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" the Representative will not only protect, but also to attack "

the Ombudsman on protection of the rights of businessmen of Boriss TITUS has explained to the correspondent “” to MARIA - LOUISE TIRMASTE as the new institute will function, what problems before it were put by the president, has estimated prospects of the right liberals in the politician and has explained, why the state should go " to the right ".
- Why Vladimir Putin has decided to enter right now institute of the representative?

- Because the problem becomes critical. To us, the enterprise organisations, it was possible to inform to it this problem. It is now selected by the president, it became its direct duty. It initiated work on program realisation " 100 steps forward in a business climate " are accepted " road maps " in each direction. But to improve a business climate it is impossible without the decision of the main problem - corruption pressure upon business. Today property selection - through use of the criminal legislation, imprisonment threat - norm, also representatives of power structures do it basically.

- but after all it was also five, and seven years ago...

- the Problem existed, but it was a bit another: for example, corporate raid - it has passed qualitative evolution. Corporate raid the most active was, probably, in 2002-2003 when corporate wars and rejderskie captures have begun. But if earlier raiders were " private traders " businessmen used agents of national security for arrival on other businessmen, today employees of power structures, " werewolves in epaulets " steels businessmen. Officials of power structures more often today already own business and at all do not hide it, selecting the property at businessmen. These are qualitative changes, evolution of our economic system. The raw model leads to that officials becomes more and more. Everyone wants to capitalise the place. A problem that on them operates restrictions from the state very little. The problem has blossomed to solve its any other methods, than were earlier. Business - the community has suggested to enter institute of the representative.

- and to the previous president, Dmitry Medvedev who spoke about business development much, did not offer?

- Is not present. The idea has blossomed only where - that in the end of the last year when we have understood that without it not to manage.

- that is you with this idea were converted to president Putin and he has agreed with it?

- Yes so, have offered and persuaded Vladimir Vladimirovicha that he has made the decision.

- it was necessary to persuade him?

- That you cling at once to words. We have proposed, it has accepted it, because the situation has blossomed. It was it is made normal process of dialogue.

- you can tell, how the institute of the representative what its structure will be will function?

- My purpose has occurred on June, 22nd. While staff is discussed. Our offers consist that it there should be an open institute at which businessmen should have a possibility to submit the reference or to receive legal consultation not only through the Internet, but also personally to come with the reference. That is there should be an open reception and staff of lawyers which would provide function of the ombudsman.

that, as to work directions - the main things a little. It first of all work with references, in concrete cases as Englishmen - to cases speak. To us there is a considerable quantity of references of businessmen, whose rights as they consider, are already broken: Which are imprisoned or in a pre-trial detention centre or are under a subscription about nevyezde, in different situations. There are simply egregious examples … Really, property selection through " ugolovku " became already normal. And so, for this purpose there is a centre of public procedures " Business against corruption " which draws the public legal conclusion in these cases. And if we see that is really right are broken, then the ombudsman will take these public decisions and particularly to operate - to release the businessman, to close criminal cases by means of its interaction with a management of Office of Public Prosecutor and other power structures. It is one part of work. The second part - legislative work: we should make so that the legislation really protected the rights of the businessman. First two packages on a humanisation of the criminal legislation which were signed by president Medvedev, have given positive changes. For example, businessmen began to put at a consequence stage, but " less; werewolves " at us creative - find roundabout maneuvers. The basic roundabout maneuver is item 159 (" Swindle ") . Now again put, but drawing to each case " swindle ". At session of the centre we discussed such case. The businessman in the Ulyanovsk region did houses, has not carried out of contract obligations on delivery because wood has burnt down during forest fires. Yes, it should extinguish debts, pay the penalty, but not an affected party, and the militian official is converted with the statement into Office of Public Prosecutor about the criminal case beginning under item 159. And here that it has not executed the contract, conditionally, on some millions roubles, to it now shines ten years of prison. So the system works for us today.

and on a broader scale, today it is very important to understand that business - a zone of special attention. As, for example, the collector car - all understand that it should be protected especially attentively as in it carry money. At business the property, industrial actives, they create a product, new cost from which not only business gets profit, but also salaries and taxes are paid, on it keeps both economy, and social sphere. Therefore this zone should be a zone of special attention and protection from the state. At us, unfortunately, it not always so - therefore also we lose investments.

