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Top for the whole world

Natives of Russia on positions a top - managers or even owners of the largest world companies — it today not absolutely a commonplace, but also not such a rarity. Sometimes, however, they return home.

in September, 2011 the world`s largest retail network Wal - Mart has for the first time in history employed on supervising fast Russian a top - the manager. The lion of Hasis became the senior vice-president international ritejlera, it is responsible for the major directions: the international expansion, global purchasing synergies and innovations. Now Hasis lives in a small town Bentonvil (State of Arkansas) where it is located a staff - apartment Wal - Mart.

Representatives Wal - Mart left on Hasisa with the offer on work right after its leaving c fast of the head of the largest Russian ritejlera groups X5. Then analysts only made a helpless gesture: Wal - Mart has just closed the office in Russia, after ten years of meditations and without having dared to enter the Russian market so what for the manager with experience in Russia was necessary for a network? According to some information, however, on the eve of this decision Americans considered purchase possibility in Russia a retail network " Copeck " but X5 under the direction of Hasisa has literally withdrawn a network at them from - under a nose, than has very much impressed the future employers of the manager.

having accepted the offer to move in Bentonvil, Hasis did not hide the enthusiasm. " it as travel on a time machine for 40 years forward " he spoke to journalists one year ago. Today in interview " to Money " Hasis concretises: " Even for America culture Wal - Mart culture of the future. All my American colleagues with experience in other global companies express this opinion. And the greatest separation is felt at all in technologies, and in corporate culture ".

In the present position of Hasis sees only one lack surtax high level (42 % instead of the Russian 13 %). All other a continuous positive: " Ten years ago I also did not assume that I will take part in management of the company in which works as 2,2 million employees. The budget this year almost half-trillion dollars. The global scale means that it is necessary to be well informed makro - and a microeconomic situation in Northern and the South America, in Great Britain and in Africa, in India, Japan and China, in 27 countries all that where we have a retail business, and also in several tens countries where at us business while is not present but where the goods are made for us. At us 14 different retail formats under 69 brands moreover and roughly developing electronic commerce... Not so it is a lot of companies in the world really, instead of in words have before itself a noble purpose. And Wal - Mart has: to sell the qualitative goods at the low prices, to save to people money that they could live is better ".

In a shuttle mode
Almost two thirds of Russian managers would like to achieve the same Hasis has achieved that. According to research rekrutingovoj companies Antal Russia, so much heads are ready to leave the country if it presents possibility to get interesting work abroad.

the most widespread way allowing the Russian managers to occupy key positions in the West, forming of career within the limits of the international corporations doing business in territory of Russia. According to the operating partner of consulting company RosExpert of Igor Shehtermana, such companies put in development of the employees much: " In the companies there are special programs of an estimation which allow to define effectively enough a pool of the experts having the greatest potential of growth and development. These employees concern group HIPO high potential. Thus neprintsipialno, Russian it is the manager or foreign, it anyway receives chance to grow to key positions ".

Most actively employs Russian a top - managers financial sector. As large volumes of money are in New York, London, Hong Kong, talented employees often direct there. It is a question both about Russian, and of the foreign companies which have representations worldwide. To begin with the Russian managers translated in head offices, supervise the Russian direction more often, but funktsional them can grow to proportionally shown administrative talents.

So, for example, left at Vitaly Kuznetsova, the senior banker of the European bank of reconstruction and development. Vitaly works in the European Reconstruction and Development Bank seven years, five of them has spent at the Russian office, last two in London, at head office. Specificity of work of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank in Russia both #150; in addition sofinansirovanie large infrastructural projects, and this business uneasy, demanding, according to Kuznetsova, " abilities to unite two worlds, with understanding of a considerable quantity of subtleties ": " Moving was necessary to supervise over more difficult projects in Russia and already most to operate activity of design commands. In the beginning I worked in a shuttle mode, from time to time practically lived in planes and hotels. But has soon understood that my recipe of success we will apply not only to projects in Russia, and has come to carry out time projects in other countries ".

Graduate MGIMO Nikolay Andreev has had time to work at the London offices of three largest banks JP Morgan, HSBC and Merrill Lynch. In the last he now heads work with the Russian market and the market of the CIS. The way to London has appeared uneasy. " I worked in the Moscow branch JP Morgan till 1998, after a default half of workers have reduced, and I have received the offer from the South African office, Nikolay tells. experience in the republic of South Africa has allowed me to learn about products which yet was not at that point in time in the Russian market, derivativah, options, percentage swaps and etc. Now I daily take video conferences with the Moscow office, that is about 30 % of working hours I communicate in Russian. And in spite of the fact that I am physically in London, it is possible to tell that I have recreated here a native land corner ".

the Basic distinction between work in Russia and in the West, according to Andreeva, lies in the field of corporate culture. In London work more dynamical, less breaks, and traiding floor big bank (trading floor) represents open space in size in two football grounds, hammered by traders. " in Russia traders work in the conditions of more isolated, weakened, people sit at small offices where it is sometimes silent, as in library, and it is not so good sign. Though gradually western culture gets and into Moscow but to catch up with the western colleagues, some more years " are necessary; Nikolay speaks.

