships Are impounded... Socially significant seven objects. As a result of an emergency situation has suffered in total more than 34 thousand persons. Victims for today 171 persons... Have completely lost property, according to preliminary data, 29 thousand persons, partially more than 5,5 thousand persons. By preliminary our estimations, home ownerships which are not subject to restoration, make an order of 400 units ".

400 houses? mister Putin has specified.

Oleg Govorun preferred to speak about this situation in wartime terms. Losses and really correspond to such time.

400 houses, Oleg Govorun has agreed. 300 in Krymske, an order of 100 houses in Gelendzhik....

he has added that within three days victims will receive first 10 thousand roubles of indemnification. The sum of the second tranche will be defined after that.

the President has asked to be voiced the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Vladimir Puchkova. For it too all was at war as in the war:

the Operative management system works in a round-the-clock mode, is generated and the grouping number more than 10 thousand persons, more than thousand units of technics carries out of a problem...

it is strange that Vladimir Putin looked at the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures with some mistrust, a leah that. Probably, he thought that has early released Sergey Shojgu with whom, probably, would be now quieter.

a principle of our work the help goes to the person directly on a place of its finding, has finished the report mister Puchkov.

stories of people which have spent on trees At once were remembered, escaping from water, till six and ten hours. By, these people confirm, boats with rescuers who promised to take away them on a way back floated. And back came back, probably, other road.

at Veronica Skvortsovoj`s Minister of Health the president first of all has taken an interest, as there is a vaccination:

I Mean that there many the lost animals, for certain not all is timely.... the president has hesitated, selecting a suitable word, are cleaned. How a situation?

bodies of dead animals, Veronica Skvortsova, and #150 has chilly reported; for yesterday basically have been collected and burnt. Concerning water hyperchlorination is spent.

that is water too concern ruthlessly enough. And for what her now to feel sorry?

at last have reached a status of the Neberdzhaevsky water basin.

Nikolay Kutin, head Rostehnadzora, has once again confirmed that " the water basin is in an efficient status " also that " on dempfirovaniju inflow it has executed the problem. Modulations it has not been admitted, technically services of municipal union Novorossisk to which the maintaining organisation " belongs; JUgvodokanal " have executed all correctly. Inspectors were present on a place, watched quality of performance of all works ".

Nikolay Kutin has abruptly managed and with the version about automatic dump of water:

Once again I confirm: the water basin and the technical devices connected with it are in an efficient status. Any technical dumps as it was told in mass-media, there was not, as it is impossible.

Head Rostehnadzora as though would like to touch once again both mass-media, and the people who have suffered from flooding. After all it is recognised, what exactly technical dumps were, in an automatic mode, instead of was emergency dumps.

only, appear, the situation starts to be cleared up, but was found out that it again can be confused in a flash by means of three words: " automatic " " technical " and " emergency ".

Alexander Frolov, the head of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service, has depicted, apparently, the definitive official version of an event:

experts show Predesigns also say that two streams were imposed on two rivers, and there there was an orographical narrowing it is the first reason. The second nearby there are slopes which surround a city, and strong enough at such deposits was sklonovyj a stream. The soil has been humidified by the previous rains and could absorb still any time a rain which drops out, but the film was then formed, it could not any more... And water rolled down on a slope.

That is, by your estimations (Vladimir Putin did not mean that it and its estimation too. And. K ), it not that other, how simply natural phenomenon which has led to such catastrophic consequences?

yes, mister Frolov has confirmed. it is obvious that this very rare event time in some hundreds years at least.

aggravating scales of natural accident, it as if relieved of responsibility people.

the vice-president of investigatory committee Elena Leonenko, answering questions of the president, has declared that " basically now the investigatory committee, of course, is engaged in corpses that there was a possibility faster to give out to their relatives that they could bury them ".

investigatory actions on notification check Proceed. There are initial results that it... has continued the vice-president.