- how much the person it is necessary for you?

- While we define strategy and tactics of the ombudsman, proceeding from it, the offer under the list of staff will be formed. Should tell that we in more good situation because we lean against public institutes which are already created. They operate independently, but thus and work as very important addition in work of the ombudsman. The anticorruption centre " Business Russia " The incorporated commission on ethics RSPP, the arbitration court at TPP is all institutes which are assistants to the ombudsman, and in many respects it is possible to lean against them. And at the expense of it it is possible to save the state money for maintenance of work of the ombudsman.

- in your device economists or lawyers will work?

- Lawyers. Now we lean against public institutes, and lawyers work free of charge on public principles. But the representative should have lawyers in house, that is the. For example, for granting of consultations.

- and to whom you will submit?

- Though I the government official and my post is brought in the register of the state posts of the Russian Federation, all the same I on the business party, and he will judge my work. The president has understood our problem and has offered us protection and additional powers, having created such post. Submission at me only to the president is formal, and to report I should only to it. Though, of course, I will co-operate with Presidential Administration. Expert management will carry out the general kuratorstvo. We will operatively lean against its activity and the assistant to the president Elvira Nabiullina. We should work and with Office of Public Prosecutor where the ombudsman for business - the assistant to the public prosecutor is created. We discuss the offer on creation with them structures - something of type of a staff operative into which representatives and other departments that it reacted to concrete references would enter. And the Office of Public Prosecutor on the line would take at once measures - stopped wrongful decisions of officials.

- you studied foreign experience in this respect?

- it is Abroad arranged on - to a miscellaneous. Our structure is most of all similar to how it is made in South Korea or in Japan where there are representatives. In the USA it works at small-scale business agency.

- specific targets before you the president put?

- Ourselves always say that in economy is important KPI (a target indicator), but in this business just KPI it is very difficult to put. The public opinion, opinion of businessmen - first of all will be an estimation of my activity, a leah really I could help to improve something a business climate or have stayed trousers and have made nothing. Well and, probably, growth of investments into economy though this indicator will depend not only on me - from state economic policy as a whole.

- there are affairs in which you essentially will not be engaged?

- On experience of the centre we refuse more, than we accept to reference consideration. Are converted very often on a broader scale under conflicts, to business not connected or connected but where something is simple with each other have not divided, more often on real estate and where there are signs no corruption, corporate raid. In this case we speak to them: go to court and there understand. Often happens that the businessman is guilty - or obviously transgressioned, did not pay taxes, and to it fairly tax inspection runs, or illegally received money from the budget, poor-quality production made … For an operating time to us it was possible to release from - under criminal prosecutions five persons. Though it and small affairs, but, you see, the rescued destiny for the person, his families - huge value, and the rescued business - also a signal for all the others what to work in Russia it became more safe. I hope that with powers of the representative we will manage to increase in times quantity of the rescued.

the representative will not only protect. It will and attack officials who prevent to do the part to business. Now we pull out businessmen from prisons and are already happy that at last - that they have found freedom, but we should bring matters to the end - to achieve, that " werewolves " accurately understood the personal risks that they bore personal responsibility for such affairs. There is such item 169 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" Discouraging of lawful enterprise activity ") . There not so big terms - till three years, basically penalties, but this criminal offence, and if the official is denounced under this article, it cannot work on the state any more.

- there were punishment precedents under this article?

- Never.

- and how you will attack?

- Criminal cases to get under this article. We will be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor, SKR, to initiate business in courts. I will have a right to be converted into courts. And I can bring an action against the official under item 169. Businessmen are afraid to do often it on its own behalf. They are already happy, if prosecution has stopped, they do not want the further escalation of the conflict. But the environment, the Russian business climate demand, that anybody who tries to be engaged in it, did not duck out. That all understood that illegal arrival on business is a crime and punishment for a crime will come necessarily.

