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City greens

Gardens and parks of Petersburg  0; a unique outlet for inhabitants of stone jungle. For those who is not ready to be pickled in stoppers on departure from a city while it shashlychok it is pickled in a luggage carrier. Parks mini - the nature for occupied and lazy.
each of city parks possesses own person and own metaphysics, so difficult that happens uneasy to understand paternal, for example, TSPKiO and Seaside park of Victory so are not similar against each other.

it is interesting that if to take the official statistics, Petersburg rather green city. At us per capita it is necessary 24 sq. m of plantings: it more than in Moscow, than in very green Minsk and even than in many large European cities. But average temperature on hospital, as it is known, not the best indicator. In these of 24 metres enter huge suburban green space Zelenogorsk, Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Petrodvorets and other. If to take purely city territory on one, for example, vasileostrovtsa it is necessary about 5 sq. m of greens, and in those the lion`s share at the expense of the Smolensk cemetery. No wonder that each scrap covered with a grass and trees, for inhabitants of Petersburg the present park. Smallest of them has the area only seven hundred parts, that is in size with a mean Soviet kitchen garden, but bears a proud name of the Podkovyrovsky garden (on the Petrograd party if to whom it is interesting). By the way, the Petersburg gardens were born in two opposite ways: one have turned out from " shrivelled " woods, others, to the contrary, were nasazheny on heathlands.

the rests of former luxury
On a broader scale parks, as well as many other things in Russia, have appeared for the first time in Petersburg. To Peter I there were kitchen gardens including imperial in which grew up food and medicinal grasses. But that were the coded strategic objects and ministered only for advantage of a body, instead of soul.

the first park both #150; the Summer garden has been actually imported by the tsar together with the European ideology. After all regular park it does not mean that all is simply lined on lineechke. It is model of the nature ideally ordered by means of reason. In classicism model all both #150; and parks including was under construction on the basis of strict canons. They should show strict hierarchical beauty of an absolutism. Both the royal palace reigns over park, and the king - the sun over the world.

" a great century " has left in the Petersburg only two big parks. The first the Summer garden which now, after repair, just right to open for itself anew. Restorers on - fair and for the big money have tried to restore park of an epoch of classicism of the beginning of a XVIII-th century, but thus have not solved where to put more and more late elements. Something as a result has turned out strange well, maybe, meanwhile simply unusual for Petersburgers - leningradtsev. The second it is park Ekateringof in which, however, the person with rich imagination can make out former orderliness only. The park has started to lose " severity, symmetry " almost at once on Peter I death, has strongly grown and has run wild. Attempts to return a regularity of the western part of park while have not resulted in special results, and east half has been irrevocably transformed in typical Soviet PKiO in post-war years. Here among bare attractions the monument to heroes of Krasnodon (oddly rhymed with a monument to Catherine II in " rises; a katkinom garden ") And in the evenings gather numerous gastarbajterskie the families which are rendering habitable a neighbouring industrial zone.

democratic character
to Landscape parks has carried more. Taurian, Jusupovsky, Mihajlovsky gardens look approximately how their founders planned. It, perhaps, unique example of a successful inoculation of English liberalism because of Russian razdolbajstva. But if in a XVIII-th century romantic parks ministered the proof of that feelings are stronger than reason is now faster to the contrary. Try - ka to lie down on a lawn in Mihajlovsky protection it is live will explain: " it is possible to Look, it is impossible to touch ". Museum rules here are applied, as the park is a part of Russian museum from time to time in it pass exhibitions (basically on a park subject) and concerts of classical music. In general to take pleasure in beauty here it will turn out, and here to relax not the fact.

the Taurian garden, perhaps, the arranged most well from old parks and democratic enough. Here it is possible both to roll about, and to play in volleyball, and on a bicycle to drive, and ice-cream to eat. Democratic character - that it also spoils in good weather a garden too " a checkpoint " you feel as on a beach in Sochi.

Taurian, as well as Summer, in the first decades of the existence has been closed for general public it was possible to get there only with the permission of owners. It after all was the private property. Then there began to start up in certain days of week, and that only pure public, and at whom, on expression of gallant soldier Shvejka, " on a bum appeared through " the input has been forbidden up to 1917 - go. A class society, at all its lacks, skilfully to create effective administrative mechanisms at an input in park the policeman or the park watchman carried out a face - control.

For crowd
Alternative to private gardens, and having a uniform composition, gardens public were well-groomed. The Aleksandrovsky park (1847) and #150 became the first; now in it the metro station " is located; Gorki " and the Aleksandrovsky garden (1874) near Admiralty, in the people " Sashkin a garden ". In the public parks calculated on crowds walking, the set of inputs, trade in the grocery goods and drinks both #150 was arranged; cooling and hot, and also that began to name " later; means of monumental propagation ". Busts of poets and musicians should contribute in softening of customs, and travellers and seamen to patriotism development. Walk in a garden was equated almost to lecture Even when the run away nose of major Kovaleva has started to walk in the Taurian garden, one notable and respectable lady asked to show the especial letter of the inspector behind a garden to children its this rare phenomenon and if it is possible, with an explanation preceptive and instructive for young men.

in the former public parks and now greens more liquid, and customs are more free. For example, on a lawn for the Copper horseman the people sunbathe any more the first summer. The most interesting that old dispute to go on lawns or not to go, here it is irrelevant correctly constructed lawn maintains even such flow.

from wood left
the former woods which have saved in the city territory up to now, three big parks and #150 are allocated; Specific, Aleksandrino and Sosnovka. Only in them if to get into the middle (and to close ears not to hear a rumble of streets), it is possible to present itself in the present wood. Alas, not virgin the foot of the person here went, and not only a foot. Many fellow citizens behave in forest parks in the same way, as on the nature that is spoil and litter in the same place where have a rest, therefore chances to encounter the rusty brazier, the broken bottle or a plastic mount in such park much more, than to see flowers. Besides, forest parks traditionally use bad criminal glory about everyone there is a local legend about the maniac - the tyrant, and it is based more often on the real facts. In the summer in these parks it is possible to see cardboard small towns of vagabonds.

but all it will bathe by the present natural greens, besides, in forest parks the companies - tenants who try to arrange well at least the most accessible corners now operate, put there children`s attractions.

new public
One more big group of parks that have been arranged during the Soviet and Post-Soviet time. The Moscow and Seaside parks of Victory, Southern - Seaside park, park 300 - letija Petersburg and some other. They are distinguished by the big area they were initially planned for mass visitation. Today here public utilities, therefore in parks not untidily actively enough operate. Attractions for children (and in Southern - Seaside both #150 are established, as a rule; and a nice game strong hold), menageries, hire of horses and other entertainments are arranged.

as if an echo 150 - summer prescription, in these parts and today there are means of monumental propagation. Recently, for example, in park 300 - letija the monument of Fransisko Mirande, to the Venezuelan adventurer and the revolutionary, presented to a city the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has grown. For many Petersburgers of Miranda almost same dark horse, as Ioannis Kapadistrija, but with a sabre.

" new public " at all of them worthiness, have common fault they new. Soil, plants, living creatures (Speaking to scientific language, biotsenoz) these parks were not generated yet, therefore are fragile enough. Through gazonnye grasses make the way weeds, trees dry. It should pass in due course at due leaving. There is a hope that years through two hundred they and outwardly, and on quality will be not not conceded TSPKiO on island Elaginom perhaps, to the most ideal park both on a landscape, and on its saturation. Here is both a museum, and paths for scooters, both sports and children`s playgrounds, ponds, a menagerie and even Gerakl and the head of Kirov bashfully covered by a lilac.

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