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Extraterrestrial optimisation

the Federal space agency (Russian Space Department) has prepared the reform plan is rocket - space branch. Authors of the project count that its realisation will allow to avoid duplication of functions at working out and manufacture level. For the sake of this enterprise of branch will be divided into seven integrated structures. Sources " " in space department assert that reform a unique way to deduce branch from " system crisis ".
Under the information " " about the beginning of work on the project the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkin has given the order on November, 30th, 2011. On June, 29th Russian Space Department board has countenanced the plan. According to interlocutors " " reform should order mutual relations of the enterprises, give them additional loading (for today it averages 35 %), and the main thing to make so that a batch production of the enterprises it was not duplicated.

the Last in many respects became the reason of failure of the previous reform which during the period with 2007 for 2011 was spent by the former head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminov. He also tried to create holdings, however formed them without accurate differentiation of functions. It led to creation of identical products. For example, at mister Perminove two similar rockets and #150 were developed at once; " Angara " (the Center of Hrunicheva) and " Russia - M " (RKK " Energy ") That led to growth of expenses. For five years mister Perminov and has not managed to finish reform to logic end: according to the interlocutor " " in Russian Space Department, " each enterprise worked on all fronts, forgetting about the initial specialisation ".

Under data " " tomorrow the project of reorganisation of branch will be submitted for consideration in Military - the industrial commission at the government.

start will give to reform Vladimir Putin`s devoted to creation of each integrated structure the decree: in it the circle of the organisations which will enter into them, and also percent of shares which will be brought in an authorised capital stock of each holding should be definitively defined. Proceeding from the project of re-structuring of branch (is available on hand " ") Russian Space Department plans to generate seven large integrated structures. According to a deputy head of Russian Space Department of Vitaly Davidov, on creation of each of them it can be demanded till 18 months.

piloted subjects and scientific space will be actually connected in Open Society " the Russian space corporation ". It will include all enterprises connected with the piloted direction, automatic and mechanical space complexes, and also creation razgonnyh blocks (in particular, DM - 03). Among the enterprises Open Society " It is rocket - space corporation " Energy " " Open Society " Scientifically - industrial corporation " Space systems of monitoring, it is information - operating and electromechanical complexes " " FGUP " Scientifically - research institute of mechanical engineering " and FGUP " Scientifically - production association of Lavochkina ".

the largest holding becomes Open Society " Russian it is rocket - space corporation ": it will unite in itself creation of means of deducing (including creation razgonnyh series blocks " the Breeze ") Rocket impellent installations, management systems means of deducing and space vehicles, space complexes of remote sounding of the Earth and cartography. Six large enterprises will be included in its structure: FGUP " State space scientifically - the industrial centre of Hrunicheva " FGUP " Design office " the Arsenal " " Open Society " Krasmash " FGUP " State scientifically - industrial it is rocket - the space centre " TSSKB - Progress " " FGUP " Scientifically - the industrial centre of automatics and instrument making it. Piljugina " FGUP " Moscow it is skilled - design office Mars ". Besides it as a part of holding the separate battalion specialising on dvigatelestroenii will be created. It will join FGUP " the Voronezh mechanical factory " Open Society " chemical automatics Design office " Open Society " the Proton - PM " And also Open Society " Scientifically - production association " energomash " ". Under the information " " Vladimir Popovkin openly recognising has insisted on creation of a similar battalion that dvigatelestroenie " this one of the weakest places ".

the Special attention in new structure will be given a military component. Open Society " Special space systems " will unite the enterprises specialising on space complexes of systems of the prevention of a rocket attack, systems of sea space investigation and tseleukazanija, and also means of radio-electronic struggle. In Open Society " Corporation " Strategic rocket arms " " developers of intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles of the submarines, the automated systems of fighting management, and also launchers of strategic nuclear forces will enter. Into the first holding will enter FGUP " Central scientifically - research it is rocket - technical institute of Berg " and Open Society " Corporation of space systems of a special purpose " the Comet " ". In the second Open Society " Scientifically - production association " the Moscow institute heating engineers " " Open Society " the State rocket centre of Makeeva " Open Society " Scientifically - production association " the Spark " " and Open Society " Special objects of management ". In the project of re-structuring of branch there was no place for Open Society " Military - industrial corporation " Scientifically - mechanical engineering production association " " engaged in creation not only space vehicles of double purpose, but also coastal rocket complexes " the Bastion ".

Space telecommunication systems, navigating complexes, and also electric rocket engines will develop Open Society " Corporation " Information satellite systems " ". The holding will be made by two enterprises: Open Society " Information satellite systems of Reshetneva " and FGUP " It is skilled - design office " the Torch " ".

In Open Society " the Russian space systems " there will be the enterprises involved in creation land and onboard (including special) radio engineering systems, the land automated complexes of management, and also onboard and land optiko - electronic systems. In its structure there will be Open Societies " the Russian corporation it is rocket - space instrument making and information systems " Open Society " Scientifically - industrial corporation " Systems of precision instrument making " " and also FGUP " Scientifically - research institute of microdevices - To ".

Last integrated structure becomes FGUP " The centre of operation of a land and space infrastructure " (TSENKI). In it all enterprises and the organisations involved in operation of the cosmodromes and land automatic complexes of communication, space radio telescopes, starting, fuel and zapravochno - nejtralizatsionnogo complexes, and also starting services will concentrate. It FGUP " Central scientifically - research institute of mechanical engineering " FKP " Scientifically - the research centre it is rocket - the space industry " FGUP " the Center of Keldysh " FGUP " the Organization " Agate " " FGUP " Scientifically - production association " tehnomash " " and FGBU " the Center of preparation of cosmonauts of Gagarin ". As the interlocutor " has noted; " in space department, after similar changes TSENKI will cease to be " semiformal structure " also becomes " The present leader responsible for high-grade operation of the cosmodromes ".