to leave to return
Work abroad much ministers a springboard for returning to Russia on a position of essentially new level. " foreign " the line in the resume is converted in the accelerated official growth and salary increase on the average on 20 - 30 %. Understanding business - processes and culture of the Russian companies (which often is absent at ex-stalemates, long time occupying key positions in the large Russian companies) in a combination to the international experience do the Russian managers with experience abroad very claimed.

the operating partner of company RosExpert Igor Shehterman considers that the question, in what country to work, today does not play an important role for managers. Much more important problem which before them are put, and degree " interesnosti " the market. As he said, the majority of talented Russian managers last years did career in Russia, and it is unimportant, in domestic or in the western companies because here the market developed much faster and shortage of people which could occupy key positions was felt.

the example of the former general director of the company " is most indicative in this respect; Vympelcom " Alexander Izosimova. Before homecoming Izosimov long time was a part of corporation Mars board where has got in 1996 when the company looked for the manager with the Russian roots, capable in the long term to head the Moscow representation. In some months after the beginning of work of Izosimova have appointed the financial director, and right after crisis of 1998 the sales manager. Successfully having overcome crisis consequences, he has headed the Moscow office of company Mars and in 2001 has held a post of the regional president across the CIS countries, the Central Europe, Scandinavia. According to Izosimova, arrived to it during that moment the offer " Vympelcom " to return home it not seemed to it tempting at all: neither to go to Russia, nor to change branch it then did not gather. But, properly all having estimated, has agreed. " I always was guided by logic of consecutive strengthening of the competitive advantages. The offer " Vympelcom " Meant for me the next change of the competitive environment, so, and new possibilities for development of a personal brand, Alexander Izosimov tells. It was not only transition in the new industry, but also acquisition of new experience experience in public, instead of the private company ". Anybody from the parties has not lost. After the beginning of work of Izosimova in " Vympelcom " company capitalisation on Nju - jorkskoj to stock exchange has grown in 33 times, in summary the transactions spent under his supervision, " Vympelcom " has taken the sixth place in the world on the size of user`s base and became the global player in the market of telecommunications.

in the best Russian traditions
Among the Russians who have subdued the world, not only managers, but also businessmen. The loudest history of success in this area career 38 - summer founder Google of Sergey Brin. The search engine created by Brin by means of the classmate from Stanford University Larri Pejdzha in already become legendary garage in the Californian small town Menlo - park, has allowed Brin to occupy 24 - e a place in a rating of billionaires Forbes and to become an example for imitation of hundreds the Russians going to a Silicon Valley. Certainly, it is possible to name Sergey`s Russian businessman with very big stretch: parents have moved to the USA when to Brin was six years, and it, happens, publicly expresses them gratitude that " have in due time taken away it from Nigeria in snow ".

Other known Russian businessmen have left the country at more age of reason. So, the firm of Russian businessman Valentine Gapontseva supervises 80 % of the world market of fiber lasers of the big capacity which are applied in telecommunications, metal working and other areas. Gapontsevu now 73 years, it actually the coeval of the laser industry. It has worked the most part of life in the Soviet academic environment. And only in 1990 - e has decided to apply the knowledge in business, having created in Frjazino situated near Moscow firm " IRE - the Pole " which has concentrated on working out of fiber lasers of the big capacity. In days of reorganisation thanks to old scientific communications Gapontsev has managed to find customers in Europe, and then and in the USA where in 1998 has registered company IPG Photonics. It has been created practically from zero, grew integrally, without loans, absorbings, acquisitions, without attraction of partners and investment support of the state or private sources, in the conditions of a rigid competition.

Valentine Gapontsev at whom the dual citizenship, now lives in the USA. Unlike Brin it positions itself(himself) exclusively as the Russian businessman: " About IPG all over the world speak as about Russian, Russian company. Till now from our 1300 employees approximately 70 % Natives of Russia. Key engineering positions are occupied with the Russian citizens. The Russian group of scientists - founders " supervises the company;.

Russian roots are and at other subjugator of the USA " the king of real estate " Igor Olejnikova. Having got to America in 1950 - h, the son of rather poor Russian emigrants has scared together a fortune in $2,6 mlrd and in a rating of the richest Americans takes the ninth place at once for Donald Trampom. To based Olejnikovym 40 years ago to company Olen Properties belongs to 1,8 million in sq. m of real estate. It about 600 thousand in sq. m of offices and industrial parks mainly to California, and also 12 thousand apartments in Nevada, Florida and Arizona, leased.

special affinity of Olejnikova to the best traditions of business dealing in Russia Americans see in its unbounded proceedings with business partners, banks, tenants of apartments both the loudest With Fiscal administration of the USA. This business about leaving from payment of taxes has made Olejnikova well-known to all America: in 2007 it has been recognised by guilty of a $350 million underpay, and as the penalty he had to pay $52 million Having paid off with the authorities, Olejnikov has decided to come over to their side: now it co-operates with the government of the USA in researches of foreign financial institutions.