- As far as I know, on you most when - that " have driven " …

- There was a business, really I have got to number " every sixth " the businessman who had to face corporate raid. It was in the beginning 2000 - h. I was the co-owner of corporation " Nitrogen " - made mineral fertilizers. At our partner - " Mezhregiongaz " - the manager was replaced. There was somebody Garnovsky. And so he has decided to take away our package in the personal advantage and has arranged to us cheerful life with use of an administrative resource and power structures. It was necessary to resemble in Office of Public Prosecutor as on work, and in courts, and even abroad to sit out month. But all has ended with that in a year it has been dismissed. However, has backdating translated the actions belonging " to Mezhregiongaz " on itself, for what, as far as I know, is searched and disappears abroad till now.

- Company IKEA constantly complains on korruptsionnost the Russian allowing bodies. With this sphere it is possible to do something?

- I know problem IKEA. Especially in Ufa them tormented years seven or eight. We will be engaged and already were engaged. We from " Business Russia " suggested to enter a so-called Mexican reservation: if within 30 days after the reference there is no answer from the state body which is giving out the allowing documentation business is considered satisfied, the permission is given out.

Besides, within the limits of the program " 100 steps forward " prepares " a road map " on building - cardinal changes of regulation there are offered. Certainly, we will be engaged in concrete cases if we see that the state is engaged in squeezing of bribes and volokitit business, does not give permissions, we will help.

- IKEA outright said that from it bribes are extorted, therefore she has refused the further development of a network as a whole in the country.

- I as the representative will help with the legislation and to understand with each concrete case. To look - it is given out, it is not given out, why the permission does not stand out, on what thought up pretexts to be converted to a region management, to demand from a management of departments that decisions were accepted.

- the foreign companies you will be engaged?

- No gradation will exist. The president has told in speech at the Petersburg forum that it is necessary to be engaged both Russian, and foreign investors. Moreover, we still want to be engaged Russian abroad. Already there is one reference. In some countries the relation to the Russian investors not always correct, and there it is necessary to protect their rights too.

- Why you have decided to refuse political activity? It turns out, what by means of party tools you did not manage to achieve your purposes?

- I not so the professional politician. It is more necessarily. I the businessman, and for business development conditions are necessary. As at us in the country with it it is very unimportant, we should use any ways of upholding of our interests. At us is " Business Russia " and other unions of the businessmen which main tool is lobbying in the power as we speak " lobbying from within the car ". Clearly, it is possible only when you had with the power good relations and you took with itself in a cabin, and, sitting on a back seat, you prompt: more to the right, more to the left. But not always from within it is possible to solve all questions, can land. Therefore all over the world business uses also political tools of struggle. Difference basic: In this case the target audience not the power, and the voter, and the more voices at party, the is stronger its influence on a country government. So happens that in Russia the right idea in 90 - e has been discredited years mladodemokratami, right parties did not become, and we remained without political tools. Usually business itself does not go to a policy, professionals are engaged in it, but for the lack of these it was necessary to get into this subject. Have participated in creation " the Just cause " - it is unsuccessful: our Right-wing liberal program has been blocked by a wing of the former Union of Right Forces, which actually any not right, and there Absolutely left liberals, and for them it is much more important mitingovost, lozungovost and shocking, than common sense and professional calculation on which we stake.

the second " an input " with Prokhorov, but he has started to create party not right, not left, and for all. Just met - certainly, " we will look " but it seems again " not so " …

So for myself I have decided that for today to us it is more important than possibility which are given by the tool of the ombudsman. It, of course, " lobbying from within the car " but it gives serious possibilities: it is admitted to offices of agents of national security, it has resources, it has legal powers. Though it and a policy of small affairs, but their productivity can be very high. The big-times politics is more global and long-term thing. It is the theory of affairs big, of course, very important, but very not fast. In the near future I will not be engaged in a policy, probably. But business will form as a whole the order for the Right-wing liberal party, and it will be created in the near future. But it will be party of new politicians, not levoliberalnaja nostalgia party on false 90 - m. By the way, I " I congratulate " Kudrin and the company), it is possible to be that in the political project it has counted on the rests of Union of Right Forces (Gozman assured that anything good from this it will not turn out.

the new party should become party of new market economy and the right state, not party of sweet words, which for all - from oligarchs to homemakers, and the party rigidly defending the ideological principles, party sometimes bitter, but truths.

