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Race car for all family

This car in sense of a practicality — the usual family versatile person. On impassability he feels not better a city crossover. But costs thus as a limousine. Because actually Audi A6 allroad quattro — it is the present race car a premium - a class, and he only pretends to be the family versatile person and an off-road car.

occasions to grumble
to Find in vicinities Nikolinoj of a mount congress to water both decent parking that still a problem. All places accessible to an entrance are littered to impropriety. It is possible to understand local residents whom almost all first coats conducting to the river, have partitioned off fences, barriers and which - where have simply dug over a dredge. New Audi A6 allroad as a whole corresponds to present local surroundings with its five-metre fences and five-floor private residences, here only it is a pity that ollroud it not offroud, and I grumble as the old grandfather, resting against the next man-made ditch depth in half-metre.

By the way, our test Audi A6 allroad quattro new generation has to grumble. In other cars it would be desirable to sing, in others abusively to swear, in the third to be silent, gritting the teeth, in this to grumble. Also has put at all in these dug over paths to which the car (here on a broader scale gives in - that the tractor is necessary, instead of Audi), and without them suffices occasions.

here look that turns out: dorogushchy the versatile person of the raised passableness, fast, all-wheel drive, on a pneumosuspension bracket, with a plastic protective weather-cloth. Its owner should rush is dashing, for example, on a wood path in sailing club on lake coast. Or through any pass menacing by a rockfall, in a cosy chalet at falls. It also should do it easily, effortlessly, with a smile upon the face and feeling of own superiority Not without reason three with superfluous one million roubles are paid, with an ulterior motive three turbirovannyh litre hoot under a cowl, knowingly three hundred ten " horses " hoof. But I am afraid that in that case after the arrival the owner of Audi A6 allroad should drink not kalvados, and a valerian, and not a fireplace to heat, and to call in the insurance company. Because the protective weather-cloth is rather weak and korotkovat on thresholds, a road clearance even if as much as possible to lift up a pneumosuspension bracket, does not hold out to 20 centimetres, and svesy too big. Audi A6 allroad the car, certainly, beautiful and solid, but to what in wood solidity?

yes, this car can a little more than ordinary A6. But after all it is necessary to return on parking at office, and not to come there every Monday the peeled. Means, as by the usual car habitually to be stolen through bushes, to go round holes, to avoid stones. And sense?

sense as to me sees, mainly in image. Because, standing in shades of office skyscraper, Audi A6 allroad all kind speaks a miscellaneous big-bellied djadechkam, unloaded of limousines: " My owner not such as all of you, it yet has not grown a bum to a chair, it still je - he - he, it still jo - ho - ho! " to make similar impression the standard car a premium - a class, it is necessary on it at least wheel chains to put on and a ski luggage carrier a roof to pile up. And chains rattle, the luggage carrier whistles... In this sense of Audi A6 allroad is much more practical. Let parachutists, climbers and other ekstremaly decorate the cars type labels " Fear! " allroad it it is not necessary for Audi A6, and so it is visible that no fear.

Still it is possible to grumble a little concerning marketing. The price of a base complete set of Audi A6 allroad with the petrol engine 3. 0 TFSI 2,63 million rbl. So it was moved that to the base price of the European car a premium - a class usually it is necessary to add where - that one million roubles that the comfortable and well equipped copy has turned out. In our case have added hardly less, test Audi A6 allroad quattro 3. 0 TFSI cost taking into account the additional equipment of 3,253 million rbl. It is impossible to tell that the complete set has turned out poor, the list even the standard equipment of Audi A6 allroad occupies pair of pages, and here still half-pages of options. But any strange the car has turned out. It is very difficult to present, than the person who has reserved to itself such was guided. Probably, it prokatili with a quarter bonus, and can be, payment of a course of piloting of the helicopter has punched a gap in the budget.

in the test car like there would be everything that it is necessary to the car for this money: And finishing panelki a nut tree, and leather armchairs, let both not most refined, and the xenon headlights, and acoustics BOSE, and even such lordly piece, as the electric drive of a door of a luggage carrier. Only here seats were regulated manually, as in " the Zhiguli " mirrors automatically did not develop, the rear-view camera was absent, and the sliding liquid crystal display of navigating multimedia system reminded the screen Taiwan netbuka, bought five years ago for $300.

