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Leah should pay the broken show-window?

Leah can be the public prosecutor the schoolmate accused?

In Voronezh the furniture saleswoman has thrown tens buyers on three million roubles

To go in for sports and not to be ill

Uralets Alexey Yashin of fellow countrymen has not forgiven

Day in the history of the Tula edge: on September, 16th

You feel in security in streets of our city?

Employees of Novosibirsk militia will be Already on duty at agricultural fairs

Failure on Sajano - Shushensky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION will not break a cold season in Novosibirsk

Valery picturizes the biography

Sand-glass counts days " the Gold tambourine "

Reconstruction of Youth theatre have suspended from - for complaints minchan

In Minsk eighth-graders have set fire to the person

From 20 300 graduates 1 360 are not employed yet

From - for problems in a family Alla Pugacheva will not arrive to Novosibirsk?

In Tyumen water will clear rock

The Chelyabinvestbank branch in Leninsk area

Platform in the street Kirov will hand over next month

In Belarus patriarch Cyril will meet students

Controllers are ready to refuse checks for two years

In militia have updated a rating of criminal areas

And where novosibirtsy buy products?

In Novosibirsk the serial murderer bosses?

You to throw in an urn do not can the successor of a tungsten arch!

Legends of the Russian ballet will dance for inhabitants of Volgograd

" Moiseyev`s Ballet " in all languages it is said equally. As if the magic formula opening the whole world, united feeling of joyful amazement of spectators of all continents. And ts ena this pleasure of a cognizance - work not one generation moiseevtsev. The way from dancing miniatures before choreographic performances convinces of viability moiseevskoj ideas of theatre of dance.
the ensemble continues to live already without Igor Moiseyev. It is proud carrying his name, dancers continue to carry out its dream.


on September, 11th, the beginning in 19. 00.

on September, 12th, the beginning in 18. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

cost of tickets 500 - 3000 roubles.

the Organizer - agency " All stars ".


Valery Lansky will sing in a musical " the Floor-mat of Hari "

Inhabitants of Volgograd will see the first Russian statement in a genre " Musical adventure "

Atmosphere of premilitary Europe, 1914. Where - that already rattles war, and the Parisian bohemia floats in an intoxicating cocktail of defects. Emmanuel Vitorgan in image of George Maslov - reprobate, but the repented councillor of state and eks - the lover of the legendary spy, performed by Valerii Lansky. Violence of lighting effects, magnificent suits and scenery, mute cinema and shots of a military newsreel on the big screen.


on October, 3rd, the beginning in 18. 00.

a recreation centre " the Chemist ".

Volgograd, Krasnoarmejsky r - n, - r Engels, 1 and

on October, 4th, the beginning in 18. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

cost of tickets 400 - 2500 roubles.

the Organizer - agency " All stars ".


Anfisa Chekhov guarantees to inhabitants of Volgograd " hot night "

Theatre-goers can take pleasure in a magnificent musical comedy.

In roles: Anfisa Chekhov, Andrey Noskov, Jeanne Epple, Jean Daniel, Evelina Bledens, Guram Bablishvili, Sergey Mukhin, Sholoh Sergey

the Musical comedy - a detective " Once at hot night " in 2 - h certificates. An improbable detective into which some love stories rush and overturn all upside down. The chief accountant of a supermarket - is not pure on a hand, but at it check and he does not know how to hide the plunders. And still, this person very much ljubviobilen also contains not one woman. But, voleju a case this night the thief gets into shop. It would Seem, the swindler is rescued, but not here that was! Predators turn to romantic lovers, faithful wives in passionate courtesans, and mistresses appear romantic heroines. And all it with songs, dances and thousand jokes.


on September, 25th, the beginning in 19. 00.

Booking by phone (8442 50 - 03 - 50.

cost of tickets 300 - 2000 roubles.

the Organizer - agency " All stars ".

to Agency " All stars " - 10 years!

Militiamen have received for three years of a colony for illegal charge of awards

Near Minsk in failure the pregnant woman

In the Ulyanovsk region the Ministry of Economics has made a rating of areas

Sex - group from « a big city » has returned in 80 - ye

Holl Berri again waits for the child

Kaliningradka has given birth to a daughter in the City Day

In the City Day the Kaliningrad fracture clinics were overflowed

Secrets of wreck near Saratov of the plane the YAK - 52

Building is stopped. A leah for a long time?

In stoppers Kaliningrad drivers

In Kaliningrad the conductor has detained the hooligan in epaulets

For saratovtsev " the City Day with Dimoj Bilan - the best gift! "

It is opened Kaliningrad perinatalnyj the centre

Sergey Svetlakov presented in Saratov cheerful shop

Saturn is incinerated by thunder-storms

Khabarovsk will have the " Manhattan "

Entrance on the Khabarovsk parking is forbidden strangers

To the Ulyanovsk kids to get to a kindergarten uneasy

In Khabarovsk hurry up to be reserved by vegetables

The Khabarovsk basketball players have closed a season

The newest bridge close, and Baikal open

Rock-climbers from all Siberia have gathered in Barnaul

The public prosecutor has checked up, how on Altai pay out the wages

The Altay prisoners can " to sit "... Houses

Weather in Krasnoyarsk and edge on September, 17th