- the left trend in the politician now dominates, it as - that can be broken? Even if Michael Prochorus offers the right ideas to advance in left odezhke...

is because at us the electorate most part - left. The inheritance 90 - h and raw model of economy which is realised today, have led to that at all of us is less and less private traders and more and more the state. Many people do not see the future in own business, and see it that they should have a constant growing salary from the state, therefore and the left electorate grows. For this reason so it is fashionable among right to wrap all in left odezhku, and " the Apple " which, as a matter of fact, is far not left, both Union of Right Forces in due time, and Prokhorov - all about same, all try to search for the electorate on the left flank. We with it do not agree. If to speak on rigid, not always popular language, but truth, of course, today you to few people will support. But gradually this new rhetoric, the new expert, pragmatic approach will draw to itself the people, new audience. The idea will create the electorate. And besides in due course, when economic reforms will be realised, the middle class which will vote more and more for the Right-wing liberal idea will grow.

it is clear that correcting the Right-wing liberal party does not become at once - the class of proprietors, middle class is too weak at us. But work and in opposition is important. Presence of the Right-wing liberal party at parliament would shift a policy vector, including party in power, to the right. Therefore to close " the Right turn " we do not gather are an expert centre, not party, its problem for today - as much as possible professionally and objectively, abstracting from populism, to formulate the Right-wing liberal position that is today and as should be at us in the country in the future. Well and then about party we will look.

- you suppose the returning in a policy?

- If through two - three years I realise those problems which stand before me on new fast and I will leave from public service I do not exclude that when - nibud I will return to a policy.

- you underline that you the right liberal, were in right party, but at the same time have taken part in " the All-Russian popular front " (ONF) which on elections went under the left slogans. Why such throwings?

- On elections ONF went under flags " an United Russia " and candidates and especially we delorossy, in essence, formulated the program. " business Russia " has supported the introduction in " Front " because it the organisation which is intended for work with the power. If dialogue is stopped or it will be inefficient, " Business Russia " there will be nothing to do. It will leave from a platform. It not party. Therefore, when to us have suggested to enter in " Front " That, of course, all our both federal, and the regional organisations have unanimously told: yes, it is necessary to go there. And we have very effectively used this participation. Not only have spent deputies in the Duma and regional Legislative Assemblies but as a result we were there, much was possible to us, that it was not possible earlier. It was direct dialogue with the head of the country, the candidate in presidents. Vladimir Putin to us came in this time two times - on a forum and congress " Business Russia ". In total on these actions we have spent more than seven - eight hours per dialogue with it. As a result we managed to advance our concept about creation of 25 million productive workplaces, the program " 100 steps to an enterprise climate " we try to advance tax maneuver …

- " an United Russia " many under its decisions consider as right party …

- Here I not so agree. It is considered that, as economic policy formulated " the liberal " Kudrin, but I can prove you that it not so, it is not Right-wing liberal.

- it was not in the party in power...

- Putin`s Two presidential terms and one premersky - 12 years, it was the main ideologist and the manager of national economy, as far as I understand, and today actively enough participates in process. It is impossible to name its liberal in any way. Its policy consists in rigid financial and monetary strategy and targetirovanii macroeconomic stability. At a certain stage of clearing of blockages 90 - h it was very effective and favourable to the country. It centralised all finance, has adjusted budgetary discipline, has carried out tax reform, became " decently " to pay taxes, has taken away a part of a natural rent through the export duty, has created reserves. But it has become successful in 2005-2006. The anti-recessionary program has been finished. But each businessman knows that another should follow any anti-recessionary program - the development program. After all we live not to save that is and to move forward, to develop. A bicycle if to cease to twist pedals, falls.

unfortunately, he has not understood it, has not released reins, has not given freedom of development to business which already would create today at us new modern diversifitsirovannuju economy. Only liberal, private, competitive economy which Kudrin has practically strangled at us in the country, instead of raw model to which all has definitively come, can make of Russia the rich steady modern country.