Notification order? its president has interrupted.

apparently, he did not want to speak about it, understanding, what value has each word told now in the Kremlin, in Krymske.

Yes, a notification order, all - taki was continued by madam Leonenko, that it not at level has been organised... But it still tentative data, we cannot speak now definitively, yet we will not check up all completely...

If cannot, then do not speak, its president has once again interrupted.

Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov understood is better that from it it is required in such situation, and on a question when in edge means for the help to victims will be listed, skazu has told:


Well, with some bewilderment, on - to mine, mister Putin has responded.

Head Minregiona Oleg the Chatterer, for example, for definition of the sum of indemnifications has asked three days. But the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov will send this money, obviously, earlier.

In half an hour the president was in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here there were many flags with a mourning tape, and the hall has been filled not only operating ambassadors, but also, apparently, the future. Otherwise in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a meeting of the president with ambassadors would not invite, probably, neither heads of federal channels, nor ministers of the federal government, neither deputies of the State Duma, nor councillors of federation...

from time to time speech of the president reminded the well-known Munich:

the World community on - former is far from creation of bases of universal and indivisible system of security. In words all like for, but in practice a significant amount of our partners aspires to provide only own invulnerability, forgetting that in modern conditions all is interconnected...

the Assembly hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs listened to the president extremely attentively. Same there was a quotation collection for two years forward:

Debt disorders of an eurozone and its slipping in recession only a top of an iceberg from unresolved structural problems of all world economy. Deficiency of new models of development against erosion of leadership of traditional economic locomotives (such as the USA, EU, Japan) conducts to braking of global development. mnogovektornost (in the Munich speech it was mnogopoljusnost. And. K) The world development, become aggravated internal socially - economic ailments and problems in the developed economy weaken domination of the so-called historical West. It already the fact.

Vladimir Putin has taken rest. The hall has taken rest also.

I want to note, dear colleagues, it at all does not please us. Us should not call it pleasure, especially gloating. It can call us only... I thought, he will tell " sympathy " but the president has used other word, more, in its opinion, pertinent: and #150;... Alarm because consequences of occurring events, these tectonic events in world economy, and as consequence, inevitable changes and in a deal of the international forces, in world politics are not clear.

Vladimir Putin counts on it for a long time.

the President spoke about " it is rocket - bombing democracy " and about that she cannot be repeated in Syria. How it is a pity to it that out of the Customs union remains " brotherly Ukraine ".

But as it was found out, its ambitions are stretched much more further the Customs and Euroasian union:

We with Europe could lay down the ambitious aims, much more ambitious, than are put today. Construction of the uniform market from Atlantic to Pacific ocean in volume in trillions euro!. Life, I want to underline it, especially in the conditions of turbulence of world economy, demands movement on this way! A leah

it in a kind had the introduction not only into the WTO, and and into EU? Or simply uniform market? The customs union with participation of Germany? The president thus constantly got off on more and more ruthless criticism of the USA:

While it is necessary to recognise, the image of Russia is abroad formed not by us. The position of our country in the international affairs now is shined as - that one-sidedly. Those who shoots and constantly puts rocket attacks here and there, they good fellows, and those who warns about necessity of reserved dialogue, those like as in something are guilty. And we are guilty that we badly explain the position. Here in what we are guilty!

after that the meeting proceeded in the closed mode.

and as it was possible to find out, the first phrase which was said by Vladimir Putin when there were journalists, was following:

I have, of course, declared the closed mode, but, on the other hand, about what I can tell still to you? You and all know.

the first applause in the closed mode has followed.

meanwhile in the closed part the president, under the information " " has revealed. Its short comments to other reports were not such rigid, as its speech in an open part. So, for example, he urged colleagues to understand that cooperation, for example, with Europe, should be vdolguju, and attempts to aggravate with it of the relation on short-term prospect even if there is a temptation and if she all for this purpose, apparently, does, all the same to that good will not result.

However, about America he such did not tell anything.