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Krymsk has flooded the help

In the Crimean area of the Krasnodar territory which has endured destructive flooding, the emergency situation mode, but officially salvage operations is saved are already finished. Now volunteers and public utilities are occupied by restoration of apartment houses and distribution of the humanitarian help. With details from Krymska spetskorrespondent " " Oleg KASHIN.
psychologists from Krasnodar Anna Shahmuradjan and Igor Badarin in T-shirts with an inscription " Psychotherapeutic league " stand in a queue for grechkoj at a field-kitchen in a court yard of the Crimean boarding school in which from last Saturday is main (all in their city six) the centre of time placing for suffered from flooding. Volunteers it not only active workers who go from Moscow. Those whom have sent in Krymsk from the basic place of work, as Anna and Igor are considered as volunteers even. Hardly it is possible to name psychologists the most necessary experts in this centre from 111 persons placed in a building of a boarding school, 111 old men who have not got used to discuss the fears with psychologists. " we, it is possible to tell, to them we are imposed, they do not call us, but the help is necessary to them, Anna Shahmuradjan tells. And almost at all same: people who have lost everything that was, very nervously react to any shortage everything. There was no mattress, there was no dressing gown shock, a panic. We calm ".

Old men for whom cots both in corridors, and in boarding school classes are placed, have really lost all and really value that here have given out to them: 78 - summer Natalia Olejnik from Adagumsky street begins conversation with words " look, what at me a beautiful dressing gown " and on a question in what it delivered in a boarding school, responds: " In a suit of Eve ". At Natalia Maksimovny the edge and #150 is broken; Alexey, 33 - the summer grandson, dragged out the grandmother from the deluged house through a window. " and the daughter too pulled me, the pensioner specifies. I at us heavy ". In a boarding school Natalia Olejnik is happy with life, especially it is impressed the with the general, man`s and female, a toilet without partitions: " the Point and nearby one more point, and all delicate, go silently and without looking, we here as one family ".

91 - the summer Paul Chernyavsky occupying the next cot (in this class 12 kojko - places), brags 84 - to summer Ivan Sljusarenko as during flooding has managed to get on a roof of the house in which he lived one. Sljusarenko politely listens, then tells the story too has got out on a roof, and then it from it was removed by the helicopter: " Have lowered a cable and the rescuer, it a belt to itself(himself) has fastened me, and us lebedkoj have lifted. Then I with them till a dinner have done some flying, a three more have lifted, and then all of us have landed at station. I bosyj, in shorts, at once the fast have picked up me and here have brought ".

the Boarding school is on a strategic crossroads between city and area administrations, directly at a central square of Krymska. Nearby, from fence outer side, there is a basic camp of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, and on a football ground camp of the volunteers, arrived the organised groups. Basically it is municipal officials from areas of Krasnodar territory. Anatoly Belov, the driver of administration Timashevska, shows bloody callosities on the palms gloves for work have given out only on Monday, and before blockages it was necessary to clear away barehanded, shovels too did not suffice. " hear, Shreds! its neighbour Alexander Kostyuk, the leading expert of the same administration asks Belova lying on the laid mattress in tent of volunteers. Clean the sweaty armpit from my pure bed-sheet ". Also explains: " Bed have given out nove, and there is no place to wash, the soul is not present. Yesterday we to one family have cleared away the house, they to us of five thousand put. I speak: " Take away money, organise better to us to be washed ". Brought on a summer residence, have washed ".

As well as psychologists, Kostyuk says that most hard it is necessary with old women: " Sits on a heap of the jackets impregnated with clay, skirts, it is clear all life collected. To it you speak: " the Granny, give I will take out, it is garbage ". And it shouts: " Not trozh, I will wash and I will carry " ". At the Kuban volunteers the general camp with commandoes from Anapa company VDV have sent in Krymsk till the end of summer, soldiers will help builders to restore houses, and are equipped on a football ground: drive in the earth a laver, knock together benches. On the other hand a boarding school, in sports hall, the main point of distribution of the humanitarian help. The sports hall is hammered completely by wholesale parties of a flour, macaroni, groats, canned food, a toilet paper, pampers, something else, and new receipts under protection of three policemen unload directly in a court yard. Mounts of bottles of water without labels, directly from factories. Mounts of loaves of bread. Potato bags. Boxes with apples. The separate mount is made by parcels of Moscow in packages and boxes alternately tea, instant soups, canned meat, shades for eyes, a leopard colouring female boots on the high gilt heel, the plush Cheburashka. " things good, Moscow! In their hospital! " warehouseman Igor Chernyh, in peace life and #150 orders; a deputy head of department of consumer sphere and regulation of the market of alcoholic production of the regional government. " that does not suffice? Yes, probably, already all is. It is not enough baby food, but it too take as required, cars comes " much; speaks Black. Statisticans at it are not present: " to you in tons or in what? The car comes, we unload and at once we carry to people, specifies Black. think, here steal? I do not think, all this help fairly concern ".

In heaps of meal and water in a court yard and in sports hall things with a logo " are evident; an United Russia " on packing. Dark blue sheets with party symbolics are pasted on boxes with soap and cookies, on packings with water and even on bottles; there are some tens packages with a logo " an United Russia " both a standard set inside a tea pack, cookies pack, a sugar pack. Black says that it is packages from Moscow.

on points of distribution of the humanitarian help no party symbolics is present. " There was a water " Agusha " with " an United Russia " But we have peeled not to anger the people " speaks razdatchitsa on point at an emergency response centre at the corner of Tamansky and Troitsk streets at a monument to Lenin. On the same point the employee of regional Legislative Assembly Alexander Kucher behind a special table accepts statements of citizens for half-day has typed 50 statements, basically with requests to pump out water from premises. " not to pump out, and to give out a pomp " the inhabitant of Tamansky street Olga Kruglov shouts at the Driver. The house Kruglovoj is in the end of street, in lowland, and on Monday water from rooms was already pumped out by firemen, but for a night water from all street has again come to the house and keeps at level of ten centimetres. " I will write down you on a pomp, but hardly you receive it today or tomorrow " speaks Kruglovoj the official. The woman in the answer names itself the silly woman it was not necessary to lodge in lowland also leaves.

the Chief of department concerning life-support of the Crimean area Galina Kharlamov says that officially the rescue operation in Krymske is ended and now process of restoration of a city has begun. " from 58 thousand inhabitants without light, gas and water now about a quarter, tells Kharlamov. completely to restore power illumination should yesterday, and gas should restore yesterday. Yet have not restored, but it is a question of days, not months ".