- over Kudrin still the president and the prime minister were...

- Yes, it came to us in " Business Russia " also spoke: " And that I can, I only the minister ". Could, the matter is that the president, the prime minister is always politicians. And the economist - Kudrin, on it as on vitse - to the prime minister the problem of a formulation of economic strategy lay. Though, probably, a problem just that it actually not the economist, and the financier also thinks state categories as of exchequers, instead of the developing economic mechanism.

- you achieved its resignation, now it is not present. See positive changes with its leaving?

- the Model all the same remains old. Ideas which have been put by Kudrin, the command which worked together with it while are dominating in our economic policy. We on - former see the main task the rigid financial, budgetary policy. Whereas in the world there are other processes. The budgetary discipline as to the main task which dominates today in Europe, merkelevskoj to the doctrine, the politician of the European Central Bank which is in many respects similar on kudrinskuju, is confronted with another. For example, a policy of the USA who considers that during crisis first of all it is necessary to support business, to reduce taxes, to stimulate demand, redeeming, for example, mortgaging receipts. China practically has not noticed crisis of 2008 because pumped up orders for infrastructural projects, for restoration of zones after earthquake, built a large quantity of children`s educational institutions. In crisis. Because they understood that only on development of private business it is possible to leave more effective from crisis. Kudrin has offered absolutely other variant - rigid economy and rescue of the large companies and banks. Yes, to us has carried that we had reserves - the social sphere practically has not suffered. But we cut to ourselves the future - on crisis we have lost a considerable quantity of manufacturing enterprises, nobody helped them.

- you have told that the command, as a matter of fact, remained former. That is the new structure of the government does not satisfy you?

- I want to tell that the doctrine while remains former. In the new government it is a lot of people who are more inclined to our ideas. We consider as the adherents both Arcady Dvorkovicha, and Andrey Belousova, and, of course, Elvira Nabiullina.

- it not in the government.

- In administration.

- as you estimate a situation actually with two governments - official and shadow. Speech about the former members of the government who now work as assistants to the president and heads of managements of its administration. This new reality on advantage to business?

- In economic sphere at us always so was. Dvorkovich was the assistant to the president at Medvedev. There was expert management AP which always was engaged in economy. The same as there was a Ministry of economic development led by Nabiullina. That is by and large anything in management structure economic development has not occurred.

- but at assistants to the president of real levers more than at ministers...

- Is not present. Assistants to the president basically are experts - advisers. They can advise. And real levers all the same at the government. Ministers create standard base, at them concrete nadzory, services. Therefore, of course, the economic policy is realised by the government.

- you said that Vladimir Putin in the third presidential term will be new Putin, it should change, it would be desirable it it or not. You see these changes under its decisions?

- have gradually begun. Put main KPI the countries - creation of 25 million the high-efficiency workplaces, the declared and realised program " 100 steps to a business climate " to reach on them of result it is impossible without economy changes. And to it to report on them as a result of the presidency. Purpose of the representative is a concrete step to struggle for a new business climate in the country. Putin shows that there will be a concrete fight against corruption and with pressure upon business. While, unfortunately, changes do not concern economic strategy, but here a discussion question. There are the people convinced in one, is people, convinced in other.

- and you will convince? You now have more than possibilities for this purpose?

- I will defend idea that effective and stable the economy which is based on the private initiative, a competition, a diversified basis which should be modern and industrial can develop only. And it not simply favourably is MUST, other way simply is not present, survive on raw materials we cannot. Because, in - the first, the raw markets are unstable, and expenses at us grow also money for social stability will not suffice. In - the second, the country in which people do not want to work, and wait for tips from the state, to develop it is effective cannot. Without a private sector, without a market competition - the engine of development of economy - success not to reach. And, well understanding it, the right liberals actively should support today that the country spent economic reforms. We in " Business Russia " we consider that economic reforms should be simply revolutionary. What particularly ways for the decision of economic problems, at " Business Russia " there can be a opinion but as the ombudsman I should discuss this problem with all organisations, build joint opinion. From economic subjects I too will not leave, because for business the most important - to develop, and without new strategy, model of development of new economy will not construct.