But, fortunately, other occasions to grumble a little Audi A6 allroad has not given.

driving on a mode
In the official Russian market of Audi A6 allroad it is possible to buy with the diesel three-litre engine capacity of 245 l. With. And 500 nanometers of the maximum twisting moment, and are possible with petrol the same volume capacity of 310 l. With. And 440 nanometers of a twisting moment such motor was by the test car. Both units six-cylinder, both nadduvnye and both by the Russian cars work together with seven-step automatic robotised transmission S tronic c two couplings.

to this economy, and also the system of Audi Drive Select which for choice the driver or itself, automatically lifts is put to a pneumosuspension bracket and the electromechanical amplifier of a wheel and lowers the car over road, changes engine options, defines algorithm of a gear change, does a wheel easy or hard.

mode Efficiency should be registered to timid young ladies or youths who took from daddy the car to drive. That a misfortune did not leave. The car with such options rests in every way, to an accelerator pedal does not react almost and all time strives to tuck in the raised transfer. To the normal driver of Audi A6 allroad to choose the given adjustment it is useful, if he wants itself to punish for something. For example, has smoked more than ten cigarettes a day Day you go in mode Efficiency, has cursed in what not the guilty cashier on refuelling two days. The best way to get rid of bad habits and to defeat irascibility.

mode Comfort should be established in that case when you go with the driver. That did not pull, did not shake and did not spoil the master`s property. And most too it is good, if mood peace. A suspension bracket soft, accelerations notable, but smooth, has collapsed on a seat and you go to yourself, as in a cradle. But if suddenly road conditions demand, it is possible and to strike a heat, it is necessary to press only more feasibly.

well and mode Dynamic it is already exact for itself favourite if hands and feet work quickly, and the head is sober and cold. Because it is a feast, though also a feast for skilful. It is dispersal 5,9 seconds prior to hundred, these are high-speed turns, it is the instant response to pedal pressing, it is the suspension bracket which has sat down and clenched in a fist and potjazhelevshy a wheel which strong you hold two hands. Razgonnaja dynamics of Audi A6 allroad in mode Dynamic continues to please even on such speeds on which it is better not to inform the inspectors of traffic police reading our magazine.

still there is mode Allroad. It exists that the driver of Audi A6 allroad did not feel sorry that the versatile person, instead of a crossover has bought. Has raised a suspension bracket and forward on storm break proselkov. Driving practice on situated near Moscow rural buerakam has shown that off-road and will tell more correctly, vsedorozhnye possibilities of our car not such the small. Besides a constant full drive quattro it even has a monitoring system of descent from a mount. There, where Audi A6 allroad will get stuck or will hang on a belly, in the same way will get stuck or will hang the majority of popular city crossovers known to me. Thus any of them will not be on highway so to be accelerated and so to cope, as Audi A6 allroad.

In it, in my opinion, appeal of the test car also consists. It is the present automobile race car a premium - a class with powerful tjagovitym the motor, a fast transmission, silent and spacious salon, an excellent audiosystem and big (565 luggage carrier. Thus the car all-wheel drive and as - in any way, but all - taki prepared for driving not only on asphalt.

let our copy had a nasty permission 6,5 - the inch screen, let did not work from - for absence of the Russian map navigation, let improper sports trehspitsevoj the wheel with gear change petals blocked a control panel part. But in the car was convenient and comfortable to move and on a city, and in the country, it pleased strict, but the salon thought over to trifles with sun-protection shtorkami at windows, with ashtrays in the doorway and with separate a climate - control for back passengers. And the expense of gasoline and at all has pleasantly surprised: 13 - 14 l on 100 km on a city and 9 - 10 l on a line at dynamical driving.

but, choosing Audi A6 allroad, it is necessary to understand accurately that a maximum of pleasure it delivers at high-speed driving on good asphalt roads, and it vsedorozhnye possibilities both a dashing exterior far not the free supplement. And, of course, such car it is necessary " to build " under itself, the most attentive image and without stinting choosing options. Then not to grumble.

cost of the annual insurance kasko on Audi A6 allroad quattro 3. 0 TFSI 170 - 200 thousand rbl. depending on the insurance company and additional conditions. OSAGO 6336 rbl. year, the transport tax 46 500 rbl. a year. Average cost THAT from 15 thousand to 30 thousand rbl. depending on run taking into account expendable materials. Periodicity THAT time in 15 thousand in km. The price of the complete set of winter rubber standard for Audi A6 allroad quattro 3. 0 TFSI the size 235 / 55 R18 30 - 45 thousand rbl. depending on the manufacturer.

Audi A6 allroad quattro 3. 0 TFSI

Dimensions (length / width / height (mm)) 4940 / 1898 / 1512
the Drive Constant full
the Engine, type Gasoline
the Engine, volume 3. 0 l
Capacity (l. With.) 310
transmission 7 - step robotised AKPP with two couplings
the Price from (thousand rbl.) 2 630

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