- a leah it is possible to speak about occurrence of oligarchs of new generation? Than oligarchs from state companies, from the oil sector, which steels oligarchs at president Putin, differ from oligarchs 90 - h?

- the Large companies always work directly with the power, and in it of anything new neither for us, nor for other countries are not present. A positive trend that today new statuses become not only in raw or financial sector, but also in building, the transport processing, new sectors of economy. For example, as oligarchs Usmanov, either Yevtushenkov, or Prokhorov who actively develop today in IT - sphere. Today money can be earned and on innovative knowledge, and on new proryvnyh technologies. It became new line of our large businessmen. In it there are positive differences.

- one of your last initiatives - economic amnesty. It is an attainable aim? You have informed the president on it?

is there was an initiative " Business Russia " and " The right turn ". As the representative to me should look in more details at this situation together with other public organisations, representatives of business. Not all support it, because an exit on freedom of those who illegally contain, whose rights are broken, will occur simultaneously to clearing of those who stole from the budget, those who was engaged in swindle. There should be a common opinion of enterprise community, I should lean in this sense already and against other opinions.

- that is you will not insist on amnesty?

- Now we solve a question in concrete cases. We go through small affairs, helping concrete businessmen. We allow to them the public opinion tool to prove that they are right. And here through this proof to solve a question of particularly their personal destiny.

- you have already studied business of Michael Khodorkovsky?

- Is not present.

- And to it will be engaged?

- If Khodorkovsky will be converted to us into the centre of public procedures, we will be.

- and without its reference?

- Is not present, unfortunately.

- the Presidential Council under human rights has drawn the conclusion …

- At all my respect for the Presidential Council under human rights we consider cases not with political, and from the economic point of view. We have a procedure, we should pass through legal and public audit.

- they involved lawyers and lawyers?

- I did not participate in this procedure, I can not precisely tell. The main thing is a social council which looks at business from the enterprise party. The reference of the businessman - the formal moment. To pass protseThe silly woman, we should have business materials, we should know, with whom to communicate, and etc. Esli Khodorkovsky will be converted by lawyers to us with the offer we will consider its case, of course, it to do.

- and at you the personal opinion is on its business?

- Now I the official - the ombudsman. Only after the public conclusion to its smog to voice.

- in this chain - police-investigatory committee-Office of Public Prosecutor-courts - that, in your opinion, the weakest link? What will you demand to reform first of all?

- Our experience on the anticorruption centre says that representatives of all power structures then there are got mixed up in any affairs. Any such special opinion on any separate structure has not developed. In each separate case it is necessary to work with each separate department. If we consider that there is any system problem and changes in system of law enforcement bodies regarding protection of the rights of the businessman we leave with the offer while we have not formulated them are necessary.

- between the four of the business organisations - RSPP, " Business Russia " " the Support of Russia " and TPP - always there was a competition. A leah is it now?

- Though each organisation protects the layer of business, the competition all the same is. It is connected by that we as any public organisation work not for the state bill, and we live at the expense of payments of our members. And consequently struggle for these payments, for members - this competitive struggle exists. In it anything bad is not present. We should prove that we the most effective, the cleverest, the most active.

- that you mean by efficiency? Lobbying of interests?

- Yes. We work everyone on the home field. Sometimes our sights do not coincide. For example, with RSPP under the taxation of oil sector at us a disagreement. We consider that it is necessary to increase the taxation raw, first of all gas sector. In comparison with other countries it at us in free conditions. And they say that they the poorest and the most unfortunate. Thus " Gazprom " fixes record profit - it has exceeded 1,5 trln rbl. " Business Russia " decrease in taxes, first of all is the now most important than the former unified social tax, and for them it not the most important problem. At the big companies in raw sector such profits that they can both to pay taxes, and salaries huge to employees whom we cannot pay. By the way from the big salaries at us unified social tax not 30 %, and 10 %, and prior to the beginning of this year on a broader scale paid nothing. A situation in which they can pay huge salaries, and thus pay rather less taxes, says that the system supports the large companies. By the way, and " to the Support of Russia " decrease in taxes because they represent interests of small-scale business, at them the system of the taxation, very preferential is not necessary.

- you as - that will try to change it?

- Partially we have changed already. 34 % have cleaned as a result. Have lowered insurance payments in social funds to 30 %. And 10 - the percentage tax to high salaries have entered. But it too the vague decision which will not give any result. We consider that taxes should be less. 15 % on unified social tax will give not only decrease in the income of the budget and increase have arrived to business, but also will give also increase because, according to the World bank, the Ministry of Economics, from 41-42 % of business in Russia is in a shade. At us the shadow economy, than in Brazil or India twice is more. The exit even half of business from a shade will give additional taxable base. Besides, at the expense of inflow of investments gross national product will grow that too will give surtaxes to the budget. We together with leading experts have calculated all - all " fights " and if to spend " tax maneuver " there will be also additional incomes of the budget.

- the competition of the enterprise organisations will not disturb to your work on fast of the ombudsman?

- I have left fast of the chairman " Business Russia " not to be in this competition, I should be ravnoudalen or, better to say, ravnopriblizhen to all organisations. I will work with all as equals, but all the same the most favourite - " Business Russia ".

- That you are going to do with negative image of businessmen? The majority of Russians consider that to businessmen thirst of a profit, propensity to zhulnichestvam first of all are inherent, in frauds. Actually the state works on showing businessmen such swindlers and thieves.

- Today there is a considerable quantity of the companies which are engaged in philanthropy. While the philanthropy market in Russia not so is huge, as in the USA where it is comparable with the country budget. We in " Business Russia " tried to find these people that was very difficult because they not so want to advertise the peaceable things. Nevertheless we awarded their award " Peaceable things ". For us it was understanding of that business is a correct business which is engaged not only own development, profit reception, but also actively shares with those people who cannot provide itself. But the main thing - for image improvement it is necessary to change public opinion - that profit, a profit it is bad, - dominating in consciousness of our left society. When 60 % of the population there are more get wages from the budget, business cannot call them any positive emotions. Nevertheless I can tell that a considerable quantity of people (25-30 %) are ready to be engaged in business. This group can become the main locomotive, the engine, a support of movement of the country to the right, towards competitive private modern economy. Here they also should head a campaign for new image of the Russian business.

- till now you were the successful businessman, but your new post means that you cannot be engaged in it more.

- chemical and other tasteless literally words of actives I gradually left all and for today remained only with tasty - wine and a chicken. If " Business Russia " I leave though and with grief, but all - taki with feeling of the executed debt in business me have caught on soar. We only on first third of realisation of strategy of the project of what at me yet was not, absolutely new and grasping.

- you mean " Abrau - Djurso "?

- Yes. This creation of the international is wine - tourist holding with milliard capitalisation. We have developed strategy, have defined the main target audience - sabpremium - wine for middle class (from $10 to $35 for a bottle). When began, this market was hardly more than 3 % from sparkling wine - all the rest or " shampusik " for 150 rbl. or glamour French champagne. But all over the world the average segment grew fastest, we have put on it and were not mistaken. Only on volumes have grown four times, and on profit more than 160 % a year grew. But it is still far not a limit. Leaving on listing on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS, we want to know, how much we stand on every day. The problem - together with manufacture of sparkling and silent wine, the international distribution and a network of wine tourism to cost billion.

- with your leaving to whom it is all has got?

- we had a good command of managers which has still amplified for last year. I leave the package in trust management to the son to Paul. It the investment banker, has ended ÑASS Business School in London, worked in Merrill Lynch, ABN Amro, RBS and already two years with us. IPO, the financial markets, the international activity, development is it. It now becomes the chairman of board of directors and will operate my share holding in the company. I from operative affairs should leave, and it is very sad. The civil service imposes many restrictions - so simply three - four times a year in holiday will not do some flying and it is necessary to report on border crossing. Sadly and that it is necessary to close a number of the begun projects.